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Lol I dont believe this shet at all

13 Jul 2021  #1

I just had this shet show up on y youtube i guess because im into history:

I believe I could do this shet Americans who terrorized me for yrs continue to stalk me harass me online for a single case I once had I could definitely have this ahte for such vermin tho. I mean what they do in that land those normies that hate sex offenders etc. if those people got power in that country i could see them doing this. Just for being american just for not even that sex crap but harassing me growing up having a funny name and being polak. Im rusprosiued I didnt do that like what the lady describes above to their tourists here and let it go i guess im a super good guy or much better than most humans experiencing such treatment and trauma for yrs on end. but the lady in that video is maing half the **** up. no one would murder their own mom for being polak or black or whatever.

I mean their hatred toward Polaks could not have been close to what I felt. I mean just imagine being put into jails and prisons for literally defending yourself and them calling it a victory after snitching as groups in a bar in one case and harassing me finding my first case putting it in the comment section etc. those sorts of untetrmenschen would literally deserve from that bradys bar what the lady talked about above.

With a fuking lawyer on their side against me working with da. Two cases in that land country taking deals before even preliminary hearing by his own conviction paid lawyer btw. Not to mention thrown away like a non citizen nothing zero non human. Believe me i would possibly do what the lady talked about to americans if i had a chance at one point.

13 Jul 2021  #2

Than a yr later for a gypsy white trash wielodzietny put to prison. believe me if this wuldnt break anyone make you do what that lady in video talked about against a single nation Umerica nothing would. nothing.

If being innocent defending yourself maybe using slight excessive force in the bar fight due to grbabing a glass but being outnumbered and half surrounded and not mention white trash and garbage people using lies cops shaking their hands and even having some ***** all of a sudden appear claiming she wa sinjured ina. scuffle i never seen if this wouldnt make you hate a country and nation as uch as those ukrainians above did i have no idea what would.

Not to mention in the first case being rearrested after bail denied habeus corpus after one or two nights off fake retired judge singing some warrant they never even showe dnot even cops bailbond.

Imagine if I was part of UPA at this time when this was all ahppening. and some spic was trying to fuk up my parole at the time down the street get me to engage. Imagine guys what I would do to amewricans in such circumstances had a war broke out and I was upa than.

13 Jul 2021  #3

and its funny how I just touch on a small section or small deal what happened to me there or what they did to me. And before you say oh I did it to myself by being a warrior by being strong in certain aspects of my life in certain situations doesnt make it wrong or me bad. I was discriminated against for combination of Polak or being foreign imigrant in their land and their first case. Either way discirmination. And if I was upa id do to them what they did to polaks most likely. How is it ok what they did? how is lying to cops or cops going out of the way due to ur first case to commit perjury and you being polak ok? How the fuk being put with tatood animals for yrs at a tie for defending yourself and your neighbourhood from a gypsy white trash wielodzietny named rpahael luciano ok? and the mother ******* in there harassed me further those cops or jailers most of all including the last day from go group at the ice center.

Trust me Id have way mroe reasons than Ukrainians or UPA to do what they did but on Americans. I would have had I have.

13 Jul 2021  #4

When I was going to dui classes during the time they got me for beating up luciano after he charged me, or nevermind it was during this time before the last fight i took those damm courses. In Santa Cruz CA. This pos faggit with some hand tats was running the course. CA dui classes have these sit in meetings with the main coucelors running the courses or this dude. But in the classes he says he teaches dui classes part time and was a non drinking bar tender part time. Whatever let me get to the next point.

He told me in the second sit in interview because I forgot if I told him or he knew of my bar fight case against kevin markley but he said some **** I should let go of it. And I told him something like how that garage thing they can get over on me and he claimed them going co cops lying as a group making shet up ganging up on me or the polak was them winning or getting over on me. He said some reply to me like but they have. And at that instant I almsot told him I could easily equalify it with a molotov cocktail to that bar or where that guy lived but i held my tounge. I just nodded ot him realizing he is one of them. one of them americans one of their homies.

Now Ill never get a chance to throw that molotov and destroy their garbage existance or bar they live bar there every day. Anyway, life moves on. But it is funny just like on this very form americans or those living ther eocnsider it not snitching or cowardice lying to cops and using their garbage system to win. They call it winning guys. cowards that upa would burn alive literally. Lol that garbage dui cuncellor probably knows their group since he is a bartender and thats their world ging to dive bars punking ppl for seats but they are good ole boys local boys so its cool to them he considered it winning. lol. upa would win i guarantee it or guys like me with em there.

13 Jul 2021  #5

Whats funny is the only thing I had in my heart during those dark moments existing like this there was the ultras and polak nationalism. I would watch those videos ultras and polak videos literally all day getting fuked up and listening to music and shet than fu*k them up get hyped up and ****.

The 'Kentler Project' in West Berlin routinely placed homeless children with pedophile men. [14]Overacting ovaries [14]

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