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Cargo pants
2 Oct 2021  #79,321

I read in Poland at least it works l

Like Roman Polanski.

2 Oct 2021  #79,322

"That is totally different than picking up physical fights with people and abuse of alcohol."

I dont pick physical fights with people unless they threaten me, attack or get physical with me, or try to get me in some sort of situation. Mostly these sorts of things only happen in nightclubs which I only go to because I know in europe many 16 yr olds go there and I have no other venues besides the Internet to meet one anywhere.

"Like Roman Polanski."

No he would have commited a crime everywhere I think outside maybe Spain then but if she claimed rape everywhere. Bulgaria is still 14 though I hear and I was there recently. But didnt have sex even ocne and the Polish teens there even at the club preferred to be grubbed up by deutschen hunds form wealthy eu countries like Germany. and I didnt have the balls to do what they did and just go up to them and touching their ass form behind. Dirk said it was normal though and its calle dgrinding so maybe I should try it to teens? just do what those Germans did and go up to them and grab their ass? I thought dirk grinding only works when people know each other but are Polish teen girls such hos abroad or in bulgaria they let any dude just rub up on them they never seen before?

2 Oct 2021  #79,323

Doesnt that have to be like a student teacher relationship or something?

No. They changed the law. It can be in any relationship, not necessarily a romantic/sexual one.

Interestingly, one of the main campaigners and activists whose hard work got the law changed was herself subsequently convicted of it :-D

2 Oct 2021  #79,324

hopefully in the uk and not in Poland I doubt they changed that law in Poland or any east euro slavic european country. Wouldnt such a charge be a misdemeanor anyway? What I wonder is alcohol. If a 16 yr old came over and we had some beers to losten up first and talked could they only charge me at msot with a misdemeanor giving alcohol to minor or could it lead to rape charges claiming she was under influence thus couldnt consent even if it was only like 203 beers?

Have any of you heard the term "paskudni ludzie" or just unpleasant people. This is what I feel about Polish females overall when I see them on the street articularly in Lodz. I have no motivation to talk to them because I see their attitudes and fact they are paskudne ex communist miserable people that probably project their inner feelings onto others or anyone trying to get to know them. This is why I wait for them to come to me and dont go to them anymore. I learned in Bulgaria from those Polish teen hos there how paskudne ludzie polak fems are.

2 Oct 2021  #79,325

Strzelec is yanking your chains and collecting material for his first book: Living Well, and the subtitle: How To Be A More Effective Bullsh*itter.

2 Oct 2021  #79,326

I wait for them to come to me

Hence you rarely leave your basement you can wait until the end of time.

Cargo pants
2 Oct 2021  #79,327

Except too much sucking for 10$ a pop at those chincy strip bars that they don't visit there parents once a year and call maybe once a month. Nice income by Americanized immigrants.

2 Oct 2021  #79,328

You overpaid. Next time offer $8.

Cargo pants
2 Oct 2021  #79,329

Will that include swallowing?can I use there father's reference?

2 Oct 2021  #79,330

"Ty Chuju"! LOL..

Bravo! Your Polish is better than mine. I wrote "huj" the first time I decided to address Z as Zhuj.

2 Oct 2021  #79,331

I am talking about the one that serviced you for 10. Ask her. I am assuming it was a woman.

Cargo pants
2 Oct 2021  #79,332

I am assuming it was a woman.

I assume you claimed to great daughters.

2 Oct 2021  #79,333

Ask them. You already know what they charge.

Cargo pants
2 Oct 2021  #79,334

No thanks but I will inform Strz, you sell gift cards to promote business?

2 Oct 2021  #79,335


Huj or chuj, they're interchangable.


2 Oct 2021  #79,336

Huj or chuj, they're interchangable.

Not really, the spelling with c is technically 'correct' but the spelling with just h was (still is?) more common in graffiti... though it's not seen so often anymore... I remember a scenic walkway in Płock (on the side of the embankment on the higher side of the city) where every two or three meters you could find out just who in the city was a h-j...

Piotrek to h-j, Władek to h-j... it seemed like there were dozens of them and I thought of it in my mind as the 'h-j walk' ...

2 Oct 2021  #79,337

No thanks

Hey, moron, "no thanks" follows an offer. I didn't offer you anything.
I told you to learn English but I guess even this simple advice is too difficult for you to understand. What language is the one you understand without straining yourself?

I assume you claimed to great daughters.

Like what the fu*ck is that sentence supposed to mean?

Cargo pants
2 Oct 2021  #79,338

I told you to learn English

Who the fuc/k are you to tell me that limp whimp?Listen pussy fart tell your daughters to stop giving lap dances then think about telling me that and I might consider.

What language

Last time "Zulu",if still you didnt get it,learn it,will be hard being a feeble grandpa with trembling hands.

that sentence supposed to mean?

Use your fu/cking imagination what I meant bow legged white knee high wearing one.(missed "have" typing from a cell)Today is Saturday,your daughters must have good business today(I can get you in contact with some condom wholesale companies if they use them),when was the last time they called you or visited you?Must be very lonely to spend holidays alone?

I asked you about gift certificates for your daughters lap dance,I want to send to strz.Hey do they do out calls?Your dumb policy of asking questions is not a success but keep on trying.

2 Oct 2021  #79,339

Against the opinion of the other 99.99% of 'leading' German pathologists.

99% of the German "democratically elected legal representatives" believe that millions of refugees are great for Germany and the Germans.

Last time "Zulu"

Funda isiNgisi, moron!

They don't have enough morons in Zululand so they didn't need the word in Zulu.

2 Oct 2021  #79,340

Man I am so pissed off again. I went on Piotrkowska street in lodz and the warsaw language exchange group earlier. I met a cool Bulgarian dude at that place but man. I went to take a leak at that bar later called Infinity pub and some garbage **** hit the door right after i went in saying get out. Im pissed off I ddint grab him by the throat or ******* hit him in the gut or something. how do these ***** get away with this ****? disrespecting people like this? The thing is I am sick or getting off some weird bug like the flu so I have no energy to fight people or really move much. but Im still pissed i didnt grab the fuk. I didnt even see him he went right in as I opened the door.

How do u ppl blame me for getting in so many fights where some garbage bangs on my bathroom door saying get out. I mean this is the type of **** that started all my recent fights. Also I hate living or being and being born in such a garbage country so much.

2 Oct 2021  #79,341

Im trying to justify it and all I can say is these polaks in lodz are not human. they are ghetto white trash white nigreo animals. I wont go either to piotrkowska streeet anymore or even out my house as little as possible to stay away from these white ***** animals. What is the point of living in such ghetto white trash garbage country and place? If I was just born in some place like greece or portugal... why did I have to be born in such garbage not even country I wont give it that respect but you know.

When he does it again to someone else less sick and forgiving than me I hope they smash a pint glass on the top of his head like I did to kevin markleys cheeks and some other guy in santa cruz. People like that dont deserve to breathe free air.

Cargo pants
2 Oct 2021  #79,342

They don't have enough morons in Zululand so they didn't need the word in Zulu.

Make your point feeble grandpa with trembling hands and stop stuttering A hole.LOL going to VFW post freaking bow legged white knee high wearing.....,I hope you have a new set of dentures cuz I am making you clinch the ones in your mouth will break them soon........wrong number dumb Pollack immigrant.I do feel good that finally I am making you answer than question...in this new world"ask questions" is bad and your era policy,new thing is "gather information"...Moron.

2 Oct 2021  #79,343

This makes me want to watch some german wehrmacht videos like this right now:

sort of made my night. Ive never seen such untermensschen or low level humans oftrn befor eoutside the mexicans or blacks in california what I see in Lodz Poland. In Berlin no one would ever do that. Maybe hitler was onto something?

3 Oct 2021  #79,344

Make your point feeble grandpa

My point - now pay attention - is that your English sucks and your posts look like graciarnia.

3 Oct 2021  #79,345

where every two or three meters you could find out just who in the city was a h-j...

This again shows that Poles are really dumb. Graffiti is for the gangbangers to mark their territory and, thus, part of their business plan. Polish graffiti is plain stupid and serves no purpose.

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