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Anyone travelling from Poland to Wales / Uk with space in vehicle.

5 Feb 2014  #1


I am looking for someone travelling from Poland to Wales or UK who has space in a car/van for car parts to be bought in Poland.

The parts would need to be picked up and transported for a reasonable fee to be agreed.

The parts have not be bought yet. The parts could be small or big/bulky/heavy depending on what vehicle/space is available.

It could be a one off or may turn into a more regularly event depending on the costs and how successful things work out.

Anyone interested ?
5 Feb 2014  #2

https przesylarka.pl
will take up to 32kg for under 100pln i doubt you will get a better deal

many people would be wary transporting anything across international borders for someone they met on a forum......
6 Feb 2014  #3


thanks for the reply.

I hadn't thought of that. !!!!

Sounds really reasonable.

Is there a size limit as well as a weight limit ?
Say for example a car door ?

How would it work ?---collection and delivery ?
Perhaps you could send me some more info.--- Is there a private message system on this forum that we could use ?

Are you a courier or someone travelling back and fo on a regular basis with space ?

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