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Random Chat 2

johnny reb
26 Oct 2022  #91

Whoe, what a melt down !
Did I hit your little nut nerve, ass hole ? LMMFAO !

26 Oct 2022  #92

amount of warnings Novi has for sparring with you and Pawian.

Not true. Novi gets warnings when I am still at work and don`t participate here.. Ha!!!

Whoe, what a melt down !

Yes, I produced it on purpose to please you so that you can mention "meltdown" coz I remember it is one of your fave words. Are you pleased enough??? hahahaha

johnny reb
26 Oct 2022  #93

Are you pleased enough?

Yes, I enjoy it to no end to give teachers blooding noses that are out of line and deserve it.
Now straighten up and start listening to us White Trash you smelly old Black Slave lover before I give you another one. Hoot !

26 Oct 2022  #94

noses that are out of line and deserve it.

Noses are out of line and deserve it???? What do you mean????

26 Oct 2022  #95

Now straighten up

I refuse to straighten up. I am naturally bent due to age and it can`t be reversed. Stop this awful cruelty to animals or I will report you to RSPCA.

26 Oct 2022  #96

I wonder if this a-hole got laid off...

26 Oct 2022  #97

got laid off...

Would you like to do this service to and for him???? :):):):) I thought you are focused on doing rims for Strzelec ............

26 Oct 2022  #98

WE WILL RESPOND to it even if it means getting a warning.

Because enough is ENOUGH! You are so right! High time to stand up and fight for your white trash rights in the forum!!!

26 Oct 2022  #99

Every time I promise not to call anyone a moron, something like this happens...From dailymail.com:

Son who stabbed to death drunk intruder who smashed his way into family home and attacked the 17-year-old in his bedroom is jailed for 3½ years in Ireland

Dean Kerrie, 21, was entitled to defend himself, the judge found - but he said that the use of force was excessive.

Clearly, the young man forgot two things: to interview the mfer to find out his intentions and that he lives in a moron country aka Ireland.

26 Oct 2022  #100

in a moron country aka Ireland.

Provoking Atch for more attention, Mr Attention Sicker???? You are really sick if my attention for you isn`t enough.

26 Oct 2022  #101

Go look at the amount of warnings Novi has for sparring with you and Pawian.

According to info on Novichok's profile majority of his warnings are for off topic posts and he has only one warning for abuse. So what does it have to do with me or pawian? From what I've noticed his comments are moved to Random if he rants too much about Iraq, Vietnam and history in the thread about RuSSian invasion of Ukraine, for example. We don't force him to write such posts - it's his choice.

26 Oct 2022  #102

it's his choice.

Exactly - he stubbornly chooses Hell !! And then there will be weeping and gnashing of his teeth, but it will be too late!! HA!

26 Oct 2022  #103

In a sane country - aka "America" - you break into my house, you die because I don't know if you are armed and I am not going to ask because you may be lying.

BTW, I do have to confess that the number of idiots here is actually higher than I expected...It goes to show that one can be educated and a moron at the same time - in other words a typical Pole full of metaphors and himself.

26 Oct 2022  #104

Like I am going to evaporate so Ukrainians will be happier...You can't make this sh*it up...No wonder NKVD had no use for them with that mentality.

johnny reb
27 Oct 2022  #105

According to info on Novichok's profile majority of his warnings are for off topic posts

Yes, he is responding to your Trolling and Baiting that I report you two for that you never get warnings for.
Then when Novi responds to your snide Off-Topic remarks and makes you two look like the fools that you are, Novi gets a warning for being Off-Topic.

Same old game over and over again.
Makes it hard for us Yanks to be in a fair fight when OUR HANDS are tied behind our backs.
And when we do start a thread that starts making you look like Polish fools the same old thing happens as in, "Discussion Closed". lol

Now ask my again why I no longer contribute anything or take this pierogi stand seriously.

27 Oct 2022  #106

Now I know for sure why I can't ever be a woman. Quoting dailymail.com:

'I don't hate my daughter's killer - I just want to know how she died': The astonishingly magnanimous mother of student Libby Squire, 21, tells how she is preparing to meet the stranger who murdered her - and even praises HIS bravery for agreeing to talk

Only a stupid broad without a heart and spine can say something like this. I would, if only in my dreams, want to slowly slice that Polish pos into smaller pieces and watch him die a slow and painful death.

cms neuf
27 Oct 2022  #107

LOL - the Ukies don't need untrained overweight has beens like me. They are a professional army

If there is an "armchair general" then it is Rich - even worse he gets paid for his trolling while honest Russian kids have to buy their own helmets and first aid

johnny reb
27 Oct 2022  #108

Knock that crap off.

Novi, Pawian started this forum (the owner of it) to indoctrinate the youth of Europe on Marxism.
He and a handful of Libtard teachers were the first members and nobody dare challenged them without getting ganged up on and attacked until they ran them out of here.

We called them the Limey Lounge and later to be known as the British Bullies spreading their liberal Marxist propaganda.
Then I showed up and they started in on the wrong person as I didn't leave.
Then the Yanks started showing up one by one and calling the Libtards out on their toxic and immoral views.
The libtard teachers started falling one by one by being shamed by the conservative Yanks.
Pawian has lied, cheated and manipulated every way possible to get rid of his opposition.
You have shattered his Village Idiot act, demolished his liberal lies, and destroyed his agenda.
And I just wanted to thank you for helping me do that.
This is why no old person would want to return to Poland in their old age because what the youth have been brainwashed with as the new norm.

Poland is rotting within just like every other country of the world because of this Satanic Marxism that is being instilled in our youth by these toxic teachers.

johnny reb
27 Oct 2022  #109

Including promised aid so it doesn`t count.

No need for you for you to have an inferiority complex because of guilt.

don't need untrained overweight has beens like me.

Or loud mouthed pisswilly's who have never served mocking death by either side.

27 Oct 2022  #110

You, Poles, with your Warsaw Uprising

Darling, it is you who mention WU all the time, not us. Ha!

No need for you for you

Stop stuttering. This is only a forum. Ha!

27 Oct 2022  #111

the youth of Europe

Are you crazy?? Only Europe??? This forum reaches globally. I also meant Asia with Mongolia etc.

Poland is a democracy

Which is slowly crumbling under PiS.

27 Oct 2022  #112

"Discussion Closed".

Darling, when did it last happen???

27 Oct 2022  #113

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27 Oct 2022  #114

Darling, it is you who mention WU all the time, not us. Ha!

Pawian, why has that idiot clown Novi-cock become your "darling"? No more better "darlings" on the forum for you?

Cargo pants
27 Oct 2022  #115

lololol also the camels and hindus:))Micky Dees will have Ronald Mcdonald joker with a devil horns now in the shi.tty uk:)))

Cargo pants
27 Oct 2022  #116

better "darlings" on the forum

LOLOL WHO?a lesbo,a nanny/house cleaner or a chronic spinster?He I guess is the best bet lololololol

27 Oct 2022  #117

I've been banned or suspended (they don't even tell me why I can't post or message) from an English forum for knowing what woman is and telling an idiot they're an idiot.

27 Oct 2022  #118

telling an idiot they're an idiot

Which idiot do you have in mind? There are many of them on the forum ...

Do they perform stage ballet in St. Petresburg?

27 Oct 2022  #119

Looks like Germany

Is good at one thing - bragging what great deeds they do and who great they are.
So far for the last six month Germany was saying what they will send to Ukrianien and how much they will help. Have the reality caught up with they promisess yet? Hard to tell.

What you say and what you do - two different things.

a stupid

you still talking? Who cares what you 'think'and what you have to say it is mostly ****** BS. Who told you you are someone that has anything to say? You are like pawian - dumb F that doesn't know that is what you really are.


Wow satan's perverting lie, how Satan can fight for desatanization?

27 Oct 2022  #120

Someone from Russia said that Putin prefers men. No wonder that Novi is on his side. LGBT together.

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