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Bratwurst Boy
11 Jul 2018  #181

YEAH!!! Congrats Croatia!!! Great game...

11 Jul 2018  #182


It's coming homeeee!


11 Jul 2018  #183

I was lucky enough to see England lift the world cup, once

blimey you must be really old.....:) I saw that game too, but I was only 2.

11 Jul 2018  #184

I was 5, you have a good memory.

Ha Ha I thought I was posting on the sports thread ooops dementia kicking in sorry mods, can you sort me out.

11 Jul 2018  #185

its actually my earliest memory. ha ha

12 Jul 2018  #186

If we disregard political impact on sport and the opposite, in any case, we have to agree that Yugoslavian football school finally dominates over English football. Absolutely dominates. Croatia so perfectly outplayed England.

12 Jul 2018  #187

So, its over for another 4 years? Yay!!!!!!

Bratwurst Boy
12 Jul 2018  #188

in any case, we have to agree that Yugoslavian football school finally dominates over English football.

Nah...most of the croatian football comes from Germany by now! Many Croats came to Germany as refugees, many grew up here and learned to play in german clubs, most of their team are still playing in the Bundesliga.

You know Croatia and Germany are clooooooooose!!! :):):)

12 Jul 2018  #189

This is why Harry Kane didn't score last night...


12 Jul 2018  #190

Nah...most of the croatian football comes from Germany by now!

look where is German and where is football in Croatia. Or you maybe suggests that German team, actually, intentionally, too early abandoned Russia in order to move out of the way of Croatia ?

Few things are certain and that is sad. Politics is deeply involved in football with aim to magnify sport effect on global populace. So one can`t really be sure do results come just from quality of team, individual players, arbiters or even background schemes that involve trainers, FIFA establishment and even players.

Just look what that German arbiter done to Serbia. Three yellow cards in 5 minutes, in start of match, for our players on middle of terrain and then that obvious favorable stance on Switzerland players what culminated with failure to grant obvious penal to Serbia (I never sow more obvious penal in my life and football public thinks the same). No VAR, nothing.

You know Croatia and Germany are clooooooooose!!! :):):)

Yes, I know that. But I tries to figure out how is possible that group of maniacal ustashe from Zagreb, in agreement with certain circles in Germany, Austria, Italy and Vatican, manages to organize massive brutal killing of 1 million Orthodox Serbs during WWII in German puppet state of Croatia and to avoid ever being sanctioned and punished for that. In fact rewarded by getting Greater Croatia on the silver plate, some 50 years later, after another massive attack on Orthodox Serbs in the region. Survived Orthodox Serbs in Croatia massively assimilate, since that pogrom in WWII, into Croats (those who refused to assimilate and were not killed, were forced to abandon Croatia 20 years ago- more then 250.000 Serbs in single military operation) and I won`t even speak of process of assimilation of Catholic Serbs. Transfer of Serbs into Croats is unbelievable rapid, additionally stimulated by Nazi regime in Zegreb, and it can`t work without approval by certain powerful centers.

All in all, Croatia is good example, what one small group of people (from Zagreb in that example) was and is able to achieve primarily relaying on Germany and, with then on Vatican. Message is clear. If you are Catholic and loyal to Germany- you have luck, you have power, you have knowledge, you have God on your side, you are invulnerable, nobody can`t stop you. NATO, EU, all stands behind you.

Now, we know that everything have its end but still, message still works.

Bratwurst Boy
12 Jul 2018  #191

....still...fighting it out on the green field beats any real war, don't you agree?

12 Jul 2018  #192

Their players sing ustashe songs after every victory. Its calling to war, my friend. ``fighting it out on the green field`` for them is just part of real war. Problem is that Zagreb clique used to win, having strong support and obviously great motivation. Awakening would be pailful.

And why I underlining Zagreb and avoid to use term `Croat` and rather speak of Croatian society? Because I founded out that people here on forum aren`t familiar with facts. Most people think its Serbs vs. Croats. No, its not that. Its western Europe against Serbs where Zagreb elite was used as tool against Serbs. Croats as people are fiction. Myth of past time. Myth that is revived by western Europe and Vatican and Croats are nation in formation and process of formation of nation is far from completion. Nation that have to be born from transferring of Serbs into Croats.

This is real ethnic Croatia > linguistical `kajkavian` speaking area >


This is today`d state of Croatia >


Now, all regions outside of real ethnic Croatia were for joining to Serbia into Yugoslavia after WWI, only Zagreb- Capital of real ethnic Croatia hesitated. All regions except real ethnic Croatia are stolen from Serbs, while Serbs turned into Croats (and still turning) by force and incentives, by constant pressure and cultural and ethnic genocide, political schemes, lies and propaganda, support from outside forces, doings of communists, etc, etc. 80% of those regions outside of real ethnic Croatia were historically part of some Serbian state and not of Croatian state. Only Austro-Hungaria, for obvious political reasons, used to spread term `Croatia` on Serbian areas.

These are the historical facts. And, that is why you need Nazism in Croatia. Nazism and extreme Catholicism. Those are unifying forces of new Croat nation. That and lies against Orthodox Serbs and Serbs in general. All that, on the shame of modern Europe and world that sponsoring and in fact doing genocide on Serbs using Zagreb.

This I told you, as my respond to FIFA`s allowance of politics into the football. Obviously, football is also tool. War on green fields are just part of old wars. Then, it is war. I never had illusions.

Bratwurst Boy
12 Jul 2018  #193

....so...you don't wish for Croatia to win on sunday I gather?

12 Jul 2018  #194

Victory would only support `unification` efforts of Nazi regime in Croatia and all those who support translation (mutilation) of Serbs into Croats. Its hysteric and deeply twisted society and pressure on Serbs would only increase, in case of victory, in situation when they connected football and ustashe ideology. Not to say that by involving politics in football Croatian team actually harmed spirit of sport, committed crime on sport. So, how could I support that madness.

I don`t know do you really follow me. In your wildest dreams you can`t (thanks to media propaganda) comprehend how is western Europe and by that EU sick things for taking part of extermination of Serbs. They doing that so openly. Destine of EU must be collapse. God can`t permit that blasphemy to exist.

Bratwurst Boy
12 Jul 2018  #195

...what will you do when Serbia becomes a member of said blasphemy in the future?

12 Jul 2018  #196

Forget EU. Every action incite reaction. Napoleon, Hitler, all got respond. EU already gets it and yet to see what coming. So their project on Balkans would collapse, too.

Serbia is far too important for balance within Slavic world. Without Serbia, there is no Slavic South. Russia knows it. No, not that is Russia `great protector`. Russia would do it for her own selfish interests. In this case, Serbian and Russian interests just overlap. So, borders in the region will change again. Its not over yet. Western Europe can`t prevent it same as wasn`t able to prevent re-unification of Poland. See, we just live in temporary period of partition of Serbia.

But if entering EU represent part of the plan then Serbian role within EU must be expected to be as role within A-H. Pushing for their liberation, Serbians would liberate all Slavs. You may ask- would that be liberation? Well, for those who wants to exist as Slavs, would be liberation. For those who being Slavic see as a problem, I suppose, they would be get rid of the problem and they would be just amputated and left to western Europe. There, where strategic situation allow for territorial amputation. Otherwise, people would have to flee. Fleeing and migration is reality.

But world will change with every new day. In any case, on the long run, forget EU.

12 Jul 2018  #197

Serbia is far too important for balance within Slavic world. Without Serbia, there is no Slavic South. Russia knows it.

I see they let you turn the sports thread into another serbian spam propaganda rambling.

Silly me, for clicking on it and thinking it had something to do with sports!

Nah...most of the croatian football comes from Germany by now!

They should let them play with helmets!:)

13 Jul 2018  #198

I see they let you turn the sports thread into another serbian spam propaganda rambling.


Rather go complaint to FIFA and to Croatian football team that sing ustashe songs after every football victory turning complete football sport in ugly joke. You know who were `ustashe`? During WWII they mobilized in Zagreb mainly and killed more then 1 million Orthodox Serbs (and assimilated same number of Catholic Serbs) in what is now Croatia, back then ally of Nazi Germany, in one of worse ethnic and cultural genocides that Europe ever sow. And they never were punished for that crime, on the contrary to German Nazis, no matter that Croatian Nazi camps were run by Croatia and not by Germany. So ustashe killed ten times more Serbs then banderists killed Poles in Ukraine. Its Wolin massacres x 10. Can you imagine? Can you imagine such a football team win European football title of best team? I know, you may say- maybe they are Nazis but they know how to play football. Do they know? How we know, after all those ``wrong`` decisions by arbiters against many teams and not against Croatian that Croatian team is best? Can we be sure? Most probably that somebody promote Nazism using Croatian team.

Or just FIFA promote wars?

Is that sport or politics my friend? Did I invent it or we all facing ugly reality?

And all supported by western Europe, while is rest of Europe silent. Later, people would complaint.

They should let them play with helmets!:)

They already have black shirts same as Croatian football team during WWII

13 Jul 2018  #199


Dont play dumb with me. Every thread on this forum you respond to the title with one semi coherent sentence then your start spamming about serbia.

You have been trolling this forum about serbia for years.

I learned your nickname "serbian spammer" from former moderator pgtx, its been over a decade and they still dont do anything about you?

Anything about Trump gets binned , but youre allowed to keep on with this nonsense?

13 Jul 2018  #200

Dont play dumb with me.

Did Croatian football team sang ustashe songs? They did. What you want from me then? Go complaint to them. Did FIFA sanctioned that? It didn`t. Go complaint to FIFA.

I fight for Poland. Fighting for truth to be known about what western Europe doing to Serbians, I defend Poland as best I can.

Because THEY will come for Poles, if they ever finish with Serbians.

Did Polish politicians ever told truth to Poles how is Poland in alliance with countries that hate and despise Poles, want Poles dead considering having since the beginning of time dreams of genocide on Poles? Did Polish politicians told it to Poles?

I am here to tell it to Poles.

I am Serbian, giver of penis to the western Europe! So that they really have every reason to hate us Serbs even more.

13 Jul 2018  #201

Did Croatian football team sang ustashe songs?

Maybe you missed the video I posted #175 about what I learned about the serbia soccer teams.


Serbs act like savages and have a very long history of this mentality/behavior.

13 Jul 2018  #202

Maybe you missed the video I posted

I didn`t missed. But you can find something like that about fans for many football playing countries or about fans from other sport fields. Unfortunately, violence among fans in sport isn`t something unusual. As you can see its desirable by FIFA and what you expect. But I understand you. You seek to found something what can explain why nice western Europe work against Serbians in last 200 years and before that and to the our time. Must be something. Don`t seek, just ask and I will tell you. Reason is because we aren`t Catholics. We actually aren`t enough Christians because, no matter most of us is Orthodox today, we have respect for Svetovid and our pre-Christian faith. We Serbs are stubborn Slavs and Slavs on the far first place. We have high opinion of ourselves and likes independence.

All this is unnecessary, from point of view of western Europe so they supporting our weakening, from within our people or in the region. Supported Turkey to prolong our occupation, supported A-H to prolong our occupation, support transformation of Serbs into Croats, support antagonism among Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim Serbs, support Shiptars to become Albanians and then helping them to spread onto Serbian lands. When you look at map of old Yugoslavia, almost that there no neighbor that didn`t commit genocide on Serbs. Actually, only Romanians didn`t commit ethnic genocide on Serbs but even they doing cultural genocide. Etc, etc, all to the use of depleted uranium against us, trade embargoes and economic sanctions.

See, all this is supported by western Europe. Every Serbian suffering. And we refuse to die and we survive everything western Europe throw at us.

13 Jul 2018  #203

....still...fighting it out on the green field beats any real war, don't you agree?

Someone once said that football is a continuation of the war using different means.


It is far better for us that our neighbors beat England. It increases the profile & reputation of our entire region, it proves our coaches are superior to English coaches ect. Don't forget the many Serbian players like Perišić, Rebić and goalkeeper Subašić who are representing Croatia.


Luka Bulić spraying himself all over the faces of those arrogant English muppets. England played shyte and made only 1 shot on target in 120 minutes of football. They deserved to loose and go home as Irishman Roy Keane stated.


Meanwhile in Scotland:



Bratwurst Boy
13 Jul 2018  #204

Someone once said that football is a continuation of the war using different means.

...and so much better! :)

Alot less deadly and destructive...

13 Jul 2018  #205

Don't forget the many Serbian players like Perišić, Rebić and goalkeeper Subašić who are representing Croatia.

Yes, I know. They say they are Croats now. How to blame them?

See for yourself >>> b92/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2018&mm=07&dd=13&nav_category=167&nav_id=1418638

So, not only that we have a transition of old Catholic Serbs and fresh (since WWII) Orthodox Catholic convertites Serbs into the Croats but becoming Croat becoming massive and normal situation in Croatia. This with world cup in Russia, completely detonated ultimate hysteria in Croatia. Ustashe got wings. Orthodox Churches are empty. Catholic Serbs don`t exist anymore, publicly.

Serbs live in fear there. Nazis in black uniforms marching everyday, masses to `ustashe` are held, Stepinac- ustashe cardinal from WWII they praise as saint (no matter that even Vatican oppose). I telling you, message is clear- love Germany and you have license to do whatever you want. You talk to people of this what happening, with normal family people and many people say only war can settle this madness in the region. Then, winner will take it all.

Bratwurst Boy
13 Jul 2018  #206

Rebic seems to be a nice guy, he paid the debts of his whole village with his footie salary...

14 Jul 2018  #207

Looks like Brexit for the pommie soccer team. Administered by Brussels. Looked like a hard brexit with no deal to boot.

16 Jul 2018  #208

Good that France won. No, not that France itself and together with rest of western Europe bringing best message for young generations but, Croatia, as Nazi apartheid society, for sure, bringing even worse message to the young generations. Team and society that sing and glorify mass genocidal executions of Serbians, by pro-German Nazi ustashe during WWII, for sure, don`t deserve to be remembered as best in the world in football. And Serbians and Croats are one and same people. And what you think how much one must be deluded with germanization and desire for expansionism of Catholicism to commit most brutal genocide on its own people? What you think, how much is dedication and effort of some people invested in those poor manipulated souls? Did those manipulated to kill its own people done service to Germanics? Yes, they did. Did they do service to Catholicism? No, they didn`t.

16 Jul 2018  #209

Now, about Novak Djokovic, who confirms Serbian domination in sport on this Earth

Saga about return of Sarmatian...


Wimbledon win could spark another era of Djokovic dominance

16 Jul 2018  #210

That guy is awesome, Crow!

I like tennis much more than Soccer:)

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