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Supporters of abortion should be permanently banned from this forum

johnny reb
5 Jul 2022  #151

It's just the start of the taking back of what our country was founded on Lyzko.
People are pissed !
If you are crying now just wait until after the election and watch DeSantis take back everything obozo took away from America to destroy us.

Roe was just the tip of the iceberg my friend.
We will not let the Liberal Left destroy our Country with their Liberal New World Order agenda.
Just wait until DeSantis puts God back into our public schools which will be a glorious day for America again.
Hide and watch Lyzko.

6 Jul 2022  #152

Both extreme liberalism and extreme conservative, Trumpist Republicanism are dangerous!
America is infinitely capable of finding a middle-ground compromise, I have not doubt.

johnny reb
7 Jul 2022  #153

Trumpist Republicanism are dangerous!

Damn right we are, we only want back what obama and his Liberal agenda stole from us.
Just look what this Commie Liberal New World Order Agenda has done to us.
NOTHING of it is good and has only put us in a turmoil like never before.
People don't even know which bathroom to use anymore with these idiots in charge.
The Wacko's think murdering a living child in it's mothers womb should be legal !
The sooner we take America and America's values back from the Liberal woke's dumbing down as the "new norm" the better.
Don't you think Lyzko ?

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