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19 May 2021  #73,561

Actually they are very interested in foreigners in Warsaw at least if theyre black and big shots. Ive noticed they brag about how they get laid all the time and see them even one time like a 50 yr old black dude with a blond 20 something yr old polish chick at that french restaurant near klub plan z in zbawiciela.

"By the way, American men come across to Polish women I've known as testosterone-pumping, machismo manchildren!"

Is that why they obsess about them thinking about them constantly and fall the psycopaths on forums like this?

19 May 2021  #73,562

Hey mafkeis, you were lucky I was banned for a crapload of time or I would have tore you to shreds about the roman empire and Poland having close ties. By the way, it is funny I get banned for insulting someone back who insutled me first because what I do it in a slightly harsher way? Makes no sense. Paulina and most polish females do the same thing as me or worse they always have to come back and have the last word or reply so why cant i to some guy insulting me on here?

The difference is... you insult/abuse people on the main forums

19 May 2021  #73,563

the roman empire and Poland having close ties

Please find the post where I claimed such a thing - you can't because I didn't. I claimed that Poland _adopted_ a legal system that can be traced to Rome. That is a very different claim (for the literate).

19 May 2021  #73,564

No you claimed Poland can trace its legal system and origins to them which it cant. It only stole some small aspects of it like almost all the world or western civilizstions borrowed things form one another so this isnt some claim. By the way you should read out of africa if you came you are so well endowed and literate. Everyone stole form one another at one point even from egypt look at greco romans they stole the egyptian culture.

I think out of africa was the wrong title. I searched and found this right now tho: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Athena#:~:text=Black%20Athena%3A%20The%20Afroasiatic%20Roots%20of%20Classical%20Civilization%2C%20its%20three,a%20book%20by%20Martin%20Bernal.

Called Black Athena. But there are many other books.

19 May 2021  #73,565

I also had this bum this worthless troll on meth start asking me where Im from once when reading a magazine outside to get some sun.

19 May 2021  #73,566

Yea it is Black Athena. Thats the book. cultures borrowed form one another through trade, diplomacy etc. but just because something can trace some aspects to the Romans like you claim Poland doesnt mean it cant also trace some aspect to Russia or to even Egypt etc. But maybe you are right in some sense that Romans did play a part in at least late Polish history because I recently went to a museum they had old coins used in Poland and most looked Roman but this could be due to thema dopting them after the fall of Rome as a way to look up to them or admire them. Or ismply because Poland didnt have its own mining factories for currency or coins. But this has nothing to do with legalities. You can ask Dirk for that or what he thinks since hes the know it all on all legal and court manners like his claim how the us system will fall down if people stop taking plea deals or rejuvenating that myth. So ask him.

"The difference is... you insult/abuse people on the main forums"

yea but this guy insulted me on the main forum where I insulted him back at. He called me dumby or something. I just was a little more harsh back to him thats all.

19 May 2021  #73,567

Hey Krakow guy, my bad I realized when I went out you were right it was all open. However only the outdoor areas or padios for some reason nobody sat inside and I dont think they let people. At night tho they did which was a bit hypcorytical or weird. Unless they just do it anyway and hope cops or straz wont see them? But I went out and got wasted and realized how I dont miss the bar scene or looking at normis and their culture or way of life.

The crazy thing was how i felt so out of place as they all had friends or people they were with like other nor is and i was just alone wnd uncomfortable wround wll those people. particulwrly the fwke looking ruckerd with lewther jackets and spiked hwir wnd ****. one guy eventuslly started tslking to me and took a sip of my beer. he started grbsbing it so i just said what do you want a sip of it or something snd just let him have a sip. it was suoer cheap beer like six zloty or with tip i paid eight so about two bucks or a bit over. thats the only good thing about poland it seems is its cheap still.

What is a worse aspect of the whole normi culture and their way of life? When looking at them in their natural environment like the newly opened outdoor patio restaurants they like to huddle in large groups or the bar scene at night they go into to feel empowered and liked and attention ***** at night? or the corporate office with their fake dresses and suits and shades and wannabe hot attitude? or maybe it is the meetups and gold digging nomri lifestyle they engage in?

19 May 2021  #73,568

Here is a question I have about the Polish law. If some polish guy walks by and throws his hands to move you out of the way isnt it assault? I remember at those meetup events some random polak would wlak in the middle of people talking outside and throw his hands at people this way. If I go up to him like a black american and knock him out from behind to teach the Polak a lesson would it not be justifiable according to Polish law since he assautled me or someone else first? or what if I just leg sweep him from behind or slam him once? But I know from personal experience blacks would just hit behind the head once real hard.

Cargo pants
19 May 2021  #73,569

]you insult/abuse people on the main forums[/quote]
Then why am getting warnings even posting in off topic?I think you need moderating refresher mcourse.

19 May 2021  #73,570

basically I didnt miss much just the addiciton of the chase trying to chase tail to see what could land in my lap or what i could get with older cougar women is the only thing that was miesing in my life really during covid.

19 May 2021  #73,571

I was actually goinf to apologise to him because he was half right about thing sbeing open but by the time i came back and found out i was banned.

19 May 2021  #73,572

Speaking of brats,d ont you guys think this girl is a brat?


Does she even look white to you? More like puerto rican so why try to pass her off as white? woke people and westerners? liberalism guys? I mean she is such a brat. she is such a psycopath but i cant stop thinking what it would be like boning her. wat u fink paulina?

19 May 2021  #73,573

Michael Jackson proved that you can be whatever you want. Outside, in appearance, at least. Plastic sure, and fragile on temperature but, whatever you want. Now, with trans-humanism at work, you can be changed even from inside.

19 May 2021  #73,574

... moved it to ot.

19 May 2021  #73,575

this brat right here an American one sort of like Paulina is the Polish one asks a good question wat u guys fink:


Why are we the way we are? what do the Polish fink? and the polish society? of polonia?

why is this brat so popular btw? can u answer this paulina why are we the way we are?

19 May 2021  #73,576

"Try your luck with Ukrainian girls. But remember they will be like Polish girls now in about 20years. It is like Evolution. More many more( or others) Expectations. Good luck."

more like never. No females anywhere in the world are as demanding and selfish and annoying as the polish ones. Even the american ones actually enjoy sex and dont expect you to spend as much money or buy them gifts and crap just to get it.

19 May 2021  #73,577

[Moved from]: what would happen if this would happen would happen in Poland?

well folks?


but wat would happen if it happen due to nationalism words like against ukrainians in poland or to a nationalist retard polak who sand to cllose to people in line sor bump people for no reason who are congrogating in meetups on public streets?

19 May 2021  #73,578

Speaking of brats,d ont you guys think this girl is a brat?

There must be a name for a mental disorder that causes a poster to ask six questions like these:

Why are we the way we are? what do the Polish fink? and the polish society? of polonia?
why is this brat so popular btw? can u answer this paulina why are we the way we are?

19 May 2021  #73,579

you havent answered any tho. how is she not a brat? or a psycopath? one that a lot of guys probably wanna bone? or think about like paulina for american man?

19 May 2021  #73,580

do u guys fink she would end up in a mental hospital if she snapped back at polak hate and nationalism like this or would people also just watch and admire and say to themselves "yea fuk these nationalsits and rude people her ebumping people etc its time someone stood up to them? not having even personal boundaries constantly tlaking shet about others liike ukrainians in bars in groups etc. theyve been running this country too long already."

19 May 2021  #73,581

but what about how polaks evolved from communistm? how is thst the rught direction? talking **** behind others, huddling up in groups to feel importwnt everywhere, looking like mena bytches when walking across the street from the opposite sex, throwing trash not in trssh cans but on ground, bumping snd throwing people out of the way, having no perosnal space in small shops or zabkas, etc.

19 May 2021  #73,582

you havent answered any tho

Why? should? I? answer? insane? questions?

19 May 2021  #73,583

"In the 40's and '50's they used to euthanize retards in Canada, the UK and the US, as a compassionate action. "

The US and Canada would have a serious under-population problem if they'd continued with that policy.

19 May 2021  #73,584

The US and Canada would have a serious under-population problem

In the US, we don't kill them. We just deport them.

19 May 2021  #73,585

I also had this bum this worthless troll on meth

Get a job.

19 May 2021  #73,586

Serial liar, serial deflector, serial,abuser.......we know what you are sonny JIm..... a psyocopath.....

Did you forget the word "nonce"? Don't worry about adding it to your list, the mods are happy to let Jim accuse other people of raping children, so they can't get upset when people say the same about Jim.

Please stop your baiting

19 May 2021  #73,587

No wonder I never heard it...Quoting redit.com:

Nonce originates from an acronym that was used by prison officers, Not On Normal Communal Excersize.

Inmates hate and sometimes kill pedos. Good inmates...

19 May 2021  #73,588

No females anywhere in the world are as demanding and selfish and annoying as the polish ones

Can you post the numerical results of your research?

19 May 2021  #73,589

Inmates hate and sometimes kill pedos.

Thats the worst thing you can be in prison, a target is on their back the entire time.

19 May 2021  #73,590

That's what I call social justice. Good inmates...

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