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Polish website analysis help.

3 May 2017  #1

Hello friends,
i am working for company Unilight. which deals with oĊ›wietlenie led.
we recently updated our online web store, due to which we are facing decrease in sales as compared to our old website.
I request you to visit my website and if you can give me some suggestions to improve it or correct my mistakes.
i have very less knowledge of polish language and culture. that why for me its little difficult to analysis and discover issues.
my web store:- unilight .com.pl
thank you

3 May 2017  #2

I might be interested in buying something from you - but what stands out for me is your lack of a physical address on the site.

I'd also suggest that there's a lack of information on how you can install LED strips for instance, or systems that are controlled remotely. I'm looking for ideas for LED lights right now, so it would be nice if I could read "right, you need this, this and that".

3 May 2017  #3

thanks for your suggestions. i really appreciate.

1) physical address on site is mentioned on page kontakt

2) we will work on instructions as you suggested.
we have finish making videos of 230v led strip which is really hot new item,
you can see in this page

thank you
we will be waiting for your order.

4 May 2017  #4

Two questions to clarify your situation for me in view of your updated website:
1. Have you amended the webpage URL too over the course of updating your store?
2. Have you changed the prices?

4 May 2017  #5

1.Store main url didn't changed, but other pages url changed as complete website is updated.
store was updated in one night. that is we developed website on other domain then we shifted it to original domain.
2.we regularly change prices are related to many factors. In old website also we had same policy.
thank you

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