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Finding a girlfriend in Krakow

27 Jul 2016  #1

I am an English guy in my early 50's, divorced for many years and live alone, I have a good job, car and my own house. I'm due to go on my second visit to Krakow in early September '16, my first trip was in June '16. I know it's a slim chance, but I would love to find myself a nice Polish girl in her early 30's to form a relationship with, even if it means me visiting Krakow every couple on months to spend time with her.
I can speak a tiny bit of Polish, so to have someone who could help me improve would be nice. Can anyone give me any hints or tips as to the best place to perhaps stand a good chance of meeting the future Mrs F?
Any girl living in Krakow is more than welcome to e-mail me directly, as even just having a friend there would be a huge help. My address is;
flyguy100@btopenworld.com. Please mention "Polishforum" as the title.

Thankyou from a hopeful English guy

27 Jul 2016  #2

good luck :) you should be able to find someone nice as you are solvent and no baggage and Polish women like that.

Just a tip - why not have an email address like Neil_Uk@gmail rather than Flyguy 100 - which sounds like one of Snoop Dogg's posse and might put some people off !

27 Jul 2016  #3

It's the email address I have had for years and years, and it came about because I used to be a pilot, hence I was a "flyguy". :-)

28 Jul 2016  #4

Just be careful, you don't want to be taken advantage of.

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