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US senators to probe Soros' use of his fortune to sway US foreign policy

10 Jul 2017  #181

That's actually quite amusing. I await your examples of

sugar-coated PR and high-sounding slogans.

from the Open Democracy Foundation.
Dirk diggler
11 Jul 2017  #182

Looks like even the Israelis don't like Soros. Just read this today:

11 Jul 2017  #183

Also authoritarian conservatives, a fair chunk of whom are also Americans, Hungarians, Poles or Russians
11 Jul 2017  #184

I await your examples

Are we still waiting for those?

It has been established that I listen to no radio whatsoever

No such thing has been established. In fact your claim not to listen to the radio is contrary to your past posts here about what you heard on the radio.

what President Trump extolled in Warsaw -- God, country and family

Hilarious to see a man who refused to serve his country when called on to do so blathering on about country. Likewise a man who has fathered at least five children with at least three women claiming to think family is important. And his only gods are clearly money and himself.
Dirk diggler
11 Jul 2017  #185

Thank you oh great and wonderful Soros for your generosity towards the ukranian people. Oh thank you thank you. Your promotion of democracy have made this country so much better. We absolutely love the civil war, lost territory, and thousands dead. Thank you

Now will Soros give more millions to all the lives he wrecked in Ukraine? Doubt it...
11 Jul 2017  #186

Are we still waiting for those?

We are indeed.
Dirk diggler
11 Jul 2017  #187

While I don't have any quotes from the open society per se (although I never said that I did) there is a litany of quotes from Soros mentor, Karl popper. He was a former Marxist (who was later very critical of class struggles) and also attended lse. Actually the whole open society idea comes from popper originally and not Soros. Popper, being a huge critic of the scientific method and the scientific community, famously argued that 'science is all about falsification' aka 'science as falsification'

I can agree with some of poppers philosophies especially his beliefs on Marxism and why workers revolutions tend to fail.
11 Jul 2017  #188

While I don't have any quotes from the open society per se (although I never said that I did)

Yes, we noticed that you never said that you had any of those. However, we weren't asking you for those, as you never claimed to have any and never said they exist. We were asking our 'Polish' 'friend' to give quotes to support his claim:

No, rather a heartfelt obligation to warn the unsuspecting and gullible of what's behind all the sugar-coated PR and high-sounding slogans.

He hasn't, so this is probably just yet another example of him repeating here as fact what he's heard on Radio Maryja.
Dirk diggler
11 Jul 2017  #189


Yeah even if people don't like soros' foundations they still listen to his speeches esp on finance and follow the quantum funds activity. He has a lot of experience with currency trading so he's worth listening to.
18 Oct 2017  #190

I see Soros has just donated most of his wealth to Open Society. Quite welcome as it is clear democracy and further education still needs nurturing in this region.
Dirk diggler
18 Oct 2017  #191


It's because his ticker is running out of time. All his NGOs will crumble without him and his leadership. Hes the only one smart enough to keep all these groups under wraps and have them cooperate. There all gping to fight for funds, political clout, contacts and will spill dirt on each other, write books exppsimg soros 'soviet thug' style tactics, etc etc when they need to. Each region is going to do its own thing. Most of it will go to US and maybe W Europe but he knows central and east europe is done for. He can try to make it harder for us and subvert, may even win some battles but this war in yhr east is loss. He will never flood e europe with 3rd world migrants bc far too many people are against him. Just watch. Poland and Hungary are already putting Soros and other foreign NGOs under watch and raiding their offices one by one. Unfortunately theyre a bit behind the curve as opposed to us republicans (which only know the tactics bc theyre being defeated by them and the brainwashed socialist masses). All he can do is give away money and hope for the best. He's not going to get Poland and Hungary. Stefan bathory foundation is next. Pis guys couldn't believe Soros involvement in it. Good thing its since been brought up. Were not interested in pro migrant flex actors who want to flood Europe with 1 million migrants a year for the foreseeable future and give them $30k USD (Soros words when writing about migrant crisis). Not happening in Poland sorry buddy, skip us and try elsewhere

I hope Soros likes hell. Shoot hell prolly be running it.

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