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24 Sep 2022  #151

Only asking we got em here.

24 Sep 2022  #152

Has everyone got their Iodine tablets yet,

Yes. Amazon.pl sell them and they're still fairly cheap. I ordered some the other day for about 40zl a bottle.

They also sell the liquid solution that was given out to the Polish Army when Chernobyl happened.

All iodine does though is stop your thyroid absorbing too much radiation and turning cancerous later. It doesn't stop you getting radiation sickness.

Anyway, if the bomb drops, it's worth knowing that cats have high levels of iodine in their bodies so you can kill two birds with one stone, especially if you eat them raw.

24 Sep 2022  #153

HaHa Jon , I have seven cats so I am ok , figure dolnoslask is probably the best pace to be when the nukes drop.

24 Sep 2022  #154

I'm OK as long as their maps aren't out of date and they don't drop one on the airfield at Bemowo which is only a couple of miles away. I don't think they use it (Madonna did a concert there) but the r*SSians are so crap and out of date that it could still be a target.

If it's the main army base, that's right on the other side of town so we might be ok as long as it's a smallish bimb.

24 Sep 2022  #155

Great stuff Jon prepare for the worst and hope for the best

24 Sep 2022  #156

My all time favourite Metallica song.

I've remembered that a Polish folk band made a cover of this song:


pepeszę (...) Depeche.

Matko, dopiero teraz skojarzyłam, że to rym, haha ;D

24 Sep 2022  #157

@johnny reb
Are you denying you had novi PM me asking that I would ignore Pawian from now on?
And then you were the first one to break your own pact! Lol
Remember the last time you lied about me and I had to spank your punk ass?
Deny it, so I can post the PM, I dare you! Haha

I can have Novi confirm it as well if you like Pawian

24 Sep 2022  #158

Nothing but crickets from jimmy as I caught him in another lie!
Come on and deny it??????

25 Sep 2022  #159

I see you have to have your nose rubbed in it in order to see the truth.

Does the Democratic crime wave have to bite you in the ass personally before you believe it? Dont you watch the local news from NYC or is it strictly msm? Once your nose is rubbed in it you will change your tune. I think youre totally oblivious to the current situation and still living in the 1950s.

Dont let that TDS distort your thinking!

25 Sep 2022  #160


yep, great stuff, I saw them live a couple of times and they were amazing...

25 Sep 2022  #161

Why Southren is not Northern?

25 Sep 2022  #162

Quite the contrary, Joker.
Perhaps it is in fact YOU who is mired in the present, without recognizing the reasons for the rise in crime in New York particularly.

If you want a root cause, it's called BLM and is an attempt by the Democratic party in larger US cities to attempt to make up for nearly two-hundred-fifty years of concerted brutality against African-Americans, both by the police as well as other local officials.

In America, the pendulum usually swings in the other direction.
with little left in the middle!

25 Sep 2022  #163

it's called BLM and is an attempt by the Democratic party in larger

Yep, and they destroyed over a Billion dollars of damage as the Democrats encouraged the whole thing! Remember, Kamoola Harris and her bail fund to help those anarchists get out of jail?

It was a mostly peaceful but fiery protest! lol You havent any room to squeal out of it this time. You woke lefties are running out of time before the election. They will try and spend another trillion on dollars on stupid solar panels made by the commie chinks! Biden and Democrats are destroying this entire country, wake up already!

25 Sep 2022  #164

the joy of watching

you flash like a lightning through the forum without coming back has left us so bereft.
Why are you playing with us so cruelly? What immortal hand or eye framed thy inhumane goodbye?????

25 Sep 2022  #165

Its because I walk the path of ancestors.

Of course, coz you smoke really good stuff! Or eat good fungi. Like Native Ams.

25 Sep 2022  #166

I only lick.


25 Sep 2022  #167

I only lick.

You said It Crow and we all know what you weak and pathetic Serbs lick most......

26 Sep 2022  #168

make up for nearly two-hundred-fifty years of concerted brutality against African-Americans,

Who can blame them.

johnny reb
26 Sep 2022  #169

NOW who is the little bully attacking !
We are so tired of the I, I, I's and the ass kissing of Paulina...........
What a first-class weak and pathetic pussy nerd.......Simple !

26 Sep 2022  #170

n connection with a breach of the peace.

That's what happens in sh*itholes like the UK that somehow forgot to give their subjects freedom of speech aka the First Amendment. You speak and you get arrested. Simple.

This world would be a better place if we rounded up all the royals and gave them the Romanov treatment.

26 Sep 2022  #171

we rounded up all the royals and gave them the Romanov treatment.


So now he's advocating child murder. Interesting.

johnny reb
26 Sep 2022  #172

I wonder if Jim thinks she was arrested for criticising the monarchy...

Yes, yes Jim does.
Only the British bootlickers would declare otherwise.
Meanwhile as if we didn't already know, "Charles is not Harry's father"
Not King Charles, but army officer James Hewitt is said to be Prince Harry's father.
It is a rumor that circulated for years.
Hey, can anyone blame Diana for stepping out on old Charley ?
Besides, Harry Hewitt has a ring to it. :-)

26 Sep 2022  #173

Nobody. Yet why should WE necessarily be forced to atone collectively for heinous crimes which however I personally did not commit??
Conversely, why hold every single bloody German gentile born post-'45 responsible for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers?!

26 Sep 2022  #174

but army officer James Hewitt is said to be Prince Harry's father.

Only by the inane who have so little in their own lives that they peer pruriently into the lives of people they will never meet.

Jim does

You don't.

Harry Hewitt

Lucille's father who married Concepta? Didn't they move to Ireland?

26 Sep 2022  #175

So now he's advocating child murder. Interesting.

American women and their "health care" providers murdered 50,000,000 since 1973 so what's the big deal about another thousand...We can call it post-birth abortion.


...the "democracy" loving world...Royals and democracy are as compatible as square pegs...
BTW, is there anything she said or did that's worth mentioning? If so, don't be shy...No generalities and banalities, please.

26 Sep 2022  #176

necessarily be forced to atone

Are you?

Is that why am old restaurant has closed?

murdered 50,000,000

Enjoy life each day!

BTW, is there


26 Sep 2022  #177

The thread has deviated some, yet Joker originally was riding yours truly for being too much of a Libitard, when in fact I was blaming the US-Democratic party for the excesses in crime in Bkly'n among other places.

johnny reb
26 Sep 2022  #178


joun, we all know that you are the owner of this forum

26 Sep 2022  #179

is there anything she said or did that's worth mentioning?

No, Novi. She was a total zero. Never did or said anything that her minders didn't tell her to. A robot may sometimes escape and act out on its own until the batteries run empty but a queen - because she is just a paid actress - is supposed to keep her mouth shut until told otherwise and given a pre-approved text to read in her royal voice.

BTW, joun, I wonder what she thought about the invasion by the smelly illegal scum and her servants aiding and abetting this calamity? Did she have an opinion on this subject? If so, where and when did she let her "subjects" know what it was?

26 Sep 2022  #180

That's what happens in sh*itholes like the UK

You have zero knowledge of the real UK, so stop making a fool of yourself.

"Charles is not Harry's father

OMG, another nutcase American conspiracy theorist!
Just what the world needs now, Yanks with no brains that watch, listen and read propagandist conspiracy theories..... LOL!!!

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