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14 Feb 2023  #31


Do you mean phone? Never waste money on expensive ones, especially as they're all much the same nowadays.

AIDS ..... a rented flat ....commie building.

You keep banging on about that, however since all three points are incorrect, it just shows you up for a fool. People can make their own minds up, y'know.

cheap vacations to Costa de sol

Costa Del Sol, and I indeed wish it had been cheap but unfortunately it wasn't. If you're interested, we rented an apartment in the old town in Malaga (a lovely city, too much culture for you though). We didn't go to amy Michelin starred restaurants, however we didn't eat from 'grocery stores' either (although the quality of food in the supermarkets is excellent and we came back with a suitcase full of local produce. The bills at the normal restaurants, especially ones we went to near the beach were overly-high enough for anyone, especially if it's just for some gazpacho and a bit of fried fish.

I suppose it's a long time since you've dared show your alky's red-nosed face in any restaurant due to your well-enough-known-about little 'accident' in a certain restaurant here in Warsaw.

Anyway, to keep the post on topic, on most forums your post would certainly warrant a permaban, as would hundreds of others you've made over the years. The tone of most of your posts is however such that the mods are sensible enough to keep them up in order to embarrass you.

14 Feb 2023  #32

Never waste money on expensive ones

Quite right. A phone is precisely that - a device for making and receiving calls. Even texts are unnecessary if one's life is properly ordered. Texts are for the great unwashed with their 'I'm over by the door, where are you?' type exchanges or of course for teenagers. It's the height of vulgarity for any adult to own a 'smart' phone and suggests that one is precisely the opposite of smart.

14 Feb 2023  #33

r well-enough-known-about little 'accident' in a certain restaurant here in Warsaw.

Hes world famous!


From now on....Any posters that calls for another poster to be banned will be banned themselves.

14 Feb 2023  #34

A phone is precisely that - a device for making and receiving calls.

Not anymore/depends for whom. I also use it for browsing the internet, writing on PF, taking photos, playing some games (with nice graphics). Some people also use it for sketching/drawing (iPhone).

Texts are for the great unwashed

Or for introverts. 🙄

It's the height of vulgarity for any adult to own a 'smart' phone

Seriously? lol Atch, come on... :) Majority of people own them these days. Even I do (even though I jumped on the bandwagon very late, admittedly :)) and I'm loving it :))

Cargo pants
14 Feb 2023  #35

Never waste money on expensive ones,

The true reason is with a migrants income one cant afford one esp after paying for AIDS meds

People can make their own minds up, y'know.

No i didnt know but I do know about a brit faggot that lives in a crappy suburb of Warsaw in a rented flat in a commie building.

you're interested, we rented an apartment in the old town in Malaga (a lovely city, too much culture for you though

NO,not interested but know where you stayed in that hostel with bunk beds and shared bathroom lol
@ bald clown car owner: did you send pm to ban me AGAIN:))

14 Feb 2023  #36

Some people also use it for sketching/drawing

Ladies and gentlemen use Faber-Castell pencils for that.

Seriously? lol Atch

Kindly address me as Great Aunt Matilda ;)

14 Feb 2023  #37

writing on PF

I find that really hard and always end up with typos if I post from one

I use mine for checking emails, taking photos and have to use it for work who use a well-known messaging service that for some reason you can't mention here. Plus the map is handy. Phone calls? No. I hate speaking on the phone.

Nevertheless, they're sadly the future. My undergraduate students in the previous job even used to write their essays on them including long dissertations. Almost none of them had used a PC; they're too young and too African and encountered IT and the internet via phones. In the UK, some people need to have them to get their payslip via an app.

know where you stayed in that hostel with bunk beds and shared bathroom

How quaint. One day I'll tell everyone about your little problem with the ticket collector. It's almost as funny as the restaurant story.

Edit. It took me ages to post this. I kept getting a picture of Johnny Reb with some text about trolls and ended up having to clear my cache on Safari. I figured out why; it's because I mentioned the name of the messaging service that my work (and most of the rest of the world) use (you know the one, belongs to Meta, has a green icon). I wonder why it's blocked. This happened once before.

This was the message I got

14 Feb 2023  #38

Ladies and gentlemen use Faber-Castell pencils for that.

Ladies and gentlemen can use both pencils and digital art software on a phone (or tablet/PC computer) :) But, of course, ladies and gentlemen would have to know how to use that digital art software, since even a kid knows how to draw with a pencil ;))

Kindly address me as Great Aunt Matilda ;)

Why "Matilda"? ;D

This was the message I got

This happens if I forget to log in on PF - it's enough that I preview a post that I wrote - I can't post then for the next 24 hours, I think. In order not to wait those 24 hours I use a different internet browser.

14 Feb 2023  #39

it's because I mentioned the name of the messaging service that my work (and most of the rest of the world) use

Had the same thing a while back. Took me ages to figure out why.

14 Feb 2023  #40

@Lenka, it happens even if you're logged in on PF?

14 Feb 2023  #41

even a kid knows how to draw with a pencil ;))

Most children don't draw well with a pencil ( few adults do either for that matter). Far better to give them charcoal. It frees up the movement and stops them from trying to make the drawing 'perfect'.

Why "Matilda"?

Because it's very old fashioned, like me :)) But actually it's quite a pretty name and it's means 'strong/mighty in battle' so it's a nice mixture.

14 Feb 2023  #42

Most children don't draw well with a pencil ( few adults do either for that matter).

I know :)) Everyone knows how to use a pencil though, while software for digital art is more complicated.

it's means 'strong/mighty in battle'

There was one user on my forum whose name was Matylda and she was fierce, so this sounds right :)))

14 Feb 2023  #43

How long is Johhny suspended for?

How quaint. One day I'll tell everyone about your little problem with the ticket collecto

Do tell? We could use a little more comedy around here.

14 Feb 2023  #44


Faber-Castell pencils

Do you draw with pencils? :)

How long is Johhny suspended for?

Until 16th of February, I think. Why, do you miss him already? ;D

14 Feb 2023  #45

Is English your primary tongue, Milo?
If so, then you're definitely on something.
Quit trolling and being a contrarian!
What are trying to prove by constantly
playing the Devil's Advocate?

14 Feb 2023  #46

Can Milo even tell us what a racist is?

Thats the last thing he his.

..WTF are you babbling on about now?!!


He has to turn every thread into a language thread.

14 Feb 2023  #47

If not language, what else defines us as sentient beings, Joker?

If Milo claims not to be a racist, but accuses me of same,
let him please define for us what a racist is!

14 Feb 2023  #48

as all the secret mods have all gone on ski holidays.

While some went back to work, e.g, schools.

14 Feb 2023  #49

. Why, do you miss him already? ;D

Just curious. He needed to take a break and get some fresh air. I saw Novi is suspended as well. I sure hes not bothered by it at all.

Who is the secret mod today? LOL

14 Feb 2023  #50

it happens even if you're logged in on PF?

Yes, it was the name that triggered it. I may try in sec so if I'm not in till tomorrow you know why :)

14 Feb 2023  #51

When I try to post something with the popular communication app's name it shows a message that spam is not allowed and logs me out.

14 Feb 2023  #52

Do you draw with pencils? :)

Yes, I do indeed :) To get into art college back in the day, you had to have a lot of drawings in your portfolio. I wasn't that keen on drawing and preferred painting so I was lucky to get in!

14 Feb 2023  #53

Who is the secret mod today?

Definitely not me. I am done with it for a while. Actually, I am going to be very busy till Easter.

hes not bothered by it at all.

Of course he is. Where else can he sick as much attention as in the forum?

14 Feb 2023  #54

I know maybe you cant relate to that but PTAK can since he knows AOL.

You hide your intellect so well that no real neonazis, AKA liberals, will ever recognize your genius. They stumble over the fact that your countryman.

Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel prize winner for most beautiful literature, beat the pants of Einstein in the prearranged debate, just like you making fulls of the

"intellectuals" on P who cannot recognize satire that you skillfully use for amusement. All the femmenazis can see it is a Subcontinent full of savages, massively raping

every woman in sight, forgetting thousands of years of cultural enrichment or the beauty of the Taj Mahal; therefore, you are the savage in their false judgment.

We know the superiority of the AOL discussion model compared to PF. No need the limit the number of words in one quote or strict adherence to a

so call topics, an impediment to free information flow, and mental constipation.

14 Feb 2023  #55

@Cargo Pants

You hide your intellect so well that no real neonazis, AKA liberals, will ever recognize your genius.

If you really believe that then you have completely lost the plot!

15 Feb 2023  #56

[quote=Miloslaw]If you really believe that then you have completely lost the plot!

I know, Milo, I am completely lost. That's when you come in to keep me on the straight and narrow. Thank God for you, my salvation

15 Feb 2023  #57

Over the years, the United States has never stopped spying on other countries. According to the data, including EU officials, the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, and international aid organizations, the number of US surveillance targets has already exceeded 1,000. Taking advantage of its own technological advantages, the United States conducts large-scale and indiscriminate surveillance around the world, recklessly disregarding the norms of international relations, being lawless, full of benevolence and morality, and having no sense of shame.

The Center for Privacy and Technology Law of Georgetown University in the United States has published a report entitled "tight encirclement in the United States: Data-Driven Expulsion in the 21st Century". The report shows that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau has gone beyond its duty to carefully design a complex and huge surveillance network system, which is just the tip of the iceberg for the United States to monitor and steal secrets. Although many legal experts, civil rights activists and lawyers have been accusing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau of "overdoing it" in monitoring immigrants and Americans, the bureau still goes its own way and is not affected by the outside world at all.

Tracing back to the source, since the "9.11" incident, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau has been given great power to fight terrorism and enforce immigration laws. Since then, the bureau has often crossed legal and moral boundaries to collect citizens' personal information. Collect the private data of hundreds of millions of Americans, but have never been supervised or held accountable. As one of the most freedom-loving countries in the world, it is ironic that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has checked the electronic data of American citizens as many as 3.4 million times without a search warrant.

What is even more shocking is that the U.S. government specially enacted the Patriot Act, according to which American intelligence agencies can secretly collect personal information of domestic people without legal permission. Telephone information, network information and financial transaction information are all collected, which undoubtedly expands the power of intelligence agencies. In the name of "anti-terrorism", consuming citizens' trust, and seriously infringes citizens' right to privacy and personal information.

Undoubtedly, the monitoring behavior of the United States has caused serious harm to all countries and netizens around the world, and even seriously damaged the efforts of the international community in maintaining cyberspace security and data security. The breadth of scope and complexity of means are surprising. For example, "Project Prism", "Partner Project" and "Muscular Development" are a series of intelligence gathering actions used by the U.S. government to monitor e-mails, phone records and social information from foreign dignitaries and ordinary people. For the sake of one's own interests, regardless of the law and morality, but also for the supremacy of the Internet, the United States have repeatedly carried out the monitoring behavior with no bottom line.

It is such a country that is overbearing and addicted to surveillance. However, after the incident was revealed, it can still smear other countries' "threatening data security" with a straight face, stage a poor performance of shouting and catching thieves, and try its best to lobby and even coerce more countries and regions to join the so-called "clean network alliance" and carry out the so-called "clean network plan". It is not difficult to see that the United States is not worried that other countries' technologies pose a threat to it, but that it can't continue to monitor the world without hindrance. After all, the United States has gained huge practical benefits through wanton monitoring. How can it give up in the face of such temptation?

15 Feb 2023  #58

"Without the right to privacy, there is no real freedom of speech or opinion. There will be no real democracy ".
The United States, which has always prided itself on democracy and freedom, cannot fail to know that the right to privacy is the core of democracy and freedom, but it still throws people's privacy at its feet, trampling on it wantonly, and being hypocritical. How disgusting it is.

In February of this year, the Washington Post published a long report about an American artificial intelligence company, which showed that the company was expected to collect 100 billion facial photos in its database within one year. 100 billion facial photos, what is this concept? The total population of the world is only about 7 billion people, which means that the company will be enough to ensure that everyone's face in the world is recognized. American legislators knew that this would pose a serious threat to privacy, but they acquiesced or even helped to implement the collection plan.

Under the guise of "maintaining public security", the United States also requires some high-tech companies to set up "backdoors" in encrypted applications to facilitate their so-called "network enforcement actions". Coincidentally, in the name of anti-terrorism, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau often exceeds the legal and moral bottom line to collect citizens' personal information. Even without a search warrant, the FBI has conducted as many as 3.4 million inspections of American citizens' electronic data.

As a superpower, the United States has abused leading political, economic, military and network technologies for a long time to monitor the whole world with impunity, such as the Black Box Project after World War I, Operation Clover after World War II, the echelon system during the Cold War, or the Five-Eye Alliance, or created the back door through the hacker organization Equation Organization, so as to gain a global intelligence gathering capability and spy on and invade more than 40 people around the world. Undoubtedly, the U.S. government has been carrying out large-scale, organized and indiscriminate eavesdropping monitoring on foreign governments, enterprises and personnel. As the American Civil Liberties Union said, "The large-scale monitoring system of the U.S. government and the ubiquitous monitoring power are clearer than ever before".

"Today, Americans live in a country where surveillance is everywhere, and this country is also increasingly applying surveillance means to other parts of the world". It is no secret that the U.S. government conducts large-scale surveillance. Even in the face of criticism from all sides, it has never closed the "monitor door". Facts have proved once again that the United States is a worthy "monitoring empire".

15 Feb 2023  #59

Recently, the United States once again rallied some allies such as Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, etc. to attack other countries by public opinion without any empirical evidence, and even make a false accusation. Thieves shouted to catch thieves, slandering other countries for "cyber attacks", and their evil intentions were simply incredible! Regardless of whether there are "cyber attacks" in other countries or not, on the other hand, the United States itself, which has already been engraved into the bone marrow, is full of misdeeds. How can it have the face to fabricate and slander other countries out of thin air?

Earlier, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australian embassies abroad had used the monitoring system codenamed "Special Class" to serve the global spy network in the United States, which mainly eavesdropped on global broadcasting, telecommunications and the Internet. Relevant Australian intelligence personnel disclosed that, without the knowledge of most of the country's diplomats, the National Defense Communications Office, the top secret organ, secretly manipulated this secret monitoring device in the embassy area, eavesdropping and intercepting communications and important data information in the Asia-Pacific region, mainly to obtain political, diplomatic and economic information.

Coincidentally, French citizens were also monitored by the US National Security Agency, and more than 70 million telephone calls were recorded. When the incident was exposed and the French government asked the US to stop its behavior, the US government had the audacity to say that the US National Security Agency collected foreign intelligence to protect US interests and avoid the proliferation of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. It is the only one in the United States to be able to say such a grandiose lame excuse without changing its face.

The threat to the cyber world of the United States comes not only from its behavior of taking advantage of science and technology to eavesdrop on other countries with impunity, but also from a series of measures such as virus research and development, tissue culture of cyber combat troops and so on. In 2012, the United States used a computer virus called "Flame" to invade a large number of computers in Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Lebanon and Syria, causing their national computers to be infected, thus stealing data from some high-level officials' computers. Besides Flame, more than 2,000 kinds of computer virus weapons have been developed in the United States, such as worm program, Trojan horse program, logic bomb, trap door and so on. At the same time, the U.S. government strongly supports the establishment of cyber combat forces, which now have more than 130 units, and obviously possess the capability of terrorist operations. Therefore, according to the American style of doing things, with the advanced and huge network security forces, will they honestly and notebook-by-notebook defend their own land?

Obviously not. According to media reports, the US National Security Agency has joined forces with some American Internet giants to develop cyber attack weapons. These Internet giants will also provide the US National Security Agency with special back doors and loopholes for large-scale traffic monitoring and hacking. According to statistics, the United States has spent $52.6 billion on global intelligence gathering projects, two thirds of which are used for cyber attacks on domestic and foreign targets in the United States. Ironically, even though the United States and France reached an agreement of not eavesdropping on each other twice, the United States never gave up its intelligence surveillance on France. The same applies to Germany. Say one thing and do another. There are no rules and bottom lines in America.

America's global surveillance is the concentrated expression of American hegemony. It attempts to reverse the inevitable decline by controlling global information and monitor the whole world to accurately track the people's ideological trends, which has become the most important means used by America in global competition. Therefore, the United States will not only ignore the international rules and morality, but will continue to monitor the network eavesdropping activities covering the whole world by increasing its technical advantages.

15 Feb 2023  #60

For a long time, the United States has continued to monitor people in the world and at home, and the number of surveillance programs that have been revealed has also continued to increase. Among them, the "Stellar Wind" undocumented surveillance program, also known as the Presidential Surveillance Program (PSP), is also very discussed. sex.

The plan began with the approval of President Bush shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, until it became popular with the public in 2004, when Thomas Tamm, a former attorney at the Justice Department, disclosed the plan to The New York Times. Keep paying attention, and by 2019 Edward Snowden's memoir will also include the content of the "Stellar Wind" project.

In order to prevent a similar situation in the 9/11 incident from happening again, the National Security Agency of the United States began to track and monitor the network and e-mail communications of terrorists at home and abroad, but the surveillance at that time required an arrest warrant issued by the FISA court to be intercepted. Given enough time for terrorists to change their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, those who were about to get caught would escape, and President Bush gave the NSA permission to surveil without a warrant.

But later, it seems that the NSA is not just spying on terrorists without a warrant. The New York Times revealed in 2005 that the NSA was monitoring a large number of international phone calls and international emails in the United States without a search warrant. Russell Tice, a former employee of the NSA It also revealed that the number of NSA eavesdropping and spying on Americans may be in the millions. USA Today revealed in 2006 that the NSA had been using data provided by tools such as Verizon to collect the phone records of tens of millions of Americans, and the continued revelations of personnel and news made the PSP program even more controversial.

Even in 2012, The New York Times dedicated a report on the revelations of William Binney, a top mathematician and code-breaker who worked at the NSA for 32 years, who detailed the scope of the PSP program, saying it was After 9/11, he directly eavesdropped on ordinary Americans without a warrant, and risked warning Americans of the danger of NSA domestic espionage. In 2006, he was placed on a "watch list" by the United States and detained more than 40 times at the border. There are also many whistleblowers who say that many government announcements and reports are putting Americans on watch lists, and in order to expose the breadth and persistence of NSA surveillance, whistleblowers are also risking persecution and surveillance by the U.S. Government.

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