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Help For Philip The Cat Urgently Needed!

14 Aug 2016  #1

Hi all,

Are there any cat lovers willing to help on pf? Money are needed for treatment and care for this beautiful black cat, that was abused by humans.
I got a permission from Admin to paste link with more details, for those who may be interested in:

Donation can also be made via PayPal at:


with annotation: for Philip the cat/ dla kota Filipka.

Kind Regards,


14 Aug 2016  #2


Can you tell us which vet the bills are with? I'd be happy to transfer some money direct to the vet.

14 Aug 2016  #3

Hi Harry, thank you for quick response.

I don't know these people who organize help personally, I am not from W-wa. However, I contacted woman in charge (Ewa Ziarek) and spoke with her (see zrzutka.pl website). Maybe if its not a problem you could log in as well and ask her personally ?

14 Aug 2016  #4

I can't log in, because I'm not registered there. But with a vet's name I can check him/her with one of my vets and then transfer cash with a request that if they've never heard of this car they can take the 100zl off the bill of the next family who look like they can't afford the bill.

14 Aug 2016  #5

Sorry, 'cat', not 'car'.

14 Aug 2016  #6

I left message from you/ for her in comments:


Will see if she reply. Looks like someone already asked and they are not kin to provide more info on the forums, but maybe will do privately?
There is also her mobile number in comments section and she says she is on face-book, so u may contact her via both if you wish to do so.

Some weird Friends of Rats Society are helping as well. I donated from UK using Paypal through them, as there was no way to pay on zrzutka.pl from foreign bank account.



*yes, I got that, cat- car ; )

18 Aug 2016  #7

The address of the vet surgery dealing with Filipek the cat, as requested. Copy/ paste from updates Zrzutka.pl:


Filipek jest pod opieką Specjalistycznej Przychodni Weterynaryjnej SpecVet, ul. Janowskiego 11, Warszawa-Ursynów tel. 533 333 111 e-mail: przychodniaspecvet@gmail.com. Zabieg przeprowadzała doktor Majewska.

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