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Serbia etc. thread 2

3 Nov 2020  #151

No, he is too stupid to be a jester. Jesters had to be really intellligent and educated people.

Mr Grunwald
3 Nov 2020  #152


There are many types of intelligence, just cause Ironside has a different perspective on it or lower then yours in some departments and higher then yours in others... Doesn't make him more stupid or less intelligent in general. Just different

Educate yourself


3 Nov 2020  #153

Doesn't make him more stupid or less intelligent in general. Just different

Nope, he is too narrow-minded to be one. Jesters had to be open-minded. With a huge dose of sarcasm and self-distance. Iron has nothing of it - he is only a grossly embittered expat.

3 Nov 2020  #154

And you could come close to the throne of one Jagilonian only as a jester.

Sure, i said that you spew BS and I'm going listen to you.
Anyway I would wanted to come close to any Jagiellon only to depose him . A-oles F it up! Piasts all the way.

Iron has nothing

I love you too. lol By the way I have more that you and you know it.

3 Nov 2020  #155

Piasts all the way.

I also love them. Do you know that Polish Jadwiga had in its veins blood of Polish Piasts and Serbian Nemanjics. Two most powerful magnate families from Baltic to Balkan. So your beloved Rome didn`t want Jadwiga to have children. If I was Rome I wouldn`t like it, too. Why lose control over subjects? Why not f*** subjects till the end of time. Who give you to f*** him, f*** him. Give him double f***.

3 Nov 2020  #156

in its veins blood of Polish Piasts

Half of Europe does. There were a lot of Piasts and it was a long time ago.

3 Nov 2020  #157


Don't speak about Piasts to me and how much Europe sow Polish sperm. We had nice thread here about Arthur Pendragon who was Serbian from Dalmatia who led 5000 Sarmatian cavalriman to Britain acoss western Europe. Man, all the way to Britain and especialy Britain was awashed in Polish sperm. Its a scientific fact. Genetic findings.

See, most of those 5000 Sarmats was recruited from Polani as a tribute of the Northern tribes to the Southern Sarmats that lost war with Rome and had to pay in cavalry but didnt have enough because of loses. Those Polani were dominant msles and many western European woman competed to receive their sperm.

Bdw, Arthur was Sarmatian noble with Romanized name where that Dragon refers to Sarmatian dragon.

3 Nov 2020  #158

Serbian from Dalmatia who led 5000 Sarmatian cavalriman to Britain acoss western Europe.


3 Nov 2020  #159


Go examine your genetics. Some of your grandmothers took part in that competition. If you are lucky your grandmother received Serbian dinaric sperm. See, if you are very robust, you are Serbian.

That English Ser coming from Serb name, from Sarmats.

3 Nov 2020  #160

Arthur was Sarmatian noble with Romanized name where that Dragon refers to Sarmatian dragon

Crow, you should stop your fantasies on history at some point otherwise you are going to go completely mad at some other point..

3 Nov 2020  #161

But how could we ignore facts?

Besides, last thing I want is to be normal.

3 Nov 2020  #162


Which facts.

your grandmother

Neither of my grannies were old enough to have met Uther Pendragon, if he indeed ever existed.

4 Nov 2020  #163

I`m not expert but that UTHER must had come from word Slavic/Serbian UTERATI (Eng. To penetrate ). He was that penetrator from the legend, wasn`t he? Dragon uterivac. Plus, he was Pendragon > Pan (Polish- mister/master) Dragon Uterivac > Pan Zmaj Jebac. Its clear, Poles and Serbs awashed Britain in sperm. Even genetics confirm this.

Which facts.

Many. See, even when one isn`t expert, just by looking at words, can see a lot of.

4 Nov 2020  #164


No 'must' in it...

Pendragon > Pan (Polish- mister/master) Dragon Uteriva

Pen means hill in Welsh and Cumbric.

4 Nov 2020  #165

Of course. Something High, like Pan, master, one who looks down on others. Oh its all clear. Pan that is jebac.

See, western Europeans are mostly Poles ruined by Rome and some people in Poland celebrate Rome.

4 Nov 2020  #166

one who looks down on others. Oh its all clear.

As clear as mud.

See, western Europeans are mostly Poles ruined by Rom

Whatever you're smoking must be good...

4 Nov 2020  #167

western Europeans are mostly Poles

Exactly, I always knew it. For example, this guy reminds me of my ex German teacher, a pure Pole.

4 Nov 2020  #168


We had here thread on it. Genetic science confirns all. That Sarmatian warlord from Dalmatia was Serbian, because back then Dalmatians were solely dinarics of Shtokavian Slavic dialect). So, es I explained Northern Sarmatic tribes ie predominantly Polani responded to call of South Sarmatic tribes and they gave most of that tribute to Rome in 5000 Sarmatian cavalry, by the terms of peace conditions. So Sarmat nobles (led by Arthurus Castus) were Serbs in that expedition what is logical because they were already heavily involved in deals with Rome no matter conflicts from time to time (18 Roman Emperors was born in Serbia). On the other side Polish Sarmats trusted only to kin noble Sarmat to lead them to Britain. No way they would follow some Roman to that trip.

Everything is logical and confirmed by science.

Now English hate fact that Poles gave them sperm.

Whatever you're smoking must be good

So that noble Uther in particular was Serbian. Uther = Uter = eng. Penetrator = Jebac

Man, what are you English? Some crazy Polish - Serbian mix? We now know Arthurian legends were kind of British Kama sutra times, era of wild sex perptreated by Poles and Serbs.

4 Nov 2020  #169

Uther = Uter = eng. Penetrator = Jebac

Still no.

4 Nov 2020  #170

Go in lab and check your generics.

4 Nov 2020  #171

I did.

A lot of people in Britain or people abroad with UK ancestry have had DNA tests. Serbia does not generally figure in their results.

Anyway, all Serbians are really of Turkish origin.

5 Nov 2020  #172

Man, I talk you seriously. Serbian DNA is clean of foreign impact. Beautiful. Turks are wiped out from here all to the Bosporus. If not for German and British machinations they would be totally destroyed. We Serbs even have 60% overlap with genetics of skeletal remains that are found here and are old 11.000 years. Serbs, Sarmats are natives of Europe and all others are offspring. You Brits are several times inseminated from here. We gave you good sperm. That is why you are so smart. Ugly still, that couldn't be helped because you intermingle with each others.

5 Nov 2020  #173

Serbian DNA is clean of foreign impact

Turks aren't foreign for you, are they. You've got their DNA.

We Serbs even have 60% overlap with genetics of skeletal remains that are found here

In Srebrenica?

5 Nov 2020  #174

Turks aren't foreign for you, are they. You've got their DNA.

My mirror is fine. I even don`t need lab.

Unlike Britain, when we kicked Turks out we finished with them and even during occupation we resisted. And what Britain doing. Are you sure your real name isn`t Muhammad already? Or, go talk to you children who is gentle to them. Neighbor Muhammad.

In Srebrenica?

About Srebrenica you ask your own government. They organized it. But Britain shall regret for every single Serbian genocided by Muslims, your great Islamic friends.

5 Nov 2020  #175

when we kicked Turks out

You are Turks.

Srebrenica you ask your own government. They organized it

The actual evidence suggests otherwise.

5 Nov 2020  #176

I see you are hypnotized by same media and circles venerable Trump deal with.

Not only do you insult the feelings of Orthodox Christians and Catholics

Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople never said word on Greak genocide on 800 000 Serbs commited after WWI in what is now Northern Greece. Not a single word of empathy from suppose to be head of Orthodox Church, counterpaet to what is Pope to Catholics. Greaks never were condemned.

I take it quite personally. So I don't care for Constantinople. I love our Serbian Orthodox Church as peoples Church that preserved our Slava within Christianity.

As for Rome and Vatican, it organized and took part in genicide of 1 mil. Orthodox Serbs in WWI. Vatican is a monstrous and thats it. And, as you see Constantinople isn't much better.

It all sending message, hunt on Serbs is legal.

Jebo te Tito, što te tako vaspito.

You mistaken about me. I speak truth. Not selective truth but only truth. Jebo Tita. I serve to my ancestors and true Christ, God of love that is betrayed by Vatican and Constabtinople.

Mr Grunwald
5 Nov 2020  #177

Thankfully, Polish soldiers help Serbians and any human being in need. You might not get or have not received kind words or a hug from the administrators of Catholic Church in Poland. But you sure have got help from her soldiers, or am I mistaken?

5 Nov 2020  #178

Poland payed with blood its loyalty to Serbs and for helping us. But we Serbs did same for Poland.

We now face chalanges and same foes again.

Mr Grunwald
5 Nov 2020  #179

If you promise to stop bleeding for us, we sure are ready to bleed for you. You might question the state of Russia's motivations about politics of pan-slavism. Has there really been any doubt about Poland's goals?

5 Nov 2020  #180

Serbia already stoped Russian-German deals against Poland, no matter are you aware of or how much is that viable. It even dont need to be that viable but its done. And they done it because we Serbs have our own plans for Balkan - Baltic line. Polish interests goes with ours hand in hand and Russia is content because we Serbs are content and they recognized their own interests.

Why do you think Poland and Hungary allow Russia planes with most heavy armament to Serbia. Romania block it and next moment we get message from Poland and Hungary its alright, you have passage, fly whatever you want and as long as you want.

Cory Lewandowski had good day in Belgrade and later Vucic visited Duda and explained few things.

Now not only Russia and China but also USA stand by Serbians.

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