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19 Mar 2022  #85,081

Sure he cares, he cares a lot. Otherwise he wouldn't be hiding that well

Looks like you misunderstood your own point there. Ore just didn't have one.

Looks like the Ukrainians have killed yet another Russian general.


They've all tortured , usurped, extorted.. ad infinitum.

Absolutely. Within Islam, it's very rare, arguably much rarer than in, say, China. China doesn't call it that of course and in Islam the issue is clouded by the fact that in most of the Muslim world, labour costs are such that anyone who can afford servants has them and servants in less developed societies (as yours and mine once were) rarely get dealt a good hand in life.

The Soviets of course excelled at slavery..

19 Mar 2022  #85,082

We know that you were just pretending, we were just waiting for this years excuse why you backed out again.

I have never said that. Go ahead and post it, liar!

Claiming that there is a war going on in Poland takes the cake though.

Ive never said that either, post where I said that as well? Liar!

What is the full address of this house

All you are capable of doing is making up stories about yourself and making up lies about others. We got your ticket!

Its right here!


L@@K at this Dump! LOL

Its like Ted Kaczynski`s " The Unabombers" shack! Hahaha No wonder your wife left you!! LOLOL

19 Mar 2022  #85,083

Within Islam, it's very rare

Well Islam has a hard time condemning the idea of slavery since M had slaves (and criticizing anything he did is.... not allowed).

Reading reports of servants in the Arabian peninsula it's very clear that employers think of them as slaves in all but name... (why else would one talk about maids 'running away'?)

Pinching Pete
19 Mar 2022  #85,084


How is Orban viewed in Poland? There's many in the U.S. that like him.

Within Islam, it's very rare, arguably much rarer than in,

Okay, didn't know that but the Koran more or less sanctions it?

19 Mar 2022  #85,085

has nothing to do with Marx who

You mean that fake ass, bludging off the rich idiot who refused to actually meet the working class when Engels invited him to come visit a factory, u mean the idiot who got his mate to die for him in a duel over a woman because he was too scared to go? u mean that Marx? that absolute fu*king k*nt idiot. , next time i am in Paris, oh wait is it London, I will **** on his grave.

19 Mar 2022  #85,086

that marx? that fu*king k*nt

Being a good historian and social theorist did not make him a good person (he was a big pile of crap as a human being) and vice versa good people aren't necessarily good at intellectual endeavors.

19 Mar 2022  #85,087

since M had slaves (

I'd be pretty surprised if Jesus, Mary and Joseph didn't have slaves. If he didn't, Joe would probably have been the only skilled carpenter in the region without them.

why else would one talk about maids 'running away'

Why do Chinese companies have nets round factory roofs to stop 'employees' jumping off? Yet instead of focussing on a country of a billion people who actually operate force labour camps with 1.8 million people in (not counting forced prison labour) they focus on a region where people often have servants that has less than 7% of China's population.

If Russia win the illegal war they started and if China's rise is not thwarted, they (and later we if we don't stop them) can certainly look forward to some pretty harsh Soviet/PRC-style working conditions too. Even in Poland there was the scandal about Biedronka checkout staff having to wear nappies; the only reason that a. you heard about it in the media and b. it was stopped is because we live in a liberal democracy, the type that Putin despises.

Pinching Pete
19 Mar 2022  #85,088

he was a big pile of crap as a human being)

Yes, would have been the last person to live in the society he advocated..


19 Mar 2022  #85,089

the society he advocated

Has not yet been realised.

Pinching Pete
19 Mar 2022  #85,090

If you think that you can make money on refugees that your chance let everybody in into your country!

Try the decaf, Pole.

19 Mar 2022  #85,091

if Jesus, Mary and Joseph didn't have slaves

But it's far easier for Christians and Jews to condemn slavery than it is for muslims....

there was the scandal about Biedronka checkout staff having to wear nappies

Urban legend that P3 used to spread...

johnny reb
19 Mar 2022  #85,092

The real stock market is closed,

Is that the one that you own no stocks in ?

No doubt with his continued silence about where he got those photos and videos from.

I got them from Pigsy of you, Hairy.
Still smoking those cigarettes that stain your fingers that deep yellow color ?

19 Mar 2022  #85,093

Try the decaf, Pole.

Try to use your brain Doodle!

après moi, le déluge.

I don't do French try German.

Either way, the risks for Poland are huge and the future potentially bleak

that is the reson we need to strike now!

19 Mar 2022  #85,094

Hey, Econ 101 geniuses, pay attention...If they won't work, they will drain your tax money - kids in schools, old women in hospitals, and together to pay for food and rent.

If they will work, they will add to the supply of labor. And, darlings, guess what that will do to the wages....Yes, children, you guessed correctly. The wages will go way doooown. That's how that damn law works: more means cheaper.

Now, kids, I will tell you what foreign aid for the refugees will do to your standard of living. You guessed right again...It will cause prices to go up, up, and up because the law of supply and demand will still be operational. Unless your gov will feeze prices and cause massive shortages.

And now the ultimate bonus that's coming your way...It's called family reunification. When the "I miss my daddy" cries become unbearable, another million refugees - those daddies I just mentioned - will add to the supply of labor. Later, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas - aka chain migration.

Did I mention the cost of housing in Poland? Especially in Warsaw...It will have to be subsidized and thus made unaffordable for your parents. Just like in Germany for the Germans.

Sorry. But for now, just draw pretty pictures with hearts...

19 Mar 2022  #85,095

But it's far easier for Christians and Jews to condemn

Certainly enough of them practised it over the centuries so they should have developed a strong opinion by now...

This is largely irrelevant to the danger that the conservative Putting currently poses to Europe in general and Poland in particular. I've a feeling that mid/late next week could be a crunch moment...

Slaves, obey the earthly masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of your heart as to Christ, Ephesians 6:5

Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything, not only to please them while they are watching, but with sincerity of heart and fear of the Lord. Colossians 3:22

[quote=Cojestdocholery]I don't do French try German.

No, just google it. It's a common enough phrase, known to educated speakers of all European languages.

And its implications terrify you.

19 Mar 2022  #85,096

the military officers

Some American officers share my view!

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