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19 May 2021  #73,591

looking like mena bytches when walking across the street from the opposite sex,

Polish "mena bytches" don't like the opposite sex that reeks of booze or doesn't shower for a week. That's why they cross the street.

Did you know that Polish women now have unemployed bum detectors? I am not sure if it's a device or a skill, though...

19 May 2021  #73,592

They even act like men I just saw a beeoch spit on the ground like a man and when you hear em talk to one another they talk about **** like ******** themselves like prawie sie zesralam staro this is the language they use or how they talk. who the fk would be attracted to that or want them?

19 May 2021  #73,593

No, social justice would be to put all those polish nationalists, racists, nazis and mexican and black gang bangers especially blacks since they always hit people when theyre not looking in the back of the head together for a royal rumble in a prison yard. id like to see how tough all those pollack nationalists are then and ultras.

19 May 2021  #73,594

It is just a personal observation over multiple sexual partners and liasons here from dating sites the meetup and nightlife scene and one ukrainian who i met randomly in old town warsaw when i first got here and out of prison and had the motivation and audacity to actually try talking to them without the later fear or actually made moves. basically they allw ere garbage the ukrainian was ok as she was good in bed and loved sex as much as me she even rode me and said suuper making real wide eyes i think she got on th fact i look so young plus am 15 yrs younger than her but she just kept talking about other men and gold digging **** like she need to marry or settle down with some man who will support her. anyway, the others were such garbage not even worth talking about. Most were just complainers about every little thing who wouldnt suck dick much less rim. only some did one or very few both. but either way they were super demanding too like themselves what they wanted. and in general super shallow boring people. one was ok but she kepot trying to give me advice on jobs i should apply for and it was like real low tier garbage **** like being a store clerk. The ukrainian did similar **** btw but at least she was willing to do everything in bed. One of them was this older lady who kept ordering shet at this chocolate upper class fancy plae and just stood there expecting me to pay for everything even though it wasnt even a date and she volunteered to meet me form facebook to real life. stupid polak snubs and egomaniacs narcissists. psychopaths.

19 May 2021  #73,595

Here is a clue...Maybe it's you why they act up like this?
How about a simple test...Take one of those mena bytches to a restaurant, a movie, and to your 3000 square foot house in your new car and watch the metamorphosis.

You will be amazed.

19 May 2021  #73,596

I dont have a car or drive and I had two duis in california so its a bad idea if I do here. Thats on top of my other cases or convictions.

19 May 2021  #73,597

It is just a personal observation

No, it's not. It's your personal mental disorder. Do you remember writing this?:

No females anywhere in the world are as demanding and selfish and annoying as the polish ones.

I want to see the supporting evidence, but don't take your pants off...

19 May 2021  #73,598

Many are also super right wing and nationalist like the men you see in Poland or on this site. Remember my example of that one in the irish pub the chick who almost got me in a wreck and constantly made comments about ukrainians about everything or claimed everyone was one that behaved badly anywhere around her? Another one who was 15 yrs older I mentioned how I had anal sex with her before here and she is an english teacher and claims to hate religion. She also claimed to be married before to some english guy and lived abroad. Real weird chick though because although she had nice tits and looked good and really enjoyed sex also like me or the type i go for just ones who love to fuk, she kept complaining about every little thing the second time we met like how i have my fruit out and was super demanding expecting me to have breakfast for her. ive met other ones here who also expect you to chaparogne them or take them to their place or car the nex tmorning like a dog but they never even offer ot give you a ride to the train station if they have a car and live far but always expect you to walk them to the door and ****. you have these females now running the world and wanitng equality no double standards fmeinism etc. like paulina but they in reality want to be treate dlike queens and love the double standards.

19 May 2021  #73,599

I want to see the supporting evidence for your moronic claims.

19 May 2021  #73,600

Dear US Government and the Deportation Department...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service.

19 May 2021  #73,601

And the weird thing was the english teacher chick she wouldnt suck d the second time we met claiming it semlsl bad or some complete bs and i told her it smells like a male d its normal and even washed it and she just wouldnt do it but the beeoch never complained or never said nothing when i went down on her and even rimmed her the first time we met (and she then later kept saying do i have to do i have to when it ried to get her to return her and she never did because i just said fuk it lets do something else and i think thats when i fuked her in the a that time). she really enjoyed how i sucke don her nipples. like i think she also got off on the fact im young and look even younger and it was like her son was sucking her nipples or something to her or her young student teache rlover. she just started moaning everytime i put those big tittas in my mouth. but again she wouldnt suck or rim that second time which was weird as she took it in the a but had other limits and was slefish. She also farted she got os excited as i think i was fuking her. The thing is I am into really nasty and aggresive sex. I like to be either dominated and ridden hard or dominate the beeoooch. so she feels it and knows the power of me or of the man.

19 May 2021  #73,602

how do you think the soccer hooligans would do in such an environment?

19 May 2021  #73,603

Those Polish "mena bytches" know it. That's why they cross the street.

19 May 2021  #73,604

how would they know it tho? sixth sense?

19 May 2021  #73,605

Im probably gonna be banned again for these replies. mods can you delete them or go ahead move them rather than ban me ok? I mean it is on topic this is a topical thread.

19 May 2021  #73,606

California's mask mandate has an end date. What about social distancing? sfchronicle.com/local/article/2021-05-California-reopening-social-distancing-16186974.php

19 May 2021  #73,607

these people on those dwting sites and apps specially polish fems are so boring and dull. is there even a point to have tinde ror any of those services in poland? i mean why the fuk would i csre what some bytch does in her dya if she never eants to even meet much less fuk and aleays claims to be busy or just foesnt repsond for days at a time and when she does its some female bullshet kaka **** like how she went to some beach kr what she does at her ****** day labor job? i mean is this what humanity has come to in such a country? one liner answers or big stories about their boring and worthless and sexless lives i have no care about?

19 May 2021  #73,608

Jedna rzecz co nie rozumie czemu w rosyjskie porno prawie każde laksi robia wszystko kazde styl porno i wieksaosc dupy fscetow lize conajmniej raz czy regularnie. tylko japonki są podobnie zoboczone albo porno w tych dwoch krajach kaze tych i tych lasek zeby twkie sceny robić. i na prawde całe z siebie dawać żeby rozkosz facetowi dać. nawet teójkąty itd. czmeu w polsce laski nawet loda nie chcą robić? czy ruskie na prawde są lepsze i bardziej zbocozne czy po prostu porno tam jest inne czy takie?

Mr Grunwald
19 May 2021  #73,609

Naprawdę masz zero chamulców, totalny brak wychowania. Gdybym bym tutaj adminem, skończyło by się to permanentnym bannem za takie coś. Każdy normalny człowiek wie że takie rzeczy się po prostu nie pisze na jakimkolwiek forum.

Nie siedziałeś wystarczająco za kratami ewidentnie

19 May 2021  #73,610

Hey, Strzelec, how much is the square root of nine?

19 May 2021  #73,611

Women are great at detecting useless a-holes. Especially those who can't support a family of four.

19 May 2021  #73,612



19 May 2021  #73,613

nie byłeś na niggasin.space ewidentnie. albo na mma.tv otherground forum ewidentnie. w dodatku z akratka i tylko o takich rzeczach gadają. to jest numer jeden temat na przyklad tamtej czy sramtej lasce bym tylek lizał albo moja mamusia synka baby momma co ona robi tam czy tu albo jak jakas zdzir alubi facetow co ja biją słyszec ciągle takie gadki przez kratki i ma oko teraz ślepe itd. nawet zobacz na youtube o czym gadają zobacz na gazetach męsko-damskich o czym gadają. w jakim sensie o cyz. ja gadam ciebie szokuje?

a o czy. myślisz one gadają. posłuchaj się jak chodzisz po pubach czy nawet w kawiarence czy restauracji siedziesz pare ich w grupie o czy, gadają. i jak same są wulgarne ze sobą jak mówią na przykład "stara prawie się zesrałam jak to słysze" itd.

conajmniej nie gadam co ci ludzie w irish pub na miodowej w earszawie gadają ani nie jestem nacjolem jak oni co tam chodzą czy ich barmani z confederate flag koszulkami. mam conajmniej szacunek taki czy historyczne że tak nie robie ani nie gadma jak ci ludzie tam. polska patologia..

19 May 2021  #73,614

why would I want to tho? Im just looking to have a little fun man. whats wrong with that?

19 May 2021  #73,615

To put cross on myself. Monstrous. Vatican destroyed their brains.

you probably never saw what a vagina even looks like in real life.

I only envy bull. He have new cow every day.

19 May 2021  #73,616

like paulina

I heard Paulina's boyfriend doesn't read books... Why should he tire his head needlessly with such things? ;)

19 May 2021  #73,617

California's mask mandate has an end date. What about social distancing?

That depends on if you want to talk or fu*ck. Can you do both at the same time from 6 feet?

19 May 2021  #73,618

Nothing. Just be honest. Walk up and say, I am a useless a-hole. I wouldn't be able to support the kid if you get pregnant and I like cruising and boozing. How about a quickie?

Then come back here and tell us what she said.

20 May 2021  #73,619


Where do Poles think the virus came from?

"Chinese military scientists used the wrong animal model and greatly underestimated the human-to-human spread of the novel coronavirus, leading to a panic cover-up in the Communist Party, just like Soviet officials did after Chernobyl," Yan wrote in an article posted on social media platform on May 1.

Yan Limeng deliberately fabricated lies about the epidemic, blurred the truth of the incident, and put forward various conspiracy theories to cast blame on China in an attempt to arouse other countries' anger towards China, with clear political directivity. Publish untenable assertions as "informed people." As a doctor of ophthalmology, publishing a ridiculous paper on viruses to confuse the public, he is worthy of the master of fraud!

johnny reb
21 May 2021  #73,620

Geez, I quit posting for a couple of days and this place falls apart.

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