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22 Sep 2022  #91

Not for you to know

Besides you would only think they don't exist. So No point even showing them to you

22 Sep 2022  #92

Or probably anyone.

But good luck with them

22 Sep 2022  #93

eat sh't millions of flies can't be wrong.

They aren't.

22 Sep 2022  #94

Eat **** then

22 Sep 2022  #95

These million from Madrid are already ready. The guns are oiled, lubricated. In the middle of day, or in the middle of night, they are always ready for action.


22 Sep 2022  #96

Is crng3 a closeted gay?

johnny reb
22 Sep 2022  #97

Does he think you just boil the shrooms?

Is that what you think joun ?
I happen to make some of the tastiest Polish mushroom soup in the world.
The recipe has been handed down to me by my Polish ancestry which is something you don't have so it's no wonder you think just boiling mushrooms in water with salt and pepper makes mushroom soup.

Does Jim know how that's made?

He does.....and for a small fee would share it with you.

22 Sep 2022  #98

I happen to make

He doesn't...

22 Sep 2022  #99

Have you ever seen when he uses google translator to try and trick us into thinking hes actually Polish?

Now hes an expert on Zupa! LOL

I remember hes also an expert on Marajuana horticultural as well, amongst other far fetched claims.

22 Sep 2022  #100


Don't forget the cattle ranch and the holiday villa in Jamaica.

22 Sep 2022  #101

And the whopper Marlin he caught off the coast of Florida during the winter ( off season)

I hate to be the FedEx driver that has to struggle delivering ammo to his shack. He claimed he's knee deep in brass, but I say it's something else that smells like cattle.

22 Sep 2022  #102

The answer is simple you need your mental health check asap.

22 Sep 2022  #103

This is not an answer to the question posed, but a medical advice for which you are definitely not entitled.

johnny reb
22 Sep 2022  #104

He doesn't...


I remember hes also an expert

I remember how upset you got when I made you look so stupid on the subject with Roz about it.
You thought you were just the pro grow expert. Pfffft !
You were giving her elementary advice, so I stepped in and helped her out with the do's and don'ts.
Boy did you get upset with me for making you look so stupid.

Don't forget the cattle ranch

That one kept old Ha Ha Hairy busy for weeks googling and in the end made him out to be a fool.
You guys are just too easy to toy with.
Remember when "The joke" claimed to own his own business and then three weeks later got laid off because of covid.
That one was really hilarious.
Now he is here all day every day because I live in his head and torment him intentionally.
What cheap entertainment slapping you idiots around.. Hoot !

22 Sep 2022  #105

Why 'not entitled'? Isn't he a medical doctor?

22 Sep 2022  #106

@Ziemowit, no, he isn't.

22 Sep 2022  #107

You are very wrong there, about me

Let`s wait for some developments...........

The answer is when you want to pickle them.

Wrong!!! It isn`t necessary.

ever made mushroom soup

Right! That`s what I meant.
Johhny wins, Milo loses. Sorry.

johnny reb
22 Sep 2022  #108

And the whopper Marlin he caught off the coast of Florida during the winter ( off season)

So ? You can catch them and turn them loose stupid.
Nothing illegal about that.
Oh that's right, you use to be a commercial charter boat captain too (30 years ago supposedly ?) and know all the ocean fishing laws. lmao !

he FedEx driver that has to struggle delivering ammo to his shack.

He did but that was when I saw the shortage coming to get me thru but now I only buy in small amounts.
Is there anything else you would like to diminish me about with your inferiority complex ?
I think we should talk about the shack you live in, the clown car you drive and how you are strapped down in the arm pit of America where you call home, Chitcago, married to an immigrant.

Naw, we already know that you are just a little city slicker that thinks he is really something but in essence is nothing more than a jealous little key board bully that needs a good ass kicking. Hoot !

22 Sep 2022  #109

Everywhere they can .hahahaha

Just in case, go to bed with a basin taped to your ass - what if the Russian draft dodgers can sneak in there too...

22 Sep 2022  #110

to your ass

I am sure that most of them would gladly take shelter in a baboon ass to avoid being turned into meat shredded into pieces by deadly accurate HIMARS projectiles in Ukraine. .

22 Sep 2022  #111

I am sure that most of them would gladly take shelter in a baboon ass


I think most Russian troops are now searching for the warmest baboon ass they can find, just to survive winter..... :-)

johnny reb
23 Sep 2022  #112

Johhny wins, Milo loses.

Johnny Reb demolishes Mr. Angry yet again and again and again.

23 Sep 2022  #113

Johnny Reb demolishes

A legend in your own mind.

johnny reb
23 Sep 2022  #114

You're done here, Son.
There is no longer any doubt that you are suffering from extreme depression.
I thought all this banter was just for fun and entertainment, but I see now that you have taken it to heart.
Joker, in all seriousness, I don't want to be the one responsible for pushing you over the edge.
I really encourage you to see some professional help for your anger issues.

23 Sep 2022  #115

As a Rep, I see you have to have your nose rubbed in it in order to see the truth.
Crime is not a "democratic" invention, Joker!
It has existed for so long in cities such as New York, originally because Dems needed to import Third World labor in order to make up for the lack of native-born shortage labor, such as in restaurants etc.

The owners seemed to insist that it was the exodus back to Poland among the more yuppy set that made a crimp in their normally booming business.

24 Sep 2022  #116

Farmland is looking very good right now.


Do I detect another cattle ranch purchase in the making???

If so, please spare us from yet another one of your fictitious stories as your credibility on the forum is nonexistent.

24 Sep 2022  #117

fictitious stories

like going to a steakhouse in Warsaw with some other forum members?

that was hilarious....

johnny reb
24 Sep 2022  #118

that was hilarious....

Where you there ?
Have you ever heard the hilarious story about the squeaky wheel ?

24 Sep 2022  #119

ever heard the hilarious story about the squeaky wheel

nope. Ever hear the story about the malignant narcissist who couldn't stay away from a forum where he wasn't wanted and had nothing positive to contribute?

Not exactly hilarious, more a tragicomedia...

24 Sep 2022  #120

like going to a steakhouse in Warsaw with some other forum members?

Hes never been to Poland but somehow wants us to believe he was at some Curry restaurant in Warsaw..lol Its another one of his fake stories.

Totally made up fiction like the rest of his fantasies.... I dont know who he thinks hes impressing around here we all know hes full of gowno and non believable.


Lets see another one of your incoherent meltdowns again. And try to expand you limited vocabulary with some new words this time besides, shame , belittle and inferiority complex. You sound like a parrot repeating itself over and over. Not much in the brain department are you?

story about the squeaky wheel ?

The one you just made up? Please spare us nobody cares what you have to say.

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