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johnny reb
17 May 2021  #73,531

I already told you, I don't need your permission.
Now answer the Yes or No question, are you disabled ?
Don't be ashamed if you are.

. At least he served time for his crimes.

Harry just who in the hell are you talking about ?
Surely not yourself for skipping out on your debt when you fled Warsaw.
I heard Cargo bought your debt and now owns you. lol
Did your ex-wife really divorce you for getting drunk and forcing yourself on your step daughter ?
Talk about skeletons in YOUR closet you lying hypocrite.......lmao

17 May 2021  #73,532

I didn't claim that I'm a teenager - you did.

He creates fantasies inside his head and then they become real to him. Notice how hes back on here before the sunrise in Michigan and surely will be here all day long trying to convince everyone hes not lying.

Now he is back as Lazarus with more of his lies.

So everyone else is a liar except Johnny! LOLOL

He claimed that just to get permission from me knowing it wasn't i.

Yes, Pleeeez post it for all of us to see or are you lying again.

Just more lies to cover up the all the other lies.

Is that screenshot authentic or not?

Of course it is... Did you notice how he never responded to my question?


17 May 2021  #73,533

I already told you, I don't need your permission.

You have my permission to say if that screenshot is authentic.

17 May 2021  #73,534

JR, the psycho liar who tries to actually hurt people in real life....... what a creep.

Hes totally obsessed with this forum and its posters , like that chick from fatal attraction...lol Look at him grasping for straws, lying like a dog!

But then when it is pointed out that you are flat chested you have a meltdown.

Is this how you talk to women in real life? No wonder, all you can do is tell fictitious stories about yourself on the internet all day..

So, are you going hang-gliding or mountain climbing today?

Did your ex-wife really divorce you for getting drunk and forcing yourself on your step daughter ?

How do you get this information? Im willing to bet, you just made it up? aka "lying".

Are you disabled maf ?

Why? so you can try and use it against him somehow? Im sure your question wasn't out of compassion.

physically active and financially independent so maybe it is a jealousy issue..

more fantasies.....you need a shrink!!!!

17 May 2021  #73,535

I don't need your permission.

Yes, you do.

17 May 2021  #73,536

He creates fantasies inside his head and then they become real to him

That's the only possible reason for not permanently banning him: if he can't play out his fantasies here, he might try to play them out in real life. That's what his housemate did, before being sentenced to years in jail.

I'd love to know why Jim welcomed a convicted paedophile into his home. Maybe it was what Jesus would do, but Jim doesn't do what Jesus would do. One thing is sure: Jim's housemate was offered a much shorter sentence if he cooperated with the prosecutor but he refused to give the police any information about his fellow nonces. We could ask Jim if Richard saved him from a decade in the slammer, but you know he'd lie when answering.

17 May 2021  #73,537

Paulina, he won't admit anything. That is how he operates. He thinks people get convinced if he repeats the crap over and over again.

And I'm sure it's not the worst thing he did on PF either.

17 May 2021  #73,538

Ladies, I couldn't be more proud of you. Stand your ground and never forget why you have those two middle fingers.
I know I am repeating myself but it sounds too good not to do it.

17 May 2021  #73,539



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English language only please

johnny reb
17 May 2021  #73,540

Yes, you do.

Obviously I don't. lol
Now back to the Yes or No question.

We could ask Jim if Richard saved him

Who in the hell are Jim & Richard ?

for not permanently banning him

You mean like you were Harry.
I think your post telling me to go kill myself, after I had got under your skin, is the one that got you permanently banned.

Then your ex-wife caught you shall we say, "in an awkward position" with her very young daughter while you were drunk after drinking those 50 beers that you boasted about and you found yourself out on the street as the story goes by the folks down at the Curry Club.

Or was that before you got banned ?
You borrowed money with no intentions of ever paying it back and fled to go into hiding.
We found you though didn't we.
And if I know where you are living you can bet the debt collectors know where you are living.
Remember when we stole the bag of soap off your bicycle when you parked it and went into the store. lol
Boy did that ever pis you off. Hoot !

He thinks people get convinced if he repeats the crap over and over again.

Thank you Lenka as Harry has been like that from day one and now he is going on and on about some Jim and Richard guy that he got egg all over his face trying to play detective with that backfired on him.

He is so embarrassed with his lie that he has to keep repeating it to try to convince people that it is true.
Looooooser !

17 May 2021  #73,541


Guys, I have just come back from work and shopping, hoping for a few new threads and plenty of freshly baked posts in the old threads about Poland. And what did I see? Close to nothing. Are you still quarelling? Don`t you feel it is like discussing the last year`s snow??? :):):)

On the other hand, it is good coz I need to prepare tomorow`s classes and have dinner at last. :):)

johnny reb
17 May 2021  #73,542

Ladies, I couldn't be more proud of you.

From stupid morons to ladies and proud.
You're coming along quite nicely, Ricky.
Where there is life, there is hope.

17 May 2021  #73,543

our female german friend at work

Well, nice but it doesn`t count. If there are Poles like you in that work circle around her, it means she has already learnt to throw birthday and other parties in the Polish style.Also, the presence of other nationalities might matter.

Let`s talk about Germans in more homogenic environment.

17 May 2021  #73,544

You sort of suggested once that men 60+ are absolutely unattractive

Hello Dimowit, but surely they are to young women.
You and I would both fit into that category and I would never hit on a girl that was young enough to be my daughter, would you?

Nice to see that your mate JR has gone into hiding.Well deserved I might add.
But how long before he returns with more lies, more deflections and more claims of abuse against his disgusting character?

17 May 2021  #73,545

In more homogenic environment they eat wienerwürstchen with kartoffelsalat for Xmas. Pragmatic and simple. Polish 12part menu for Xmas would be unthinkable. But they share food among each other more then among foreigner. It is not advantageous to be a foreigner in Germany so this party was only for insider.

17 May 2021  #73,546

I read it in a book depicting the fate of Polish migrants to West Germany in 1980s

When was the book written?

A guiding principle of German society (told to me be several people) is that you try to keep Germans from eating for long... at your own risk.

17 May 2021  #73,547

Where there is life, there is hope

I agree with Rich.
You are the main problem on PF and it is time for you to STFU.
Serial liar, serial deflector, serial,abuser.......we know what you are sonny JIm..... a psyocopath.....

18 May 2021  #73,548

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18 May 2021  #73,549

the lardent company

Oh advertisement! They will delete it and ban your ass.

18 May 2021  #73,550

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18 May 2021  #73,551

From stupid morons to ladies and proud.

From "ladies" back to "stupid morons...and proud.

I just finished watching Dateline. This one was about another perfect moron - dead now as women morons usually end up. After they are found dead, women morons are known to have a "big heart" and "trusting nature". To say anything like stupid, naive, and reckless would, of course, be unkind and hurtful. The idiot in this story was no exception.

From: jacksonville.com/article/20101020/NEWS/801242660

Brittany Tavar was "still alive for a little while" after being beaten in the head with a hammer at her house in St. Johns County in July, the man accused of killing the 45-year-old told investigators.

Joseph Dean Roberts, 26, told detectives he then cut Tavar's throat with a kitchen knife and wiped down the blood that was "everywhere" before wrapping the body in sheets and trash bags.

So, who is Joe Roberts and what was he doing in Brittany's kitchen? Well, Joe was a homeless bum Brittany and her big heart decided to invite to live with her - her heartless friends' pleadings and warnings in vain. Brittany would not be that cold and indifferent to people in need of help. That came later while her body was decomposing in a ditch somewhere.

What *****es me off big time is that I have to pay for the investigations and incarceration. On the plus side, this moron at least didn't have any kids.

johnny reb
18 May 2021  #73,552

And this moron was 45 years old, not some space cadet twenty something girl.

- her heartless friends' pleadings and warnings in vain.

Says it all......

18 May 2021  #73,553

who cares....

I don't care what the post-fact weasels have to say. Here, we are not afraid to say that our ruling class and their criminal acts suck. Like: Hey, Binden, you pos, I hate the illegal scum and Muslim refugees pouring in. Signed: Richard Mazur.

Off-topic but just a sample of a non-weasel post WHILE the a-hole is president. Now, replace Biden with Merkel and sign.

Cargo pants
18 May 2021  #73,554

What's wrong with being disabled?

I dont know Sir did you participate in the Mr ones of these???I took this pic on my walk in a park in Warsaw.

Cargo pants
18 May 2021  #73,555

Damn Mods,why did you remove the pic I posted about "MISS WHEELCHAIR WORLD" sign??? Now thats racist of you against the INVALIDS,you should be reported for human rights.

18 May 2021  #73,556

thats racist of you against the INVALIDS,

Stop picking on disabled people! It's not nice!

Cargo pants
18 May 2021  #73,557

Stop picking on disabled people

Tell me when I did that??I posted a orignal pic from a REKLAMA in lazienki park about"MISS WHEELCHAIR WORLD" and the racist mods removed it,WHY?????? They hate INVALIDS I think.Mafketis,you should raise your voice about it.

18 May 2021  #73,558

They hate INVALIDS

The disabled are just as good as you!

18 May 2021  #73,559

Stop picking on disabled people! It's not nice!

It's not.
Bur you fail ro say it, for whatever reason, bur I know that you are not disabled.
More lies from the Deepak and JR crew.....

Cargo pants
18 May 2021  #73,560

The disabled are just as good as you!

with due respect in wheelchair with orange flag:)Maf I am with you man lets support the INVALIDS:)))

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