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Serbia in Visegrad Group? - Kosovo state? What Poles think about it?

1 Feb 2016  #1

There are suggestions about Serbia`s Visegrad membership. What Poles think about it?


The V4 + Serbia Simulation is organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary and the Czech Presidency of the Visegrad Group

Polish, Serbian and Ukranian Forces Train During Rapid Trident 2011


Dacic invited to Visegrad Group meeting in Slovakia

BELGRADE - Serbia's First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic received Friday Slovakia's Ambassador in Belgrade Jan Varso, who handed him a letter of invitation for a meeting of foreign ministers of the Visegrad Group member states

Czech PM Sobatka in Serbia

Hungarian PM Orban in Serbia

Polish PM Tusk in Serbia

4 Feb 2016  #2

Serbia isn't in Central Europe, and neither are they a well-organised nation either. I'm not saying that Poland is, with all that rubbish going on at the moment.

5 Feb 2016  #3

What Poles think about it?

Why not, most would welcome Serbs.

5 Feb 2016  #4

I'm not saying that Poland is, with all that rubbish going on at the moment.

Then whats your point?

Why not, most would welcome Serbs.

I think so too

5 Feb 2016  #5

Serbia isn't in Central Europe

It is. Not that belonging to Central Europe represent condition for country to become member of Visegrad Group but, just for the sake of facts. Serbia is considered to be Central European country by main definitions of what is Central Europe. Same as you can say Poland is Central and Eastern/Northern European country, you can say that is Serbia Central and South-East European (or Balkan) country.


Located at the crossroads between Central and Southern Europe, Serbia is found in the Balkan peninsula and the Pannonian Plain.

Central Europe

CE time zone

CE countries, Sourcebook of Central European Avant-Gardes 1910-1930 (L.A. County Museum of Art)

Central European Initiative

Current CEFTA members - The Central European Free Trade Agreement

Politically independent CE states during Cold war: Finland, Austria, Yugoslavia

5 Feb 2016  #6

One of things that Serbia can contribute if (or rather- when) enter Visegrad Group are more then perfect Serbian-Chinese relations, that are seen as strategic partnership. Serbian main goal in Visegrad Group would be to secure that entire organization profit from good relations with China.

Chinese leader's greetings ahead of Serbia's Statehood Day

Source: Tanjug Friday, February 5, 2016 | 14:53
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday congratulated Serbia's upcoming Statehood Day, to be marked on February 15. ........................................... "It is with great satisfaction that I observe the strategic partnership between the Republic of China and the Republic of Serbia continuously deepening and cooperation expanding in all areas," Xi said

5 Feb 2016  #7

Ah, I see. You have changed my mind Crow, welcome home ;)

6 Feb 2016  #8

See. But, its not all. Pope Francis, USA Kerry, Russia`s Putin and German Merkel also have respect for Serbia. If they don`t submit you, they love you. Price? Well, let`s not about it

Pope Francis and Serbian president Nikolic

USA secretary of state Kerry and Serbian PM Vucic

Russian president Putin and Serbian FM Dacic

German chancellor Merkel and Serbian PM Vucic

6 Feb 2016  #9

Russian Spetsnaz in Serbia. "Slavic Brotherhood" Continued

The exercise is a part of the initiative related to expanded military collaboration between Russia and Serbia, once Belgrade has withdrawn from its cooperation with NATO. This is viewed as a potential threat for the international security in Europe.


The Visegrad group is a collective to defend against Russia. Why would we allow a close Russian ally to be part of it?

6 Feb 2016  #10

yes, Serbia maintain good relations with Russia, whenever historical circumstances allows that. How else would be Serbians able to re-export Polish apples to Russia, just take that example.

So, military exercise with Russians will happen. But, with Hungary, too. Serbia is part of so called NATO`s `partnership for peace` and from time to time have military exercises with NATO countries.

Still, Serbia is military neutral.

6 Feb 2016  #11

See, NATO commander also love Serbia. Its a great love with Breedlove

Vucic tells Breedlove KFOR has key role in protecting Serbs

Source: Tanjug Friday, February 5, 2016 | 15:22
Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic met in Belgrade Friday with U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO supreme allied commander Europe. ........................................... Vucic said that KFOR "plays a key role in protecting the Serb people in Kosovo and Metohija, as a guarantor of their security, and in preserving regional stability."

7 Feb 2016  #12

The Visegrad group is a collective to defend against Russia. Why would we allow a close Russian ally to be part of it?

It is one thing that Poles and Russians can`t get along within one system (within same state) but, it is even matter of elemental honesty and even sanity to admit to itself that Poland can`t exist if Russia don`t exist. Its is strategic fact. 1000 years ago, in past yes, Poland could but, with time, Poland lost that capability. The first day Russia cease to exist, reasons for existence of Polish state would cease to exist. Now, Poland exist in equilibrium between the power of western Europe and Russia. Without Russia, Poland`s western European partners would annex and cancel Poland.

With Visegrad Group Poland have more then just to exist to be against Russia. Its embryo of Poland`s independence, so that Poland have hope to exist even without Russia. Without fear to lose its balanced position and finally be destroyed by her western European partners which as we all know aren`t partners but, old foe that now pretend to be friend, until finish with Russia.

But sure, as any embryo, Visegrad Group just isn`t enough. It needs to grow to live and to be capable to endure attempts of manipulation with it. It must become Intermarium in order to fulfill its destine.

See, for that Poland needs Serbia. Without Serbia, there won`t be Intermarium. After all, even first Jagiellonian Commonwealth wouldn`t be possible without Polish-Serbian symbiosis.

Then, one day, why Intermarium and Eurasian Union wouldn`t be able to coexists as good neighbors?

10 Feb 2016  #13

Merged: How is possible that official Poland recognizes legitimacy of government that is an organ trafficking cartel ?

How is possible that official Poland recognizes legitimacy of government that is an organ trafficking cartel ? - This question crossed my mind after reading an article and being aware that official Poland recognized Kosova as independent state, with that act even taking part in partition of Serbia.

So, how is this possible. During Warsaw pact Poland followed policy of USSR and took part in invasion (may as well be understand as partition) onto sovereign countries and now, in our time, during NATO, Poland follow USA policy and again invading and taking part in partition of sovereign states.

Who is the one in Poland to say what is right and what is wrong? Is there Poland`s standard on the universal aspects of virtue and values or Poland just, from era to era, follow dictate of the currently stronger in world affairs.

Is this mind-blowing Poland`s recognition of Kosova, as kind of obligation to Poland`s NATO partners, just another historical humiliation of Poles, by Anglo-Franco-Germanic world?

Here is the article

Nigerian doctors say Thaci is involved in organ trafficking

Source: RTS, Tanjug Wednesday, February 10, 2016 | 10:32
Nigeria's newswirengr.com website quoted Njemanze as saying, "For the first time in human history, a government has declared itself an organ trafficking cartel - Imo State government is using the state health facilities to facilitate organ trafficking network," and adding:

"Foreign collaborators of the state government from Turkey, Kosovo, Croatia and others are already here in Imo to perfect creation of the network.

10 Feb 2016  #14

how is this possible.

Simple: firstly Poles like to support the underdog, so they side with Kosovo; secondly Poles hate bullies, murderers and rapists, so there's very little love for Serbia; thirdly Poles don't buy into the BS you spread.

Nigerian doctors say Thaci is involved in organ trafficking

How interesting. Last week a Nigerian prince emailed me about a fortune in uncut diamonds he has access to, given that you take Nigerian word as gospel truth, shall I forward you his details?

10 Feb 2016  #15

you Harry in every opportunity ridiculing every inter-Slavic dialogue here. you Anglos are awful people and while we Serbians actually don`t care what you anglos says, we care what Poles says. So Poland`s kosova recognition is very frustrated for us. Serbians suffer because of that.

10 Feb 2016  #16

How is possible that official Poland recognizes legitimacy of government that is an organ trafficking cartel ?

The answer is simple, sucking up to the USA and Germany instead of formulating an independent policy of their own that would disregard all outside influences and focus on pursing polish national interests. As a proper government should.

11 Feb 2016  #17

Yes this should be a prime goal and we are beginning to see that lately, hopefully this will continue.

we care what Poles says. So Poland`s kosova recognition is very frustrated for us. Serbians suffer because of that.

The best of us are with Serbia Crow, I dont care what Harry says

11 Feb 2016  #18

Thanks to all Poles for support here.

Anyway, all of us Slavs needs to defend our dignity and independence in every opportunity.

PM tells Hague Tribunal "to learn to respect Serbia"

Source: Tanjug Thursday, February 11, 2016 | 14:36
"Somebody must provide us with the answer to the question why a man has died in detention," Vucic said.

........ protest note would be sent over the tribunal's behavior during the hearing, when Serbia's representative was "not allowed to finish the sentence and was treated with arrogance and rudeness."

12 Feb 2016  #19

Imagine what Novak Djokovic could do in promotion of Visegrad Group and Intermarium. As much as Serbians needs Polish support, Poles need Serbians. Together we are unstoppable, in moral, in spiritual, in economic, in military, in political, in any sense!

Novak Djokovic, with his younger brother Djordje (read George) on his right

Djokovic shows up for Red Star basketball game in Belgrade

12 Feb 2016  #20

Poles need Serbians.

That's an interesting thing to say; unfortunately, you'll have to look far and wide before you find a Pole who agrees with you.

12 Feb 2016  #21

Good start is that Poles less and less need Anglos. That i see. So, time works for me, not for you Harry.

23 Feb 2016  #22

Merged: Poland do have obligation to support liberation of Serbia from NATO occupation

By any means, Poland absolutely do have obligation to help ending NATO occupation of Serbian southern province of Kosovo.


Time is running fast. Decide Poland!

24 Feb 2016  #23

Imagine that Polish PM says something like this

PM says Serbia is "militarily neutral, loves itself"

Source: Tanjug Wednesday, February 24, 2016 | 14:33
"Serbia is militarily neutral and is proud of that. Serbia will not enter any military pact, it has its army and will preserve its sovereignty and independence. Serbia loves itself," said he.

24 Feb 2016  #24

The whole organ trafficking is fact... The KLA kidnapped Serbs and sold their organs. This was known as the 'Yellow House' Scandal/Affair named after the house where the operations were performed. The estimates are that there were about 300 victims.

I personally support Serbia in this situation. It is unfortunate that Yugoslavia fell apart but to me now that we are in this situation half of Kosovo should go to the Serbs and half of Kosovo should go to the Albanians. That would solve a lot of problems and help end the NATO presence.

The Kosovo situation is one of the most under reported events in our time. There is still a rather significant contingent of NATO troops and a lot of refugees that are living near dumps with their children having chronic lead poisoning. It is sad.

I have a lot of Russian friends and although I have never been to Russia my friends stated that back in the 90s after the USSR fell apart the average Russian loved the US, wanted to go to the US to work and study, and just had a general infatuation with America and it's culture. However, the bombing of Belgrade changed all of that and opinion of the US for the average Russian has been low ever since that time period.

16 Mar 2016  #25

and here they come, to talk, after they betrayed old alliance. Interesting development. But expected.

Anglos now pretty well understand that they miscalculated. They now understand who`s giving the motor strength to changes. Considering that is UK administration by Serbians, absolutely correctly, seen as aggressive malformed terror engine (plus incompetent), Anglos now sending their royalty. After letter of the Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic to the British Queen, giving clear signals and frank opinion, it was last resort to which Anglos could turn to try to preserve at least few percent of influence here in the region and on the long run, from here to Poland and via complete middle Europe between seas, from Baltic to Balkan and wider, much wider. For Serbians now setting an example how should be UK treated- ``You do something for us and just then when we realize that you was correct with your part of the deal, we then do something for you, as our part of deal.`` Yes, Brits must act first in mutual deals because nobody sane can trust them. With them only payments in advance (whatever could be accept for payment).


The British royals will have a series of meetings. Prince Charles will make his only public address while in the country during a reception at the National Assembly on the second day of the visit.


Serbian president and the prince of Wales laid wreaths at the memorial dedicated to the defenders of Belgrade and at the Commonwealth military cemetery. ............. The anthems of the two countries were played during the wreath-laying ceremony which was also attended by Camilla Parker Bowles and Dragica Nikolic.

In an article he wrote for Belgrade daily Politika, the diplomat said that the visit was the most important one from the United Kingdom since 1978.

Prince Charles welcomed by PM, meets with president
Source: Beta, Tanjug Wednesday, March 16, 2016 | 13:29

Britain's Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, arrived in Serbia on Wednesday as part of a wider tour of the region.

Don`t worry Duda, Racowie won`t betray common Polish-Serbian interests.

16 Mar 2016  #26

There are rumors on how Serbian president talked to Pope in his recent visit to Vatican :)

* after they finished with formalities and when they ended with greetings, official talks started. Behind Pope was all conglomerate of interests, many other powers. Behind Serbians also were many interest, some powers. Talk between Pope Francis and Serbian president Nikolic was rather symbolic but quite obligatory. Reason for talks was to achieve global compromise in which Serbia mediated, after all same as Vatican, but surely Vatican being power for itself from much much more powerful position then Serbia.

Pope: Let us see what we can do for each other.
Serbian president: We can do this.....
Pope: We have obligations to Anglos, Germany, France and Turks.
Serbian president: We can do this, too....
Pope: Nice but, we have obligations to Anglos, Germany and France.
Serbian president: What if we do this, too....
Pope: We have obligations to Anglos and Germany.
Serbian president: Then we can do this...
Pope. Its all nice but we have obligations to Anglos, in Europe, USA, Australia.
Serbian president: Sure, we do this.....
Pope: Well friend, i think, i just think that Anglos won`t complaint. But still.
Serbian president: Then we do this. Now if you love Anglos that much...
Pope: My dear, who sad anything about Anglos?
Serbian president: So, we have a deal?
Pope: People says that i am sane man equally as i am honest, yes we have a deal. Let`s go to lunch.


18 Mar 2016  #27

British Prince Charles in Serbia

No matter all, in the name of old alliance, Serbia welcomed Prince Charles as the dear guest of highest order. He was welcomed by the Serbians on all level, from our president, pm, government, president of national assembly, fm, patriarch, church, royalty. In return, Prince Charles didn`t try to hide jis fascination by the reception. By all political observers talks were successful. Maybe, just maybe, nobility of UK amy be able to correct great damage dealt to British-Serbian relations, by irresponsibility, cruelty and greed of magnates and politicians from the island.

Prince Charles visits Serbia-Princ Čarls i Kamila u poseti Srbiji - Prince Charles and Camilla in visit to Serbia


Well, visit of Prince Charles to Serbia may prove to lead to historical reset of British-Serbian relations, as Serbian FM Ivica Dacic said.


Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, who attended the reception, said that the royal couple's visit was a great honor for Serbia, but also an opportunity to "reset" relations with Great Britain.

Source: Prince Charles addresses reception at Serbian Assembly
Beta, Tanjug Friday, March 18, 2016 | 09:16
He started his speech with a few words in Serbian, which was greeted with applause by the guests.

Govor princa Čarlsa u Skupštini Srbije - Speech of Prince Charles at Serbian Assembly


21 Mar 2016  #28

Strategic aims of Croatia always goes in opposite direction then Polish or/and Hungarian aims. Behind the scene is in fact Croatian coordination with Germany.

Visegrad Group supports opening chapters 23, 24 for Serbia, Croatia against

Visegrad Group supports opening chapters 23,24
Source: Tanjug Monday, March 21, 2016 | 16:54
Serbia's Minister responsible for EU integration Jadranka Joksimovic talked in Belgrade on Monday with the ambassadors of the Visegrad Group. .... ambassadors of the Czech Republic Ivana Hlavsova, Slovakia Dagmar Repcekova, Hungary Attila Pinter and Charge d' Affaires of the Polish Embassy Hanna Dalewska-Gren

Croatia's approval for chapter 23 "still pending"
Source: B92 Monday, March 21, 2016 | 15:40
Jadranka Joksimovic said on Monday that Croatia is the only state that has not approved the report on fulfillment of the criteria for the opening of chapter 23.

24 Mar 2016  #29

Radowan Karadzic bang to rights today and sentenced to 40 years Crow, and that other murderer next week.
Now all you have to do is apologise as a nation for your war crimes and we can start making some progress finally.

But only if you apologise of course.............

24 Mar 2016  #30

[moved from]
No shame of Serbs in front of Poles.

But Poles are European Crow, and all of the Poles that I knew personally at the time were, to a man, disgusted by the Serb aggression and of course the /Croat/Bosnian genocide on all sides - but you the Serbs, were identified by independent study as the prima facia offenders, with your quest for Greater Serbia.
The fact that Tudjman would have done exactly the same and taken large parts of Bosnia for himself in crushing the Bosnian Serbs does not take away from the facts - which are that Serbia directly funded and equipped, and took part in, the shelling of civilian centres. What differentiates you from the Croats in this regard is THE scale of Serbian shelling, and that is why the US and Britain re-arranged Belgrade for you. Daytona handed the Bosnian Serbs everything they wanted, and was a mistake, but at least it saved lives.
Then your mad president went on to attempt the same genocide in Kosovo, which was narrowly averted by NATO intervention.

You really couldn't make it up. Does the word "Sorry" actually exist in Serbo-Croat?

If you apologise now, we can move on - if not - a pariah you will remain.

The collapse of the Soviet tyranny as a small victory for socialism - your oppinion [12]Facebook Censored. [17]

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