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13 Feb 2023  #4,021

Russia is to the EU and Western world as Palestine is to Israel. Accurate? Not a measure of right or wrong, just a measure of distrust and dislike. Just as the jews will $hit on Palestinians, the West will $hit on Russia. And this will not end until Russia changes its tsarist fantasies of having a sphere of influence. The entire mental makeup of Russians is pitiful and embarrassing. That said, you are still the world leader in dying! Happy gulag you dumb SOB's!

13 Feb 2023  #4,022

Nice! This is some new Polish history that I am not familiar with.

No sh1t lol They didn't teach about such stuff at school in RuSSia, huh?

And that's the problem. Due to that lack of education RuSSians don't understand their neighbours. They think we're some kind of crazy, rabid Russophobes. They don't understand our actions and worries. And so, it's easy to set ordinary RuSSians against the neighbouring countries by their "peace-loving" rulers :)))

I also read we poured billions into reconstructing Poland

Really? How's that possible if even Warsaw was reconstructed thanks to... donations given by ordinary citizens from all over Poland:


And in order to reconstruct Warsaw bricks from old buildings from other cities were being taken away.

We took from it, its economically backwards East,

You took much more than that:


You also took away our people as slave labour, you murdered our patriots and enslaved our country for half a century.

Noone asked you to "give" us anything. We just wanted you to leave us alone :(((

13 Feb 2023  #4,023

Who really did get most of their factories stripped, and most of their women raped, was the Germans

Definitely not true in my region. Germans closed the town for a day after which all was back to business. Russians burned it and destroyed it.

13 Feb 2023  #4,024

Russians burned it and destroyed it.

Oh those Russians! What're you gonna do about them? I'm starting to think Novichok has a good point: we should've stopped after we finished liberating the territory of the USSR. Who could blame us, really, if we did stop? By that point we already lost 20M+ people, and our country was largely in ruins. We were exhausted as a people and as a nation. I'm sure Hitler, by that point, would have seen the light and managed some kind of working accommodation with us. The Americans and the Brits would at some point save you anyway - if not in 1945, then maybe in 1948 or 1950 - doesn't matter. You wouldn't have to suffer for another 40 years or Communism, and would probably be as wealthy or even wealthier than Luxembourg at this moment.

Also Lenka, I was saying that we DID rape many German women, and we DID strip many German factories and relocated them to the USSR. I was simply commenting that the Germans are strangely quiet about these "excesses", while Poland is not.

13 Feb 2023  #4,025

Germans are strangely quiet about these "excesses", while Poland is not.

Germans have the odium of starting the war. Poles don't

13 Feb 2023  #4,026

Poles don't

Yes, Poles have the inalienable right to b!tch about every single thing under the sun. It's what makes you Poles. Also, living together with the Ukrainians, I think you taught them this trait.

I was thinking recently - what if all the things that are popularly stereotyped to Jews, in the West, are actually not Jewish characteristics but Slavic or Eastern European ones. After all, we do know that most of the Jews in the United States come from the territories of former Poland and Ukraine. Because Jews are much more visible than Poles or Ukrainians, people simply assume that complaining about everything and being a miser about money is a Jewish trait. What if, it was the Poles and Ukrainians all along that had made the Jews the way they are? These things I think about... as I sit on my balcony and drink a barely warm coffee.

13 Feb 2023  #4,027

because it's so butt hurt they don't want to be your friends anymore

In Russia we say, "don't have a hundred rubles, have a hundred friends". What is life, without friends?

We don't choose our families, but we DO choose our friends. Why be surprised then, when the betrayal of a friend stings ten times more than the betrayal of your brother?

13 Feb 2023  #4,028

@Bobko, first of all, noone asked you to "liberate" Poland. Poles were so "happy" about the Soviets coming that they started the Warsaw Uprising in order to liberate the capital, before the Soviets did, so the Soviet Union wouldn't take control over Poland. We would prefer to be liberated by the Americans and the British, as you can imagine...

And it's not like Stalin decided to "liberate" Poland out of goodness of his heart lol

I understand where this bitterness and complaints are coming from the RuSSian side. You were fed this myth of brave Soviet soldiers liberating Slavic brotherly nation and all that. When I was a kid I was also watching communist TV series like "Czterej pancerni i pies". Only later, at school, I've learned the real history. And that was a shock for me. In my naivety and ignorance I thought then: "How could they?? We were ALLIES!! We fought together against the Nazis! HOW COULD THEY???"

So it was both a shock and a feeling of betrayal of a kid watching "Czterej pancerni i pies"... lol :/

Oh those Russians! What're you gonna do about them?

And here's the problem with you, RuSSians. You're not taking this seriously. You don't give a sh1t.

while Poland is not.

Can you blame us?? o_O

Did you read that article I linked to?

In Toruń the Soviets filled 46 train wagons with equipment from local mills and as result there was... a shortage of bread in the city. WTF??? WTF, BOBKO???

13 Feb 2023  #4,029


OMG Paulina, you will raise a dead man from the grave...

WTF? I will tell you WTF - every single military in the history of this lovely planet of ours has looted and raped. Yes! Even your angelic Americans and Brits rape and loot. If you are talking about Soviet soldiers in 1945 - brutalized by a World War, a Civil War, famine, collectivization, and repression - going wild in Europe, you will not hear any denials from me. This happened, and it could not have happened any other way. War is hell - if you cannot understand that, I don't know how to explain it to you. It's the ugliest thing we invented, and once you let the dogs loose it's silly to cry over the broken porcelain.

Regarding me not being serious, and everything being a joke... Believe me, this is the bitterest joke then. I just don't want to be weepy, complainy Bobko)

13 Feb 2023  #4,030

Don't need to be a weepy, complainy Bobko. Poles, Ukrainian and Jewish complaining is reserved for God to hear as it's been taught to do.

I just hope that one day, a Russian soldier will earn back his respect he had as opponents of Napoleon and the enemies of the German Empire& Austrian Empires who endlaved and occupied their Slavic subjects.

Nowadays, there is very little Christian behaviour from them. And doubtful priorities by soldiers and officers alike, how are your soldiers of old looking down upon pillagers of so called brethren? Many throw away principles, rules and decency during love and warfare. Have the Russians always belonged to that? Cause I have a hard time imagining it being true for those fighting at 1410 and those fighting in 1914-1917

There are shining light to be picked up and shown around, just need to clean away all the piles of charcoal being in the way of it and not call it untouchable diamonds

13 Feb 2023  #4,031

was done to us by your country and your people, especially considering that you apparently don't even realise what was done.

Yes. Mexico should stop sucking on America's teet, grow a goddamn spine, and begin reminding American leadership that a large part of the United States is land illegally annexed from Mexico in a war that merits no moral justification. Mexico should make it a priority of its foreign policy to remind America of the need to respect its people and historical narrative, instead of calling them rapists and criminals that are trying to hop the border.

Why does Mexico's elite not do this? Maybe because they understand that this would risk the factories that Ford, GM, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble etc opened there. They understand it would threaten the free movement of labor and capital, and thus probably erase the achievements of NAFTA. Mexicans understand that history is history. They don't try to be America's best friends, preferring alliances with other Socialist-leaning governments in Brazil and Bolivia, but they also don't try to stick a needle in America's eye at every opportunity. Mexicans seem to understand the laws of physics and what is good for them economically.

What is Poland's situation? It is not like Mexico's. Because America is far, Poland never had to experience America's ugly side. At the same time, Russia maybe close, but it is poor, and cannot offer the same amount of money the massive EU can muster. It seems like irritating Russia is in fact a risk free policy, unlike in Mexico's case vis a vis the United States. In fact, you may even get a reward from America for being a good doggie if you come up with an especially creative insult for Russians. Does this mean this is a good long term policy for Poland? I hope the answer is "NO".

13 Feb 2023  #4,032

every single military in the history of this lovely planet of ours has looted and raped. Yes!

No, no, no, I'm not talking about ordinary Soviet soldiers looting houses, etc. right now.

I'm talking about a systemic, state-organised looting of Poland on industrial scale done by the Soviet Union as described in this article:


Were you taught about this at school?

OMG Paulina, you will raise a dead man from the grave...

I AM trying to raise your heart and brain from the dead (if you ever had any, that is).

I just don't want to be weepy, complainy Bobko)

Why? It would be nice to see a RuSSian behaving like a human being for a change. Only honest conversation can bring people and nations together.

13 Feb 2023  #4,033

Were you taught about this at school?

I was not taught this, as I expect most Brits are not taught about their suppression of the Mau Mau Uprising or their role in engineering the famine in Bengal. I did read about it later in life.

It's not as systemic as you claim. It did not go without consequences. After the war, Zhukov was essentially a living God. However, when it came to the surface how much he stole on his own personal account all across Europe he was embarrassed publicly, made to apologize, and his career met an ignominious end. If we were embarrassed enough by the looting to discipline the Marshall who brought us victory, then we cannot be as criminal as you make us out to be.

13 Feb 2023  #4,034

I was not taught this

And that's why RuSSia has problems with most of it's European neighbours. The UK isn't neighbouring Kenya or Bengal.

then we cannot be as criminal as you make us out to be.

The Soviet Union murdered thousands of our citizens, POWs, shooting them in the head and buring them in the forest in 1940... and then they lied that Nazis did it... and that's just part of the repressions and crimes... So WTF are you talking about... The Soviet Union was as criminal as a totalitarian state could get... Jesus...

Btw, don't think/say/write "we". This isn't helping, I think. You and today's RuSSians didn't loot Polish homes and didn't kill Polish POWs in Katyń. You didn't fight the Nazis either. So chill. It's neither your fault nor your accomplishments.

Today's RuSSians are however invading Ukraine, they are killing, raping, destroying and looting there. And you support this invasion. So you are responsible for what your country is doing today.

13 Feb 2023  #4,035

Russia maybe close, but it is poor, and cannot offer the same amount of money the massive EU can muster.

I see you don't understand... :( It's not about money.

irritating Russia (...) come up with an especially creative insult for Russians

You don't understand.

It's not about "irritating" RuSSia or "insulting" it. It's not about money or being "America's good doggie".

You are very ignorant, Bobko. Very prejudiced. And unwilling to learn (maybe too arrogant for that). If you and other RuSSians bothered to learn something and understand your neighbours... we wouldn't be where we are now :(

Why does Mexico's elite not do this?

Because it doesn't look like the US is going to invade Mexico?

13 Feb 2023  #4,036

You are very ignorant, Bobko. Very prejudiced. And unwilling to learn

If you and other RuSSians bothered to learn something and understand your neighbours... we wouldn't be where we are now :(

Great post Paulina!

13 Feb 2023  #4,037

Posted in Random

The entire mental makeup of Russians is pitiful and embarrassing.

It's a transactional society where a son is worth less than a Lada.

There's a kind of racism from white Europeans and Americans too. Because they resemble us more than they resemble darker people from the global south, we assume they have the same or similar views about education, culture, democracy and human worth. They don't. And much of the rural parts of the country have a standard of living that people in Western Europe simply wouldn't recognise; as if it's stuck in the pre-industrial age. Worse than that even, since in the UK at least, eighteenth century villages generally had a better quality of life and a better quality of housing.

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