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2 Aug 2023  #2,491

Sure seems less than killing 1 million Iraqis looking for those imaginary WMDs.

johnny reb
2 Aug 2023  #2,492

I didn't want the real story of Al Gore

How does someone with less then $2 million turn it into over $300 million while being a Congressman ?
(Insider trading, kick backs, influence pedaling)
Kerry married into it and McCain was a traitor of the worst kind guilty of treason.

cms neuf
2 Aug 2023  #2,493

You forgot Vietnam - justifies all the fridge stealing and pooping in gardens

2 Aug 2023  #2,494

Quoting dnyuz.com/2023/08/02/ukrainian-troops-trained-by-the-west-stumble-in-battle/

The first several weeks of Ukraine's long-awaited counteroffensive have not been kind to the Ukrainian troops who were trained and armed by the United States and its allies.

Equipped with advanced American weapons and heralded as the vanguard of a major assault, the troops became bogged down in dense Russian minefields under constant fire from artillery and helicopter gunships. Units got lost. One unit delayed a nighttime attack until dawn, losing its advantage. Another fared so badly that commanders yanked it off the battlefield altogether.

So is Ukraine winning or losing? Can somebody here clear this up and define "winning"? What would have to happen to claim that Ukraine is winning?

Also this...Despite committing its best NATO-trained units, Kiev has made no significant gains, US officials have admitted

2 Aug 2023  #2,495

Despite committing its best NATO-trained units, Kiev has made no significant gains

Oh man... NATO, which in the 1980s had a 3 week plan of slowing the Russian advance to the English Channel, turns out to be not so good at fighting Russians? Surprise, surprise...

Last week we learned Germany had 20,000 artillery shells left in stock, or about half a day's worth of Russian usage. France had to take over in Storm Shadow/Scalp-EG supplies, after Britain exhausted its Storm Shadow supplies within two months.

All the posters on PF which keep laughing about Kiev in 3 days, and "Russia is a paper Tiger" - where are you?

2 Aug 2023  #2,496

Russia is a paper Tiger"

russia has nothing to do with the tiger, russia is rather a drunken bear. The one who enters foreign gardens, eats foreign honey, steals and destroys everything until they finally shoot him.

cms neuf
2 Aug 2023  #2,497

NATO is not fighting Udmurtia.

Ukraine is - and like the Finns, Japanese, Poles, Afghans, Chechens and any one else who could muster a few sober divisions they are making a good job of it

This war is a humiliation for Udmurtian weapons and tactics

Udmurtians only military success came when either using American equipment in WW2, fighting with sober allies or when bowling over tiny North Ossetia

2 Aug 2023  #2,498

the speed with which the post was rationalized away makes me think it's more significant than I'd originally thought...

That was my feeling too.

This is our business, indeed

It isn't. The Ukrainian economy (and Ukraine in general) has nothing to do with your country.

until Russia get EVERYTHING that was promised

As r*SSia is finding out, they are in no position to play hardball.

2 Aug 2023  #2,499

sign of russia becoming a death cult (#452 in an ongoing series)

russian orthodox priest tells soldiers they're not there to fight but to die as a sacrifice for god....


Somehow neither bobko, velund or novichok seem excited to follow suit.

funny how that works....

2 Aug 2023  #2,500

Hey, pawian, I really appreciate that you are not a spelling warrior like some of your countrymen here.

2 Aug 2023  #2,501

BTW, (North) Korean economy also nothing to do with your country

North Korea is an ugly, sad story - certainly. Worse, however, is how petty and vindictive they are towards Cuba.

They have been trying to starve those poor people into submission for 60 years, not thirty or forty like with the Koreans or Persians. Those same people in Washington D.C. still swear that sanctions work, and that the sanctions will one day cripple Russia as well.

All sanctions are good at, is spreading a visceral hate towards the West, deep within the bones of every citizen - whether liberally or conservatively minded. To the liberals, the blanket sanctions approach is an act of backstabbing, since it knocks the electoral foundation out from under their feet (they believe the West should provide more carrots, not just sticks). For conservatives, it proves that the West never liked us to begin with.

2 Aug 2023  #2,502

Worse, however, is how petty and vindictive they are towards Cuba.

They have been trying to starve those people into submission for 60 years,

What a great point...The US not liking a one-party system is beyond funny...
In the meantime, the US shipped all its consumer manufacturing to a single-party, totalitarian, communist China!!!!

2 Aug 2023  #2,503

What a great point..

Cuba got f*cked.

They kicked out Batista, a dictator that sold Cuba out to NYC and Las Vegas mobsters as a big bordello and casino, and tried to do something with Cuba that did not involve prostitution or attracting every type of trash that America produces.

America became so indignated with this insubordination, that in short order JFK authorized the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion. Then, when that didn't work, they decided to bring the world to the brink of Armageddon, just to kick the Russians out. After the Russians left, but Fidel still seemingly wouldn't close his mouth, they executed close to a dozen assassination attempts on him using exploding cigars and poisons.

What a lovely country America is.

2 Aug 2023  #2,504

Castro in some eyes was the lesser of two evils. This is not to say that both were very cruel.

2 Aug 2023  #2,505

Castro in some eyes was the lesser of two evils

A lesser evil than Batista? I would think so.

From Wikipedia:

When asked by the U.S. government to analyze Batista's Cuba, Arthur M. Slezinger Jr. said:

The corruption of the Government, the brutality of the police, the government's indifference to the needs of the people for education, medical care, housing, for social justice and economic justice ... is an open invitation to revolution.

Another tidbit:

Brothels flourished. A major industry grew up around them; government officials received bribes, policemen collected protection money. Prostitutes could be seen standing in doorways, strolling the streets, or leaning from windows. One report estimated that 11,500 of them worked their trade in Havana. Beyond the outskirts of the capital, beyond the slot machines, was one of the poorest, and most beautiful countries in the Western world.

- David Detzer, American journalist, after visiting Havana in the 1950s

Today, Cubans are the most educated people in Latin America. They export doctors throughout the Caribbean and the South. In Venezuela, a good portion of the doctors are Cubans. There is negligible infant mortality, and total literacy.

Can they buy a Cadillac? Maybe not. Can they afford a Cohiba, or a Bacardi mojito (now distilled in Puerto Rico)? Also probably not. But they have dignity.

2 Aug 2023  #2,506

Brothels flourished.

Had Castro not won in Cuba, american jewish "investors" would have eventually turned an entire country into one giant whorehouse.


2 Aug 2023  #2,507

Here he goes again!

2 Aug 2023  #2,508

Polacy obowiazki moralne pomagac swojemu slabiemu sasiadu.

Hahaha. Don't tell Ukrainians that this is how you think of them.

2 Aug 2023  #2,509

What, you don't agree that America is happy to make us all dollar-starved wh0res? Your little green pieces of paper - they have become a religion for many around the globe. Dignity, honor, and being able to answer for your words - not as important to you.

2 Aug 2023  #2,510

Money has long since been a disease in this country, can't disagree with you there!
What race is/was for the Germans, money (or the lack thereof) still is for the Americans.

Since Reagan and the decline of New Deal America, money has become the sole standard
of everything, from medical care, legal advice, yes, even what passes for friendship.

The US won't en masse shoot groups of citizens at sunrise and shove them into ovens because of their racial background,
it will simply marginalize into submission those who can't keep up with rising costs and
allow them to starve, die off, by attrition. Get rich (quick) or drop dead on your own time.

Both scenarios are pretty ghastly.

2 Aug 2023  #2,511

Blame yourself, baran

Pawian, pawian, pawian... you like to argue so much, call people nasty names, hurt their feelings etc. That's horrible and unhealthy.

It is summer; better check my recent Lovely Souvenirs Thread, post something nice there, and relax a little bit. :)

2 Aug 2023  #2,512

post something nice

I just have.

I really appreciate that you are not a spelling warrior

Sorry, no idea why you are saying it.

That's horrible and unhealthy.

For me it is very healthy. Read articles where experts claim that swearing is very beneficial. hahaha

2 Aug 2023  #2,513

to działa, dalej piszcie do siebie ....funny and sound like a script for stand up//

2 Aug 2023  #2,514

The French and the Italians are running away from Niger. 😁


Denazification of Africa.

2 Aug 2023  #2,515

Nah, we both know you won't go .... to fight on a front line...

Not for the reasons Maf or others throw at me - for sure.

Why I might go, is my whole family nearly perished in WW2. Those who sat it out at home, were not exactly popular persons. I have complicated feelings about this war, but I will not be a traitor so others can spit in my face for the rest of my life.

2 Aug 2023  #2,516

The russian model is outdated


I hardly imagine that this is the America your founding fathers had envisaged when they were signing your declaration of independence and writing your constitution where 1% owns most of the wealth and assets and that trend is only going to increase in the coming years and decades.

But Shoigu goes to honor North Korea


Even North Koreans who immigrated to the US in search of a better life are in shock when they discovered what awaits them there.

2 Aug 2023  #2,517

Sorry, no idea why you are saying it.

A sane person spells Russia as Russia.
Spelling warriors spell Russia as r*SSia or some other insane way. Or America as Amerikka.

1% owns most of the wealth and assets

Historically, when 1% owns 40%, very nasty things happen to the 1%. The US is so ripe for a bloody revolution...

johnny reb
2 Aug 2023  #2,518

Even North Koreans who immigrated to the US in search of a better life are in shock when they discovered what awaits them there.

Maybe you could tell me being an American what country I can immigrate to for a better life than I have now.

3 Aug 2023  #2,519

Isin't it obvious?? The god fearing, bible thumping, abortion banning, boar hunting, overwhelmingly white Glorious Nation of Poland!

johnny reb
3 Aug 2023  #2,520

Isin't it obvious??

But I already have all of that so how could Poland be better ?
I live in the State of Michigan that is surrounded by the Great Lakes that has over 3,200 miles of shoreline of fresh water.
Does Poland have that ?
Michigan also has 26,000 fresh water inland lakes, almost three times as many as Poland.
I like to fish because the time you spend fishing the Lord does not take off your life.

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