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Is the collpase of Western civilisation inevitable and when?

20 Jun 2017  #1

This debate has raged for years but has shifted into higher gear amid the current migrant muck-up. As a spiritually rootless fat and flabby Europe based on consumerist hedonism seem too be retreating under Muslim pressure, there still are Europeans convinced that being "nice" to the migrant hordes and spouting liberal-leftist PC slogans will somehow win them over.

Do you agree? When do you think Eurabia will replace Europe? Some are saying West Europeans will soon be fleeing to Višegrad to escape the repercussions of the gradual but inevitable Middle East-African take-over.

20 Jun 2017  #2

Ask yourself in which direction migration is occurring within Europe and you've got your answer.

20 Jun 2017  #3

in which direction migration

So you agree that not all of Europe but mainly the West will collapse and survivors will seek safe haven in the Central Eastern countries?

20 Jun 2017  #4

I don't believe the Occident will ever "collapse", although she has morphed into a far less homogeneous totality of late than heretofore due to the onslaught of multiculturalism:-)

20 Jun 2017  #5

So you agree that not all of Europe but mainly the West will collapse and survivors will seek safe haven in the Central Eastern countries?

Quite the opposite. The migration patterns show that people are still moving West, and within the "East" (let's say the Eastern Bloc for ease), people are abandoning the villages and towns and moving into cities. It's a huge issue, as it could lead to the complete collapse of rural structures in places like Poland and Romania.

20 Jun 2017  #6

I imagine the left would argue it will not collapse just continue to change. Do I personally foresee governments collapsing because of social unrest? This would require "migrant background" to reach at-least 30%. The prospect of a foreign nation such as Saudi Arabia/Iran etc militarily attacking an European nation is very slim.

So what is Western Civilization? To the left it centers on "European values". And when they criticize the far-right in Europe or May's recent comments about altering human rights laws in order to more easily seize, prosecute and deport individuals - they argue if we lose these European values while pursuing a solution/answer to Islamic radicalism then we have lost anyway.

When we look back at post-WW2 Europe; in terms of global influence we never recovered. Then even Asia over-jumped us. Economically/living standards relative to our competitors have also declined. This to me is more troubling. I image globalist would argue this cheap labor and influx of contrasting cultures/mindset will result in a more diverse thinking and *eventually* superior Europe. In the West's viewpoint, if multiculturalism is the definite way of the future then shouldn't Europe get a headstart and even take the leading rule?

USA is increasingly left (Democrats are going further into the wilderness in this regard) and today American culture shapes Western Civilization most. The USA is also the Wests military strength. An interesting combo to say the least. No matter how wild crime in cities such as Chicago turns, or how erratic you feel Donald Trump is - USA is the driving force and they are still quite stable. Without getting too far into NWO etc, I do believe fractured societies is a goal seeked by elitist. This ensures USA will most likely never experience a Russian revolution or even Solidarity movement.

IMO Western Civilization continues on but steadily worse off and more diluted. The influence (and control) will continue to increase alongside globalization.

20 Jun 2017  #7

Quite the opposite

The time-frame is the key. If and when Muslims increase their numbers via immigration and copulation and get involved in political life, they will be able to pass pro-Muslim legislation backed by fellow-MPs of leftist and liberal persuasion. That can mandate halal fare in schools, Muslim calls to prayer over loudspeakers in the streets six times a day and eventually Shariah law. Laws restricting the activities of "infidels" could be next. Through their sheer numbers and thanks to their clueless leftist-liberal useful idiots, they will use the democratic system to take over and it will all be legal even by Western standards.

20 Jun 2017  #8

I do believe fractured societies is a goal seeked by elitist.

There is certainly a lot to be said about the parallels between big backers of the Republicans in the US and the rule of United Russia. Both of them are quite frightened of the idea of Europe being unified, which is why they spend so much on propaganda and supporting the far-right.

You can certainly say that neither the US or Russia would be upset if things returned to the 1960's in terms of the balance of power.

20 Jun 2017  #9

neither the US or Russia would be upset

Total codswallop! Dunno abotu the Rooskies, but the land of the free and home of the brave (USA if you didn't know) are not interested in a rerun of the cold war and arms race. But America must remain vigilant and is deeply concerned about the injustices suffered by Ukrainains, Georgians and soon possibly Estonians at the hands of the Muscovite regime,

23 Jun 2017  #10

No, Western civilization won`t collapse. Poland and Serbia consolidates and kicking.

Only geographical west of Europe would crumble. Its inevitable. Cultural West, real West, no we won`t collapse. Far from it.

23 Jun 2017  #11

All civilisations so far have collapsed, everything is always changing. Sooner or later, every culture gets its turn.

23 Jun 2017  #12

Crisis of civilization is crisis. Collapse is end of civilization.

As long as we Slavs (ie Sarmatians/ie Thracians) exist, West lives on.

23 Jun 2017  #13

I'm reminded at this point of the well-known retort of Gandhi, when once asked by a Western journalist what the great man thought of Western Civilization:

"Sounds like a marvelous idea, why doesn't someone try it?"

24 Jun 2017  #14

What Anglo-Franco-Germanic media promote as Western world is non existent. Its not Western civilization. Gandhi knew that.

See, Slavs are only true representatives of Western world.

24 Jun 2017  #15

All that doomsday questions are out of use. A contemporary observer can hardly be a judge. Maybe western civilization collapsed already. Even a many years ago and nobody noticed. Maybe it'll collapse a hundred years into the future. Maybe it is happening now or maybe just maybe it is only a one of the many phases and trials that shaped our civilization into something better, a more resilient and versatile hub.

Who knows?
That commie heresy/pestilence soon gonna be over. I firmly believe that to be a true.

24 Jun 2017  #16

Well, everything would fall one day. Even penis. But, with good business moves we Slavs would preserve that what is Slavic world or as some call it- Western world.

24 Jun 2017  #17

we Slavs would

Stop that crap with us Slavs. Nobody cares about it, except maybe few nutter here and there. Lest of all your obsession Russia. Russia seen this Slavic rhetoric as a useful toot for her imperialist aggressive policy. Are you ready to be a Russian Crow? If not you are a fool.

24 Jun 2017  #18

Pardon. You be Russian. I am 300% Polish.

25 Jun 2017  #19

The west will collapse after anyone except a nut takes serbia seriously, until then we are good.

25 Jun 2017  #20

Well, I do can imagine Serbian representative in European parliament who stand up and start to criticize Germanics, Anglos and Francs for stealing Slavic history and reducing Slavic ethnic space in last 2500 years, by constant wars, economic pressure and incentives, assimilation of Slavs. I do can imagine how Serbians in EU parliament demand better starting position for Slavs taking in account historical circumstances (all damage done to Slavs) and reality (that Slavs hold largest resources in Europe). I can imagine how Serbians suggest formation of Slavic Block within EU. I also can imagine how Serbians in EU parliaments gets great support from many and not only from Slavs. I clearly see Belgrade as Capital of EU, as attempt of western Europe to prevent collapse of EU. That strong are Serbians.

No, it won`t be allowed to Serbia to join in EU. It would happen only if masters of EU thinks that they can better control Serbia if country become member. Hopefully they would miscalculate.

25 Jun 2017  #21

Serbians can create such a great disturbance within EU, awake Slavic masses on continental scale, create problems even to governments of those Slavic countries which hesitate to properly respond to western European pressure on Slavs.

We Serbians can do that. We are eager to save West.

25 Jun 2017  #22

Have in mind that Israel and Israeli president recognize Serbian (Slavic) antiquity. Here is video where Israeli PM Netanyahu speaks about Serbian antiquity and Jewish-Serbian (Slavic) contacts back in that time. Germanics, Anglos and Franks don`t have antiquity. They aren`t West. So, what they want? To rule us Slavs? It won`t happen. Serbians, re-claimers are back in the game.

PM Netanyahu's meeting with Serbian PM Aleksandar Vučić

25 Jun 2017  #23

All what is about Serbians, all what they doing, all is about truth about Western world and culture, all is good for Poland and Serbians would again initiate Golden Age in Poland. All because scientific truth must be respected and can`t be denied, so that people can move on. Only in truth future generations can found answer and that is why false historical science created by magnates of western Europe facing defeat from Serbians.

Birthplace of the West

Danube Valley Civilization (Vinca in Serbia) script is the oldest writing in the world

No, West wouldn`t die. Nonsense. West would be freed.

25 Jun 2017  #24

See, no wonder that pro-Serbian (read, pro-truth) politician in Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, wants to come to power in Britain and have serious chances to succeed. Winds of change coming to islands. Gravitational pool of Belgrade is simple irresistible.

28 Sep 2018  #25

A very appealing theme indeed. I don't think that low fertility rates in many modern countries is the result of hedonism only. Probably this is the sign of a much more serious problems and failures. Regarding of a demographic world map of the future, it depends on some important factors which are difficult to predict for now. For example: 1) Will scientist invent some technology which allows to extend human life drastically? It may reduce need for self reproduction. 2) Will some technology of an artificial human reproduction (possibly cloning) invented which would be cheap and reliable enough? I don't exclude possibility that both these technologies not only been created but even secretly implemented. Also I have serious suspicion based on pure intuition that a rich representatives of so called European ultra-right secretly created a state for Europeans only somewhere in the World (possibly even on Mars) and slowly migrate there. This is could be a reason why European states are been left to their fate. But info about all this is kept secret from a "general public".

28 Sep 2018  #26

False and self-declared Western civilization will fall, while real Western civilization- Serbia and other Slavs getting their well deserved place on the top of pyramid of global power.

28 Sep 2018  #27

How come? Fertility rates among Slavic nations are low.

28 Sep 2018  #28

Your English is quite poor.....do you mind telling us where you come from?

28 Sep 2018  #29

Nicke name Vlad always remind me on glorious days of brat Vlad Tepes. Those were the days.

28 Sep 2018  #30

Your English is quite poor.....do you mind telling us where you come from?

I was born in Ukraine but immigrated to Canada a while ago.

America's also got its Wyborcza, Newsweek and TVN [27]"28 percent of the American population sat on their ass and did nothing last year." [31]

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