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27 Apr 2008  #91

The real number must be tens times bigger, so keep your poor jokes for yourself...

Ditto sunshine.

Bratwurst Boy
3 May 2008  #92

so what the whole √úbermensch thing was about?


3 May 2008  #93

Get out.

3 May 2008  #94

the good thing about polson is when i think in the football team of france always will come to my mind michele platini , and is good that you fell proud of france

good luck this euro 2008

3 May 2008  #95

thank god spain have one

26 May 2008  #96

Looks like you qualify for a yellow card too... If you know what I mean...

That's mean to say

Kaczor Duck
8 Jun 2008  #97

Thanks polonius3
Where are you from??

16 Jun 2008  #98

I'm confusing things. See JustysiaS answer above.

16 Jun 2008  #99

Where will the article be published LC?

Or do you not want to say?

16 Jun 2008  #100

Where will the article be published LC?

In the UK ;)

16 Jun 2008  #101


OK. Make sure you do! :D

30 Jul 2008  #102

Gawd, I sound like a really sneaky cow, don't I?


arent there laws to protect us from people like you :P

31 Jul 2008  #103


I like cheese.

31 Jul 2008  #104

But do you "Love Cheese"?

31 Jul 2008  #105

"Love Cheese"?

I dream of a fromage a trois - me, my wife and a piece of cheese.

10 Aug 2008  #106

I dream of a fromage a trois - me, my wife and a piece of cheese.


17 Aug 2008  #107

Please help me if you can

wow, you are so closely with your girlfriend

27 Aug 2008  #108

I have a lost cell phone, i lost in in the USA in Chicago, someone has called a number in Poland and I don't speak polish; the number they have been calling in Poland is 048-338-7404, i do not want to cause problems for anyone, i just want my phone back. the phone that i lost has been shut off so they can't make anymore calls from it, but i would like to have it returned to the united airlines office. the numbers are very important to me, and before i have an investigation started and cause problems i would like to get the phone back. they called this number six times between 820 AM and 1030 AM on 24 Aug 2008 from Chicago.
if anyone from poland that speaks polish could make contact and help me get my phone i would appreciate this. oddly enough while i was stationed in Germany from 2000-2003 with the U.S Army, i made several trips to Poland to bring clothing and toys to Orphans as well as trained with the polish Army at (excuse my spelling) Draskopomorsky training area in 2001 and 2002. I found the Polish to be gracious hosts and wonderful people.

Jerry Johnson mosscarter80@aol.com

27 Aug 2008  #109

Sorry to hear that happen. That's really dirty if someone used your phone to call long distance. geeez.

I could call that number and try to find something out, but I get charged .50 cents a minute coz I don't have a calling plan right now.

28 Aug 2008  #110

Thanks for your kind words, i certainly appreciate your response and hope that someone in that dialing area will see this post and call.

11 Oct 2008  #111

You can keep your Polish Forum and shove it where the sun don't shine!!!!!!!

lol hahahahah thats some funny **** what a retard you are if you didt even check meaning before giving it to someone geez

24 Oct 2008  #112


We missed you, scumbag.

3 Nov 2008  #113


Wroclaw Boy
3 Nov 2008  #114

Is that it?

4 Nov 2008  #115

Is this similar to Pdd-non specific?

5 Nov 2008  #116

Are you all stalkers. Come on Fess Up!!!!

10 Nov 2008  #117

did you meet someone on Skype who is Polish?

Dimwitted much?

17 Nov 2008  #118


By any chance she had connection with the Czars...or spoke of them?

22 Nov 2008  #119

That is why BB lives in Germany :)

22 Nov 2008  #120

Are they?

People arguing on the internet? When will they ever learn?
Tsk tsk!

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