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Serbia etc. thread 2

Bratwurst Boy
23 Aug 2020  #31

We need that Russia survive all possible reforms and to prosper.

Nobody is threatening Russia! I wish them all the best, really...the Russians deserve it.

And your belief that Western Europe is in any way able or willing to swallow anybody is ridiculous. That is a thinking of a long gone past...

23 Aug 2020  #32

I will believe that when Central European Union is created between western Europe and Russia, and Berlin and Arkona are firmly secured within Central European Union.

Bratwurst Boy
23 Aug 2020  #33

....so, it's actually YOU who dreams of swallowing others, huh? :)

23 Aug 2020  #34

You already very well knows it would be liberation and not swallowing :)

Bratwurst Boy
23 Aug 2020  #35

....words! ;)

Mr Grunwald
23 Aug 2020  #36

1. I do not advocate for the destruction of Russia in any form, only for their people to live a good life. They don't need to live under the boot of any tyrant, home brewed or foreign. I sincerely hope they understand that one day.

2. I am not versed in how the Catholic Church works in Croatia, but we can surely agree that Croatians worked alongside Germans for the destruction of Yugoslavia (which is a south Slavic project which was similar to how Poland as a kingdom began) and generally for the destruction of Serbia. (Not thinking about any specific date here) while there was Swedish kings (one Vasa who was particularly overzealous) demanded Russia to become catholic and have his relative on the throne (which? I can't remember) this was helped by Swedish forces during the times of troubles (mind you that the Swedish king did not have full support of the Sejm in this, so I blame the Swedes for this more then Poland) which resulted later on with the partitioning of the most serene Republic by Cathrine "The Great" destroying a lot of chances for any real union with the Russians.

Distrust has been sown so much from that time, only Sweden has gained anything from it. It's only punishment has been a reduced role internationally. You call that fair?

Seems like what problems you have with the Vatican isn't Rome or with the bishop of Rome, but with Cleegy in Croatia

23 Aug 2020  #37

I do not advocate for the destruction of Russia in any form .... don't need to live under the boot of any tyrant

Nuclear power of such magnitude can`t even be destroyed. If they feel the end is near they would unleash nuclear war. That is why the Soviet Union had USA support in the time of transition into Russia.

Sure they need to reform to live like decent people. Plus, we need them to share with us Siberian resources. Then also we need Russia to exist for counter-balance to western Europe and also China.

Seems like what problems you have with the Vatican isn't Rome or with the bishop of Rome, but with Cleegy in Croatia

Look, Catholic clergy in Croatia was used as a network for spreading mass genocide ideas, as cells to organize mobilization of killers and then Catholic priests massively led the killing. By German sources near 1 mil. Serbs were killed.

Pope Francis made progress and steps to correct things when stooped beatification of Cardinal Stepinac (Pope even thanked Serbian Patriarch for giving insight) and pointed at fact that wonder didn't happen in Medjugorje (actual exact site of ritual murder of complete Orthodox monk brotherhood) but political fraud as a prelude to mobilize Catholic extremists before started dissolution of Yugoslavia.

But, brate Grunwalde, it still negate the fact of the Vatican being behind the project. The Vatican with Germany and Italy.

Spot >>> Official Serbia`s documentary movie where speak experts and Serbian Patriarch about events >>> Sons of Herod (genocide in the independent state of Croatia WWII) >>> youtube.com/watch?v=5r1JNnFjgag

Mr Grunwald
23 Aug 2020  #38

I am a sceptic by nature so please forgive me the words I use, it's nothing personal.

If what you write is true, then indeed there are wolves in sheep clothing. As it was prophesized

23 Aug 2020  #39

You are a good man. And you don't need to have any doubts. It's not about Catholics, it truly is about people who manipulate with religion. As Pope Francis gave a hint of his thoughts- that Serbian Patriarch even helped him, we call saved only in truth. Prom Polish angle, besides learning of suffering of innocent Serbs, Poles also need to learn about Vatican`s-Germanic collaboration. The collaboration behind the back of Poles for Germanic interests and ultimately against Poland, in many many sense.

After things I told you, you don`t need to feel frustrated but even to feel more comfortable as Catholic. We Serbs look to you Poles. It's in the neocortex of Racowie, as is in instinct in Poles to feel the necessity to give a chance to Serbs. Bonds of our peoples are something beautiful and in a unique way defend true values of Christianity.

And one more thing. If the Eastern Roman Empire preserved (trhu Patriarch of Constantinople) power they wouldn't be any better than the Vatican. Greeks also killed in genocide more than 800.000 Serbs after WWI. Who in Europe knows of it? Non. Did Greeks harm Poland by harming Serbs? They did. Greeks want to control warm watters for themselves. Did the Vatican expose what Greeks did to Serbs? No, never. Why? Let me tell you, Italians say to Greeks- `Una face, Una rasa`. Meaning, they are one. For them don`t exist antagonism between Catholicism and Orthodoxy, when it comes to deal with Slavs.

Gift for you >>> PIERSI - Bałkanica (Official Video) [HD] >>> youtube.com/watch?v=Pqaxe5o2Apo

Mr Grunwald
26 Aug 2020  #40

Thank you, bracie

When It comes to people abusing religion for their own gains, Poles showed their stance about this in 1410 and earlier when Poland was created. No matter what kind of tricks that will come out of Germans, Poles should never tolerate It. When It comes to trade/life/religion/sport there shouldn't be any barriers with Germans. Politically however, Poland must resist when it is warranted. That way Germany doesn't lose face among other countries (as being perceived as a bully) and will be able to make dealings without isolation and also have a peaceful eastern border. Holy Roman Empire was able to have a stable border with Poland through centuries! Then modern German state should also be able to do that

johnny reb
28 Aug 2020  #41

Germany already dominates Europe.
That domineering is a big part of why Britain wanted out of the E.U.
With the Nord Stream pipeline Germany will be able to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire and the stage has been set.
Divide Britain and divide the United States and delete NATO........that is Putin's plan that we are now witnessing....

Bratwurst Boy
29 Aug 2020  #42

With the Nord Stream pipeline Germany will be able to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire


29 Aug 2020  #43

there is your chance to become a Kaiser!

Bratwurst Boy
29 Aug 2020  #44

....I would so suck!

29 Aug 2020  #45

You could hardly do worse than our last one.

Bratwurst Boy
29 Aug 2020  #46

....yeah...that one is a benchmark of some kind!

12 Sep 2020  #47

How could Russians ridicule the Serbian President? Shame on them!
BELGRADE, Serbia - A social media post by Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman apparently ridiculing Serbia's president after he signed a U.S.-sponsored agreement between Serbia and Kosovo has triggered a rare spat between traditional allies Moscow and Belgrade.


Russians ridiculed that photo with the Serbian president sitting like an applicant before Mr Interviewer Trump:

Vesko Vukovic
12 Sep 2020  #48


Tell me this isn't real... our president claims that only HE received the pen from Donald Trump with which he signs, while it's clear from the video that he is distributing them to almost everyone in his office, like handing them out to little children.

12 Sep 2020  #49

he is distributing them to almost everyone in his office

Pens?? Fekking pens??? America has definitely gone to the dogs! In the past, such serious leaders handed out cigars to their poorer supporters or subordinates.

O tempora, o mores.

One day Trump will distribute souvenir pencils if he is elected for the second term. If it was possible for him to get elected for the third term, he would distribute tooth picks with his name on them.

Cargo pants
12 Sep 2020  #50

such serious leaders handed out cigars

How would we know they are not Montblanc & Van Cleef or Aurora Diamante pens?They go for hundreds of thousands or even millions,way more then Freeking cigars.

Mr Grunwald
13 Sep 2020  #51

A rather distatesful move from the Russian foreign ministry. It seems Serbia's strategic concerns can go to the dogs from Russia's perspective if one only contacts an American president.

Much like Poland's geo-strategic concerns about Germany's politics. Russian state workers don't seem to understand the needs of other slavic states at all. Which is troubling

13 Sep 2020  #52

Tell me this isn't real... our president claims that only HE received the pen from Donald Trump

Our president made good economic deal and corrected Serbian relations with the USA in this meeting. If you ask me he could be on all four, like a dog, while talking to Trump. Diplomacy is diplomacy. You do what must be done. Then, you also have deals behind the scene.

Russians ridiculed that photo with the Serbian president sitting like an applicant before Mr Interviewer Trump:

Not Russians. It was Maria Zakharowa, the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. And she didn`t mistake. Our President did look like a applicant prostitute. But, she failed to note that our president represent President of one great people reduced to minces. People must survive.

13 Sep 2020  #53

Istina. Horrible true. But no shame here. Vucic and Duda are presidents of single countries while USA is huge conglimerate. A world power conglimerate.

Ita all a proof that Poland and Serbia needs to unite. Its even only way for Poland to get rid of Popes. To say to Vatican, 'Yes we are Catholics but sorry, we don't recognoze Papacy. Vatican commented genocide on Serbs and now Serbs don't like you and we are united with Serbs. Very sorry but fok-off from Poland.'

15 Sep 2020  #54

Lavish USA investment in Serbia

Now we can easily conclude that Serbia represent business navel of the world. This is the only country in the world where side by side flow wealth, money and business of entire mankind. Japan, Israel, Russia, USA, Arabic countrysides, EU leading powers, China, Canada, Britain, India, etc. No wonder Serbian currency represent 2nd safest and most desirable currency in the world, while is Serbia by world economic experts considered to be world top investment destination. Serbia`s economy shows magnificent resistance on Covid-19 pandemia.

Now DFC from USA coming. Serbia is to become DFC investment hub for entire South-Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Morning news spoke of 80 billion USA dollar investments that are considered for starter.


DFC's office in Belgrade will benefit the economy of the entire region

Director of powerful DFC tweets in Serbian again: "I'm sending a high-level delegation to Belgrade"

18 Sep 2020  #55

We need our own control.

Mind control?

Your explanation doesn't explain anything, to be honest, as to how things will look like in Great Sarmatia with regard to the LGBT question.

19 Sep 2020  #56

Why mind control? Money control.

Mr Grunwald
20 Sep 2020  #57

Money don't control anything, it's only if you believe it controls your life that it matters. Men in power with guns telling you it has value? People want it cause they know they can easily trade it for what they want/need

Not everything/everyone can be bought with money.

Tell me Crow, is Serbia for sale?

20 Sep 2020  #58

We are all just humans. So yes, Serbia too is for sale. But, at the same time, this is old center of civilization, primordial Western mother, ancient ice age refugium of Europe, at the crossroads and very important Geo-strategic zone, rich with culture and natural resources. Literally, layers upon layers of civilization of which are people aware. Eons. So price to buy these people is immeasurable and bidders regularly give up and refuse to pay. Instead, some bidders then tries with loathing, control or killing. It then upset global balance and bidders finish poorer then they were poor before they moved against people here. Ultimately, one learn that he don`t have money to buy Serbia.

20 Sep 2020  #59

As Israeli PM Netanyahu told to back then Serbian PM (now President) Vucic >>

>>>> youtube.com/watch?v=PhxmLuXYNG4


Israeli PM Netanyahu /citation/: ``The friendship between the Jewish and Serbian peoples goes back to thousands of years, to the time of the Roman Republic (500 BC)``.

So, Christ was maybe a Sarmatian (ie Slavic, ie Serbian). Add to it that numerous sources speak of Buddha as of White and Scythian (ie Sarmatian, ie Slavic, ie Serbian).

See, no wonder that Russian children in their primary schools learning that Russians originate from THIS Danubian ice age refugium, from where after all, originate all Slavs (ie Sarmats) and all Europeans. And most probable two persons, Christ and Buddha, on which rotate two worlds largest religions- Christianity and Buddhisms.

Price of this peace of land? Of this culture? Where you have concentrated more archeological sites then in rest of Europe altogether? Of people that speak language that stays in direct connection to the language of first Whites, Sarmatians (ie Slavs) and Europeans?

23 Sep 2020  #60

Trump is PEACE! People, President Trump is peace and progress in mutual coexistence of mankind!


Richard Grenell and American delegation on crazy party with Serbs in Belgrade singing "Country Roads" and "Sweet Home Alabama"............. with Serbian President Vucic, PM Ana Brnabic, etc............. old USA-Serbian special trade relations from 1881 restored... old alliance from WWI and WWII restored.............


Grenell: Amazing night in Belgrade, Serbs singing "Sweet home Alabama" VIDEO
>>>> b92/eng/news/politics.php?yyyy=2020&mm=09&dd=23&nav_id=109291

>>>> twitter.com/RichardGrenell/status/1308626540524171264?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1308626540524171264%7Ctwgr%5Eshare_3&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fb92.net%2Finfo%2Fvesti%2Findex.php%3Fyyyy%3D2020mm%3D09dd%3D23nav_category%3D11nav_id%3D1736861

>>>> b92/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2020&mm=09&dd=23&nav_category=11&nav_id=1736861

Thank you President Trump for returning hope to the region, tired from Germanic and Vatican`s schemes.

Vale Sean Connery [34]George Floyd authopsy report [296]

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