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Co-operation in Poland

6 Jul 2012  #1

Hello!My name is Tasos
'm a freelancer, cooperate with many companies in Europe ,U.S.A and China which trade exclusive cars such as Bugatti, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, PORSCHE, JAGUAR, FERRARI, LAMBORGHINI, BENTLEY, ROLLS ROYCE and many other auto makes as well as luxury boats, planes, ships (cargo), trucks and various partners with american clothes, mobiles+ tablets and I find customers for them!

I believe that it is the quality of customer service that makes a business successful.

I would like to have co-operation with someone in Poland

If someone is interested let's send me email:


I look forward to hear from you

Best Regards

8 Jul 2012  #2

What sort of cooperation do you seek?
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