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Cargo pants
30 Sep 2021  #79,261

when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into yo

Shove your unwanted and unasked words of wisdom lol maybe go give it to the pigs you talk to in Polish accent.
Tell me what under wears of grannys do you sniff,skid marked ones or ones without?Do you start your day with it?try a cup of nice smelling coffee instead,you may like it.Hey dont tell me you were also sniffing your own grannys underwear ,lol did you smell your family kapoosta odour?Sounds you also have ar/se sniffing fetish too,shows with your habbit about giving words of wisdom to random people on a forum.So which one is your favourite?grannys under wear sniffing or arse sniffing of random people.

@Amiga500,I was talking to law enforcement guys in the gym now and they agreed with others here that he has not committed any crime or threatened anyone.If 16 is the legal age in Poland then its legal for him..Whatever he did he already paid for it,approaching his relatives is not a good idea,what if his relatives say"none of your business".

I earned my first million at 26.

lol Hey pig language communicator did you make that before you acquired that granny under wear sniffing and arse sniffing fetish or after that.LOL I have to tell you I made way more when I first ejaculated in my sperm,in my teens.Feel rich now:)

1 Oct 2021  #79,262

approaching his relatives is not a good idea

I think it's worth a shot as most likely they don't know what he is doing with their money. To suggest that he needs to check-in to a mental health clinic or rehab for a month or two before they send him another cent. it would be good for him and good for poland. these places are cheaper in poland than usa.

Do not post any information about members on here, or bait them

1 Oct 2021  #79,263

Business Name : Kancelaria Adwokacka - Adwokat Krzysztof Zagóra

Nadrzędną misją kancelarii jest niesienie wszechstronnej pomocy tym, których prawa wymagają ochrony poprzez wszczęcie konkretnego postępowania sądowego, jak i tym, których prawa mogą zostać naruszone skierowaniem przeciwko nim nieuzasadnionych żądań procesowych.

Kancelaria specjalizuje się w dochodzeniu praw Klientów na drodze sądowej, gdzie wymagane są umiejętności efektywnego prowadzenia sporów oraz opracowania długofalowej strategii procesowej.

Website : kancelaria.zagora.pl

1 Oct 2021  #79,264

he needs to check-in to a mental health clinic or rehab

He needs psychoanalysis to figure out why he's addicted to self-destruction (so he can let that go).

1 Oct 2021  #79,265

He needs psychoanalysis to figure out

And you guys to figure out why you give a damn. Let God take care of him. He knows best.

1 Oct 2021  #79,266

Nobody can force someone to go to rehab whether in Poland or US if they are an adult. Only courts can do that if I commit a crime related to alcohol or something. No one is ever going to force me and I already did such a rehab back when I lived in California. Back after the bar fight because that shady lawyer claimed it may help my case which it didnt as they still gave me a strike and a yr for simply hitting a guy once in the cheek (not head) with a pint glass and breaking it after I was fuked with and he actually punched me first and I saw I was outnumbered as they made a half circle. But yea no one would force me to anything. I dont drive anymore so no chance of DUIs either. I already told my family if anyone calls them to take the number and call the police in us as it is a crime of harassment and "annoying phone calls" misdemeanor. and not to answer any international calls as I accidentally signed up on a scam site and put their us numbers instead of mine. and if its a blocked number also not to answer.

1 Oct 2021  #79,267

In the US I was constantly taking dui classes in rehab or on probation literally six years straight until I got deported and got out of prison so if you count prison like 9 yrs straight. I want to turn my place here bought under my name into a teenage shag shack. Imagine if I could pull this off. I live alone in a nice place. Have some spending money. Lots of free time. If I could meet some barely legal teens (by EU or Polish standards which is less than 18) here I could turn my place into a shag shack. It could be their therapy place when theyre angry at their parents or something to run to and when they want to rebel against their parents or school etc. through the art of *******.

Hey cargo, what about protitution. is it anymore risky or worse of a charge if theyre hookers and 16 vs say hookers and 30? Like is prostitution viewed as **** or more like regular sex? I dont ever plan on using prostitutes or hiring them this is just for information purposes or me just being curious.

1 Oct 2021  #79,268

I still cant believe how i fuked up that chance in warsaw with those weird sort of like bad girls or patologia chicks from centrum especially that blond who kept calling me from a blocked number and tried to extort me to give them vodka. They later called me saying we want dick but i thought at the time she was joking and i sort of hung up and she never called again. I was real pissed she tried to extort me like that and they brought some stupid kid boy with them when they met me the second time so it was retarded. i dont trust females like this. i want the lonely lone wolf types and alone or maybe in a group of two girls. not some cwaniaczki or husstlers at 16-17 trying to get free **** off me or sponsoring. she even suggested i should buy one of them a phone it was dumb as hell.

Hey cargo, also ask the cops next time what constitutes a great bodily injury in poland during ana ssault or fight and regarding the seven day rule does it matter how many stiches someone has or if someone gets stiches does that matter or only if they have broken bones or open wounds for seven days?

1 Oct 2021  #79,269

How do these people in Lodz or females in partciular in Poland learn such disgusting traits like give the sitnk eye or bad look or frown face at males just for walking by and smiling or giving them eye contact? Does it come naturally for them or are they taught or something by their mothers? I cant even act this way and wish I could when I see patologia around polesie in Lodz or racism against Ukrainians. How does it work or where do they learn to be this way? Because Id like to know and learn it really against all the patologia meth heads and racists I see everywhere around me in this part of town I live at and go to the gym at. I mea a few weeks ago near that gym I literally saw two female patologia slap each other and fight with one kid on their arms and one tried to steal the kid of the mother and while she was telling a ukrainian trying to help the situation go back to ukraine. So Id like to know as I walked by and I didnt do any of those **** frown faces or anything and it doesnt come naturally unlike these pollack females. Imagine some patologia meth head telling a ukrainian to go back but someone should have told the polak to go back and never come outside of the lodz ghetto shack she lives at. the slum with meth probably all over the floor. Oh and the funny thing unlike in USA no one filmed it or called cops.

1 Oct 2021  #79,270

It is hilarious just how different california culture is to Poland. They smile and say hi to one another walking by here they look like they had some ickle juice thrown in their face when walking by. What a crappy country and crap females outside its laws. which are good.

Do you guys think or is it just me this is great shagging music?


Also, anyone here besides me enjoys woody allen movies from time to time?

1 Oct 2021  #79,271

Some, especially the early ones.

Zelig is good too.

1 Oct 2021  #79,272

There was ine about new york where he met this 17 yr old I forgot what its called but it was good. Coffee society was good too.

1 Oct 2021  #79,273

He needs psychoanalysis to figure out why he's addicted to self-destruction

That's an excellent question.

More specifically, for example, why do so many women self-destruct and get fat? They know that most men are superficial pigs and look at tits and butts before they ask about their IQ and bother to look for that inner beauty.

This is a perplexing problem since getting fat and ugly is gradual, costs money, and lowers their marketability and self-esteem. And can be stopped immediately!

Not that men are much better judging from the pics of the movie tough guys when they "frolic" at some beach.

1 Oct 2021  #79,274


Like I said europe its much different than california. they dont treat violence or violent crime like a big deal like california does. dont you agree johnny?

johnny reb
1 Oct 2021  #79,275

Yes I agree with you there Strzelec35 because in the U.S. it is all about money and not justice.
Once the man gets you into the system they squeeze you for all they can get.
You pay the salaries for the cops, the judges, the lawyers, the prosecutor, the humiliation classes, the jails, the prisons, the correction officers, the fines, the oversight fees, the .......well sh/it it just doesn't end, it's a business.

And the more they knock you down the more desperate you get until they arrest you again and again until you just don't care anymore like you don't.

I know where you are coming from Mike.
They suck the life right out of you to give a sh/it about anything except for some temporary fun.
At that point what is there besides a little bit of blow, a bottle of Jack and a young girl that loves to give head.

1 Oct 2021  #79,276


didin't realise that was a polish word. what is the world coming to?

1 Oct 2021  #79,277

Johnny you forgot to mention the lawyer fees, the psychologists, psychoanalysts, rehabs and other **** the lawyer tries to convince you to pay for along the way. helping his friends out as theyre all connected (like the schrink probbaly gets kickbacks like certain bailbond agency also from a lawyer who recommends them etc.).

johnny reb
1 Oct 2021  #79,278

Again, you are right and as I said, "In America it is big business and has nothing to do with justice."
That's why they call it, 'Just - Us'.

Cargo pants
1 Oct 2021  #79,279

oversight fees, the .......well sh/it it just doesn't end

You forgot the "safe neighborhood" ,"Drug free zone","School zone"(freaking all invented to collect money)charge,when the municipal judge announces the fine,mumbling like a parrot,The 50$ fine is almost 150$.How many people they keep in jail for weeks if not months(esp child support cases) if they dont have 150$ for bail money,and if you know someone then you are released on "ROR"(Release on recognition).The American system is cruel man and all money oriented.Another scam, if one gets a moving violation,you can make a plea with the prosecutor for a non moving violation and pay more fine and no points so your insurance will not raise your premiums,now the municipality collects instead of insurance.In almost every municipal court after the first roll call,there is a recess for 2/3 hours and the judge tells everyone to go see the prosecutor,who SOLICITS/offers that plea himself and everybody agrees for no point deal.

Dirk diggler
1 Oct 2021  #79,280

Release on recognition

Almost everyone gets release on ROR if it's a misdemeanor. The only time you won't get ROR'd is if it's a felony or a misdemeanor domestic, then they make you see the judge the next morning for a bond hearing.

pay more fine and no points so your insurance will not raise your premiums,

Moving violations except for at fault accidents and dui's have barely an effect on your insurance. Idk how it is in your state but generally your first violation results in supervision where unless you get another violation within 6 months, 12 months or whatever thye gave you then it won't result in a conviction

go see the prosecutor

The prosecutor is the one who really runs the court since over 90% plea out. The judge is basically there to sign off on pleas and give out warrants for no shows...

There was a big scandal where some judges were giving warrants out for people who weren't showing up to court because of covid, even though there was an announcement that all cases were going to be rescheduled. So dudes were getting pulled over and put in jail over this and if they're already on probation they're ******... there's no ROR or bond for a probation/parole violation...

1 Oct 2021  #79,281

I wonder what all those women like at hala koszykow or on sympatia or other dating sites or in lodz kaliska club would say if I answer either "its none of your business" or "why do you want to know" when they ask in Polish as literally the first thing they say or ask me "what I do?" or "co robisz w Polsce" / "co porabiasz na codzien?"

if youre on probation you have no bail or ROR even chance. You are automatically stuck in jail not sure if there is a difference between felony or formal (even for misdemeanor) probation but you get no bail.

Cargo pants
1 Oct 2021  #79,282

LOl man have not been to a municipal court for decades now,last time was 22 years back for a refusal when i totaled my truck crashing into a pole(PBA cards help).LOL now I prefer depositions in attorney office and the case is usually settled esp if the insurance is involved or first day of trial through mediation.

women like at hala koszykow

What do you mean?Its a fine nice place to eat and have piwo,kinda upscale.

Dirk diggler
1 Oct 2021  #79,283

literally the first thing they say or ask me "what I do?" or "co robisz w Polsce" / "co porabiasz na codzien?"

I don't see anything wrong with that. If anything it shows some interest. In your case I probably wouldn't be too honest though lol

1 Oct 2021  #79,284

Im watching this movie on netflix its a trip called the guilty. Its about this cop who got relgated to duties of being a 911 operator due to some mishap on the job and is just losing it. he starts losing it as a 911 operator and starts telling people to **** themselves as well as calling this dude up directly saying you wanna do more time lol cause i know youve done some already.

speaking of which I almost got in a fight with this private security or go group cop/guard at the ice center the day i got deported. I wonder if he actually did decide yo fight him and I didnt back out of calling him out if theyd still have deported me that day or if theyd have me deported in handcuffs or what would have happened. the guy was so angry like pissed off at himself or that job or something. and he started losing it like the 911 operator in that movie when i said to the mexican guys at the tank also being deported he doesnt get paid much or some little innocent comment. as he told me to shut up and wouldnt answer my question about where my stuff will be taken. he was some burly white dude too lol. he said something like shut up and go back in there dont worry about your stuff and thats when i made the comment and he kept walking toward my door trying to indimidate me.

"I don't see anything wrong with that. If anything it shows some interest. In your case I probably wouldn't be too honest though lol"

I actually do have a descent gig going right now I just dont feel like its their business nor do I care anything about what they do.

Selling my artwork online and being an avant-gardist is a pretty good gig as well as writing a book and being a future crime writer. I also have still those domains I need to make into sites about artificial intelligence I plan on selling.

1 Oct 2021  #79,285

domains I need to make into sites about artificial intelligence I plan on selling.

That is potentially a very good idea.

johnny reb
1 Oct 2021  #79,286

the first thing they say or ask me "what I do?"

Tell them that you are a massage therapist and specialize in stressed out women with your world renowned vaginal release techniques.

1 Oct 2021  #79,287

a massage therapist and specialize in stressed out women

A friend used to do that and claims to have had great success with the young ladies that way. Mind you, it did involve a couchsurfing account and a lot of wine.

1 Oct 2021  #79,288

Pretty cool vid I just found on youtube or it was recommended for me based on my traits:

Professionals - The Wehrmacht - demon hunters:


1 Oct 2021  #79,289

Have any of you participated in such an endeavor or kulink?


lol where I live it is number 3 of most dangerous/crime ridden area in Lodz and thus pretty much all of poland some of the worse most patologia places:


"Łódź nie ma najlepszej prasy i rzadko uważana jest za bezpieczne miasto."


"Lodz does not have good press and rarely it is considered a safe city to be in."

and you guys wonder why Im so pissed off all the time having to live here?

1 Oct 2021  #79,290

I wonder how that place that is ranked number one for worst area in Lodz baluchy is like. I heard some uber driver mention it before so it must be bad. Any of you guys been there? Btw the area I live at stare Polesie does not even have a single coffee shop to sit at and the only stores you see is the green targ or bazaar and some muscle powder or supplement shops and a crapload of zabkas and some kebab places. Its like a hole in the wall where god put its forgotten humans or something. god forsaken place as the saying goes. Broken dilapated buildings people who dont make eye contact or smile etc. Maybe Ill check that number one worse place out Baluchy or whatever its called. It is odd because warsaw or other polish cities have coffee shops everywhere and there is literally none here and only one pub in all stare polesie and nowhere to even go and sit. they have some small cakery spots but those are mostly for just buying cheescakes and taking them home or to go. Have any of you lived in such an area or neighbourhood? The few ukrainians who live here must feel right at home. going from one ghetto country or place to another? Its gonna be super difficult to meet a 16 yr old here anywhere especially non patologia one - due to how unfriendly and paranoid they are and dont make eye contact and how there ar eno coffee shops or places to sit here and meet people. even the kids here smoke and drink beer when walking around. I bet there are probbaly many 16 yr old prostitutes here.

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