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johnny reb
23 Oct 2022  #31

a dog turd on the bottom of someone's shoe, nobody understands why you are there in the first place

Because you stepped in dog sht again, stupid. Duh !

that's spot on

Awe come on P, don't deflect from our debate with such an elementary remark.
Woman up and admit you were wrong again.
Do you really wonder why Polish women are no real catch.

, the turd needs his Ass wiped from time to time.

So now you are admitting to being an ass wipe too ? LOL

23 Oct 2022  #32

Because you stepped in dog sht again

Nah, I stepped on you, which is much more disgusting.

Do you really wonder why Polish women are no real catch

Again,you show your distaste or hatred of Poles and yet claim to be part Polish.
You are just a Pole hating American troll.

Time for your nap drunkard.

johnny reb
23 Oct 2022  #33

Nah, I stepped on you,

And then your alarm clock went off and you woke from your dream after you peed your bed again.

yet claim to be part Polish.

Nope, 100% British, can't you tell by how dumb I am being by debating you.

You are just a Pole hating American troll.

Maybe you should pick on someone a little smaller to your size the next time you want to fight so you don't keep getting your nose bloodied. :-)

Now go to your wet bed.

23 Oct 2022  #34

From RT.com:

RT suspends host after 'disgusting' remarks about Ukrainian children
Anton Krasovsky has called for the "drowning" of Ukrainian children, a statement condemned by the broadcaster's editor-in-chief on behalf of the team

That's what decent people do. Scum gloats about "Orcs" getting fried and being used as fertilizer.

And some readers' comments:

That's actually tame compared to what Ukrainian officials have called for to happen. Including the murder of Russian-speaking children/women/citizens/etc.

1 million Iraqi children suffered a slower death due to depleted uranium.

They also used white phosphorus in Iraq which is a war crime under UN guidelines

Aren't Western "democracies" fun?

24 Oct 2022  #35


Bottom line: The US and the EU sacrificed Ukraine to weaken Russia.

That was and still is the main objective.

24 Oct 2022  #36

That was and still is the main objective.

The Democrats love endless wars to feed the industrial military complex and the US taxpayer flips the bill of course.

24 Oct 2022  #37

..and the Euromorons call it "we".

cms neuf
24 Oct 2022  #38

The main objective is to stop murderers and drunk rapists from getting into Central Europe again and threatening the free world

24 Oct 2022  #39

Yesterday, I went to a memorial service to deliver a eulogy. There were about fifty people in the room. Only one had a mask.
For $100, what was the gender of that only idiot, and which continent was she from?

24 Oct 2022  #40

On a positive note an Orc pilot was liquidated without pulling a trigger.

On a positive note, 22,000 poles were liquidated without a fight - reported the NKVD officer in charge of the operation.

24 Oct 2022  #41

@Novichok; for $100
Maybe she had chemotherapie and needed a mask?...

24 Oct 2022  #42

@Novichok; 22,000 Poles/ without a fight.....
It is not true, most of them have defeated the russians in the war 1920/21. It was just revenge for that.

24 Oct 2022  #43

Or maybe that she is a typical oriental broad trained to be ever obedient to the man.
There is a general rule that if you are the only one, you are the village idiot.
In this case, if you have cancer, stay home.
BTW, I wonder how many oriental women wear masks at home even if alone.

24 Oct 2022  #44

None, because what for?

24 Oct 2022  #45

For the same idiotic reason why some mask up when driving alone.

24 Oct 2022  #46

These are bank robbers.

24 Oct 2022  #47

Maybe not a bank but certainly robbers of feeling normal again. But, as a reward for this crap, nature is not kind to cleanliness and safety at all costs freaks.

It wasn't an existential question for Russia at all to any rational observer...

The moron per square meter density is not going down.

24 Oct 2022  #48

Oh, what a difference between Western presstitutes and RT. From Yahoo,com:

Ukraine Accuses RT of Inciting Genocide After Presenter Calls to Drown Children

What the Yahoo who*res did not mention was that RT got *****ed and suspended the guy.

24 Oct 2022  #49

I saw that girl in a club in Krakow during a bachelor party. Real "intelligent". LMFAO She said she did videos but YouTube is not where they are posted. Good stuff0 for the retarded followers.

I have an existential fear that Russia will invade Poland. Therefore, I am justified to just put a bullet in the head of the next Russian I come across in Poland under your's and other morons thinking here.

24 Oct 2022  #50

Thank you. And you have the same right on the South Side should you travel there. Locked and loaded.

24 Oct 2022  #51

I said "justification", not "right" but I know what you mean.

24 Oct 2022  #52


Novi, welcome back after you pledged you were out of here. I knew you were only joking. :):):) Good. We need everybody.

cms neuf
24 Oct 2022  #53

Oh I don't doubt you Russians like rims

24 Oct 2022  #54

Real men have "rims".

Ha, now I recall that Strzelec dreamt of rims. You could spare him a few ones to make him happy. :):):)

24 Oct 2022  #55

@pawian; Strzelec....rims...
By the time they release him, they will be out of fashion.

Bratwurst Boy
24 Oct 2022  #56

Ill take the USA over Europe any day :)

Why? Is the difference between Sunak and Obama that big (besides political leanings that is)?

24 Oct 2022  #57

@pawian; Strzelec....rims...

Novi still can visit him and do a few rims..... as a real man that he boasted about. hahahaha

25 Oct 2022  #58

Memo to all: This is a war zone. The war is between the leftists and the patriots. Therefore, always assume that what I post is misinformation.

This will hopefully put a stop to the posts like the one above.

25 Oct 2022  #59

He is a Muslim.

Hes a Hindu like Cargo. I like the Indians theyre nice ppl, but muzzies are a different story.

Quite obvious coz you like living among other ignoramussess like you.

I live quite comfortably and in a nicer place than anything Ive seen in Poland:) Haha

Why? Is the difference between Sunak and Obama

Barak Hussein? He was no good at all, same as Crooked Hilary.

25 Oct 2022  #60

Memo to all:

Thanks, I got it.

the patriots.

You deem yourself a patriot??? Are you crazy???? You constantly prove a Soviet and Putain`s whorre, not a patriot. Stalin is long dead but if you could get closer to Putain, you would do your favourite real man rims for him.

This is a war zone.

Yes, darling, you are a true forum warrior, except moments when you cry out loud: Leave Me Alone!!! hahahahaha

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