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Looking for a Polish Tutor in Leeds, UK

20 Jan 2016  #1


I'm looking for a tutor in Leeds to help me learn Polish. I'm open to 1to1 tuition or group classes. I am a complete beginner and am looking to learn for social reasons.

Any help would be appreciated :)

20 Jan 2016  #2

Park Lane College does courses in Polish at different levels.

20 Jan 2016  #3

Thanks but there doesn't look like there's anything for 2016 on the adult courses section of the website...

20 Jan 2016  #4

A shame if they've stopped them. I think there are still Beginners' courses at Wakefield College.

One place to ask, either for courses (they run them but I'm not sure if they do adults) or for a tutor is the Polish Cultural Centre just before you get to Chapel Allerton Hospital, next to the Polish church. You'll need to call there in person.

It looks like they've stopped them at City College and at Beckett's Park too :-(

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