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Chaos in Croatia - Catholic Croats now target Catholic Serbs

13 Mar 2017  #1

After almost entirely destroyed Orthodox Serbs, germanized Catholic Croats, now turns against Catholic Serbs. There are regions in Croatia that traditionaly preserved loyalty to Slavdom/Serbdom and those who are irretrievably lost due to deep germanization. So, we now coming to the essence of the problem. All the time, it was not about conflict between Catholicism and Orthodoxy, but its about conflict between germanized Slavs/Serbs (Croats) who pressuring others in direction of germanzation, all by Germanic sponsorship. Things now went that far that these days even Vatican have problems in Croatia. In attempt to separate Catholic Church from Nazism (ie Germanic expansionism) in Croatian society Vatican faces serious problems and opposition.

Football fans from Split attacked football fans from Rijeka shouting ``Kill Serbian`` and ``Ready for home`` (`Ready for home` is term used as salute by Nazi Croatian ustashe (Croatian version of Ukrainian banderists) in Hitler`s puppet state of Croatia during WWII, at a time of massive extermination of everything Serbian in Croatia, where by German sources was in most bestial ways killed more then 700.000 Orthodox Serbs, while Catholics Serbs were forced to declare themselves as Croats).


"Srbi bi se topovima branili na 'Poljudu"

Meč su obeležili prekidi zbog baklji, a odmah nakon toga krenula su i skandiranja "Ubij Srbina" i "Za dom spremni".

Interesting development. As people say, justice of the God may be slow but for sure inevitable >>>>

NDH victims, their families sue Croatia for USD 3.5 billion

Croatia has received a group lawsuit for compensation over the damage suffered by Serbs, Roma, and Jews during WW2 in the Ustasha regime of the NDH.

It also means that Poles can sue Ukraine for genocide on Poles by banderists, during WWII.

13 Mar 2017  #2

its about conflict between germanized Slavs/Serbs (Croats) who pressuring others in direction of germanzation, all by Germanic sponsorship.

This passage I don't understand. Why should Croats be germanized Serbs? First, Croats have never been Serbs, not even to say 'germanized'.

13 Mar 2017  #3

At least 80% of those who are labeled as Croats are Serbians. Language used in Croatia is Serbian. Those are historical facts. Process of croatization went hand in hand with germanziation. For convinced Croats, Croatian nation isn`t of Slavic but of Germanic stock.

Now, don`t get me wrong. No matter reason, Croatian nation is formed and it exist. Problem is that it isn`t enough to them. It would want to expand more on the account of Serbians. Fortunately, Croatia crumbles from within.

13 Mar 2017  #4

First, Croats have never been Serbs, not even to say 'germanized'.

Indeed, Crowie, behave yourself.

tells us all we need to know - that they can be considered neighbours of the tribes that now make up modern Poland.

13 Mar 2017  #5

``They`` say. Absolutely. Powerful machine behind them. Was, at least. Just start google on the topic from Dubrovnik. Its scandal what was done to Serbs.

But, we live in times when powers tend to correct historical injustices, in attempt to create preconditions for long term peace among civilizations. So, you shall see.

28 Mar 2017  #6

How is that nice. Together in Nazism, banderists and ustashe. Children of Bandera and Pavelic.

Croat and Ukrainian fans' hate message to Serbs and Russians

Posters reading, "(Hang) Serbs from the willow trees", written in Croatian, and "Moskals (Russians) to the knives" in Ukrainian, were put up around the city allegedly by the fans of both teams.

As particularly for Croatia, this development was predicted. Good, good. More hate on Serbians, more nazism, more sh** and, Catholic Serbs would be awaken and they would get rid themselves from Croats. So that Croats can finally go in freedom of new reich. To go but, without Serbs and Serbian property. Obviously, Croatia isn`t serious society. Same as new Ukrainian ethos, new Croat ethos needs proper and real borders of its newly created ethnic state. Nazism is the good way to get exactly that.

At the same time, my condolences to normal Ukrainians and Croats.

28 Mar 2017  #7

As particularly for Croatia, this development was predicted.

Of course it was predicted: Serbs invaded Croatia and murdered Croatians, and now Russians have invaded Ukraine and are murdering Ukrainians, of course the two victims will support each other.

More hate on Serbians, more nazism

Which bit is bothering you more: the hate against Serbs or the fact that your Chetnik heroes can't do their usual trick and collaborate with Nazis when the Nazis are aimed against them?

28 Mar 2017  #8

Of course it was predicted: Serbs invaded Croatia and murdered Croatians

Clinton`s war propaganda won`t bring you anything, Harrimane.

and now Russians have invaded Ukraine and are murdering Ukrainians,

With maiden came desire of young Ukrainian nation to have solely its own ethnic state. At the same time they chosen Nazism and wrong hero such is bandera. But, Russians aren`t lambs to be slaughtered. What actually normal Ukrainians didn`t even want but, EU didn`t ask them when sponsored Nazism.

See, exactly same happened in former Yugoslavia, in story of Serbs and Croats. EU as sponsor. Wrong heroes. Nazism. Then, Clinton`s made it possible to win. Temporarily.

But, as I likes to say, evil would destroy itself from within. In Croatia, exactly Catholic Serbs would create border between Croats and Serbs. Good hearts in my brothers. Good Slavic hearts.

Which bit is bothering you more: the hate against Serbs or the fact that your Chetnik heroes can't do their usual trick and collaborate with Nazis when the Nazis are aimed against them?

As I said, your fabricated tales won`t bring you anything. My poor and mentally deranged virtual fiend, Harry.

11 Apr 2017  #9

Catholic or Orthodox, Serbians within what is now Croatia, have to extinct. Look at development in one EU and NATO country.

Ukrainian scenario in Croatia > same sponsors, USA and EU > Fascist and Nazi movements in Croatia publicly demonstrate their readiness and power > in Capitol of Croatia > what are Banderists in Ukraine, those are Ustashe in Croatia >>>


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25 May 2017  #10

I must show to my Polish sisters and brothers how things function when are people deluded with Nazi-Islam. Spot how Kosovo Albanian football fans cooperate with Croatian football fans, together against Serbians. They shouted: ``Kill kill Serbian!`` and ``Hang Serbs on trees!``. Also: ``Kosovo, Kosovo!``, ``Hrvatska, Hrvatska!``


Do you now understand?

25 May 2017  #11

Spot how Kosovo Albanian football fans cooperate with Croatian football fans, together against Serbians.

No surprise, given that both of their countries were invaded by Serbs who then committed genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass rape.

25 May 2017  #12

Rhetoric of official Poland more and more sound as rhetoric of Serbia, while you Harry, still, desperately and moronically spread proven anti-Serbian propaganda. Shame on you Harry.

I love lady sestru Shidlo. Do you love her Harry?

Dirk diggler
8 Jun 2017  #13

Actually harry there were croats who committed war crimes too against serbs... Albanians also kidnapped serbs to sell their organs on the black market to help bankroll the KLA.

No one is innocent in war. You do what you must to survive. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6..

4 Jan 2018  #14


Croatia on the edge to declare war to Slovenia

Before and after International court for mediation confirmed how is Slovenia right in definition of sea border with Croatia, these two countries of former Yugoslavia are on the edge of war. BDW, Adriatic sea was by Serbians liberated from Italy and Austro-Hungaria and won for Slavic world. Now those who didn`t move a finger to fight hostile non-Slavs, fighting among each others. Especially greed of Croatia is unimaginable. That is madness.

Tomašić: Silom braniti morsku granicu sa Slovenijom (We will defend border with Slovenia with army force)

16 May 2018  #15


This movie that would be based on truth, more like kind of documentary, would be known as greatest horror movie ever. Forget all other horror movies, that you ever seen or ever heard of. For this move will deal with issues that goes behind capability of comprehension of normal human mind.

In WWII, beside Germany, only Croatia on its own organized death camps. So, organized death camps not under German guidance but on their own genocidal program and final solution for Serbians, Jews and Gypsies.

Until recently, this horror story was softened thanks to Yugoslavian communists who did all to hide and soften this horror story due to fear that truth about Croatian death during WWII camps could undermine internal stability of Yugoslavia, and also, thanks to Vatican and western European interests that considered weakening and destruction of Serbians.

Now, in our time, Serbia established good cooperation with Vatican and Catholic Church now washing its hands from this issue, one can easily say, worse issue in which Catholic Church ever ever was involved on European soil and most probably anywhere in the world, where great number of Catholic priests personally took part in most bestial crimes. In our time, Vatican have problems with Catholic clergy in Croatia to force them to expel Nazism from within Catholic Church. Complete issue would go in history as biggest proof to which extent of lunacy under pressure of aims of germanization, Catholic Church was manipulated. For mind of Croats and Croatian ustashe is nothing but mind of one fraction of brainwashed Catholic Serbians who were exposed to germanization and turned into Croats. Now, go figure this complete madness. Biggest madness of Europe. Madness that exist solely because its suits to western Europe.

The Ustaša movement is based on religion. Therefore, our acts stem from our devotion to religion and to the Roman Catholic church.

-Ustashe chief ideologist Mile Budak, 13 July 1941

source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II_persecution_of_Serbs

Serbia to finance motion picture about Jasenovac death camp

The Serbian government - on President Vucic's initiative - is ready to finance a major film project about the suffering of Serbs, Jews, and Roma in Jasenovac.

Croatian society (that have support of EU and western Europe) sunk deeper in madness >>> Catholic priests who are proven pedophiles would be by referendum protected from sanctioning (as per default Catholic priests love little children, as said in explanation). I hope there would be article of it in English so you all can see how goes development of Catholic Church within Nazi theocratic society. That is form of Catholic Church from which even Vatican washing its hands.

Zagreb: "Zaštitimo sveštenike pedofile, glasajmo"

Serbian movie - Noz (Knife)

If you thought that Polish history is hard, watch this move and learn about Serbian history. This particular issue deal with what Islam, Nazism and Nazi-Islam done to my people during WWII. Learn and mourn over destine of your Serbian brethren

full movie (English subs) > movie is based on historical truth > youtube.com/watch?v=XO4WIUoCrsg

21 Jun 2018  #16

Well, Croatian society consider itself non-Slavic. They promote their Germanic origin. Its official. That`s how they telling to little children in schools.

So, I`m not obliged to them over Slavic line.

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