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US senators to probe Soros' use of his fortune to sway US foreign policy

9 Jul 2017  #161

Authoritarian fascists

Soros is actually sponsoring fascists but why would you care
9 Jul 2017  #162

Really? Anyone familiar with the Open Democracy project, it's aims and its work, would say the opposite.

Of course those whose only information comes from overtly politicised websites may well say any old rubbish.
9 Jul 2017  #163

Anyone familiar with the Open Democracy project

Sounds good, do you think Soros would be happy if people voted for conservative government by democracy?
9 Jul 2017  #164

He seems happy enough with that so far, and the Open Democracy project works with with a number of countries that sometimes elect conservative administrations.
9 Jul 2017  #165

Open Democracy

Hungary is justifiably movong against Soros' propaganda outpost posing as a university. Under Hungarian law enacted earlier this year this year, only genuine forieign universities with campuses in their home countries may set up branches in Hungary. The money Soros spends on his Budapest propaganda mill could feed all the hungry children of Sudan. But he is only into dodgy, shadowy, sinister political scheming, not helping the needy! Let's see how our court cultural marxist defends the evil Hungarian Jew this time round?
9 Jul 2017  #166

cultural marxist defends

Lower-case jon's silence is ample proof that he has run out of arguments in defence of the sinister Judaeo-Hungarian villian.
9 Jul 2017  #167

No argument needed. A philanthropist devoting his fortune to promoting democracies, hated and feared by dodgy authoritarian regimes, someone who, like the government of Norway, ensure that authoritarian politicians can't get their sticky fingers on the money.

And though he is now an old man, the terms of his will and the Open Government Foundation ensure that this will continue for a very very long time.

However much you hate that.



Oh dear Po, stuff like that reflects very badly on you.
10 Jul 2017  #168

stuff like tha

Why is that? Oh yes, I forgot -- PC is about avoiding the truth and creating false euphemisms as well as outright lies and distortions. Would Italo-Hungarian or Franco-Hungarian or maybe Sino-Hungarian be more to your liking, dear cultural marxist?
10 Jul 2017  #169

philanthropist devoting his fortune

Completely ignoring the enormous good he could do in a world full of suffering, misery and starvation. Even though he is promotng and bankrolling the transfer of Third World migrants to Europe, he can never transfer them all. The overwhelming majority of those left behind live in total squlaor, suffering from malnutrition, disease and the lack of even the most basic necssities. Such assistance would give the disadvanateg masses of Africa, India and other places a new lease of life. Instead, he prefers taged peddle his dodgy leftist ideology rather than helping those in need.
10 Jul 2017  #170

avoiding the truth and creating false euphemisms as well as outright lies and distortions.

That sounds like an excellent description of articles one used to be able to read in certain publications which have now gone bankrupt. Such a pity that none of them thought to ask Soros for some funding.
10 Jul 2017  #171

this will continue for a very very long time

Attempted subversion without end? Fortunately, things are changing and more and more people are seeing through the phoniness of the left-leaning so-called "liberal democracy" with its cultrual marxism, destruction of the family and atomisation of society. An atomised rootless indivudal and society are much easier to manipulate and exploit.
10 Jul 2017  #172

Such a pity that none of them thought to ask Soros for some funding.

But Soros only funds fake news that suit his agenda.
10 Jul 2017  #173

fake news

As usual, more Hairyesque hot air. HB has never read any of those articles he keeps takign pot-shots at nor cna he even name a single real publication, only his Pig Farmer's Gazette. All the publications he reviles have espoused preciely the same values Trump extolled in Warsaw: God, country and family. As a cultural marxist, he rejects them in favour of more sinister and subversive slogans.
10 Jul 2017  #174

Soros only funds fake news that suit his agenda.

What do you know about Soros and his supposed agenda? Why don't you give us an example of how much you know about Soros by telling us his views on the migrant crisis?
10 Jul 2017  #175

his views on the migrant crisis?

Quite obvious. He is supporting it every way he knows how (including hiring refugee ships to dump asylum-seekers on Europe's shores) because it's part of his sinister plot to de-Europeanise the continent, disrupt normal human relations, undermine patriotism and appreciation of one's family and cultural heritage in order ot promote multi-culti, racial mixing, sexual deviation, alternative families and anything else that will ensure mayhem and chaos. He could be using his billions to combat malnutrition, disease and lack of basic necessities suffered by billions in the world today.
10 Jul 2017  #176

He is supporting it every way he knows how

You really should stop repeating here as fact every word you hear on Radio Maybach. Soros actually thinks that the EU should set cap on legal immigration of 300,000 people per year and that anybody who illegally crosses the EU's border should be disqualified from being admitted as a legal immigrant. Have a read of his own words here:


his sinister plot to

Ah yes, the plot which doesn't exist. But why did you leave forcibly microchipping Polish babies off the list you just made up?
10 Jul 2017  #177

Radio Maybach

It has been established that I listen to no radio whatsoever, so stop lying even for a moment, won't you?
Call it a plot or a complex of causes but they all go agaisnt what President Trump extolled in Warsaw -- God, country and family -- and are supported by a majority of the Polish nation.

Soros claims the EU approach to the refugee crisis is underfunded, so why doesn't he cough up some bread? Other than hiring ramshackle ships to bring illegal aliens from Africa to Europe.

Actually he could improve the lives of millions right where they are, recultivaitng wasteland, building schools and hospitals, creating jobs and turning these people into decent, productive citizens rather than intrusive migrant beggars calling out for alms.
10 Jul 2017  #178

Ah yes, the plot which doesn't exist

Indeed. Some people just need non-existent invisible enemies to justify their fear and hatred.

fake news that suit his agenda.

The Open Democracy Foundation certainly doesn't fund Trumpist "fake news", nor does it ever impose editorial guidelines in any publication.
10 Jul 2017  #179

doesn't fund

It doesn't fund other people's fake news, it produces its own. The Soros PR/propaganda team, phoney universities, compliant bankrolled NGOs, books, interviews, articles, etc. all aim rebadge the sinister villain Soros into a great "philanthropist" (?)
10 Jul 2017  #180

justify their fear and hatred.

No, rather a heartfelt obligation to warn the unsuspecting and gullible of what's behind all the sugar-coated PR and high-sounding slogans. Soros is a cunning old fox always on the lookout for new suckers to gull.

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