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EU shatter from within - President of EU Parliament, Tajani, says Dalmatia and Istria belongs to Italy

12 Feb 2019  #1

This statement of President of EU Parliament Tajani goes as ultimate proof that dissolution of EU goes with violence. It would be legitimized grabbing. Brace yourself Poles.

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Antonio Tajani, president of EU parlament in his speech saying that Istria and Dalmatia are italian

Processes within EU more and more remind us of events that happened in Yugoslavia and actually, explaining to us why was necessary Yugoslavia to be destroyed by western Europe. Now, when there is no Yugoslavia, smaller states that were created on the former Yugoslavian territories becoming pray for greater powers. It was foreseen by certain politicians.

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Slovenian, Croatian leaders accuse Tajani of 'historical revisionism'

Slovenian and Croatian leaders on Monday condemned European Parliament President Antonio Tajani for remarks seen as suggesting an Italian claim on their territory.

Bratwurst Boy
12 Feb 2019  #2

Speaking on Sunday in honor of those Italians who died and hundreds of thousands more who fled from Adriatic Sea border regions to escape Yugoslav partisans during the foibe massacres of World War II....


He may be excused...


The "foibe massacres," or simply "the foibe," literally refers to mass killings by which the corpses were thrown into foibas (deep natural sinkholes; by extension also mine shafts etc.), perpetrated mainly by Yugoslav Partisans, mainly in Venezia Giulia, Istria and Dalmatia, against the local Italian population, during and after World War II.


12 Feb 2019  #3

You know, Italians mistaken when joined to Nazi Croatian ustashe in massacres on Serbs. They were part of it, committed crimes on local Serbs and they turned to be legitimate target and for Chetniks and for Partisans (of which both consisted in 90% of ethnic Serbs- plus Chetniks/royalists and Partisans/communists were killing each others). Italians made that war `total war`. Later, after 1943, they changed policy and thanks to fact that princess of Crna Gora was married to Italian King, Italian occupational forces actually started to protects Serbs from Croat Nazi ustashe. But, damage to the mutual trust between Serbs and Italians was already done.

Then after the war, true, communists started their repercussions on any `non content` element. Many died just trying to escape interrogations. Sure, after the war Croatian communists (set by England as ruling communists here) also drawn `internal` borders of Yugoslav republics. That is how come to be that complete Yugoslavian Adriatic Dalmatia belongs to Croatia.

Plus, conflict has its pre-history in WWI, when Serbian army liberated Adriatic from Italians and Austro-Hungaria. Then Pope did his magic and finished corruption of relations between Orthodox and Catholic Serbs. In some way, Italians actually used Catholic Serbs to get rid of Orthodox Serbs and now will simple dissolute Croatia which is anyway unnatural false state that anyway won`t survive.

But at the end, all about Slavic part of Adriatic will finish in negotiations between Italy and Serbia, as it started. Don`t know, maybe even Hungary enter in dialogue.

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Off-Topic / EU shatter from within - President of EU Parliament, Tajani, says Dalmatia and Istria belongs to Italytop