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Essay Structure

7 Oct 2016  #1

Introductory Paragraph-which tells readers what they want to know first.

Thesis Statement-is a question

Topic Statement-1 is your topic
With Supporting Paragraph-is your reasons to back up your statement.

Topic Statement-2
With Supporting Paragraph-is your reasons to back up your statement.

Topic Statement-3
With Supporting Paragraph-is your reasons to back up your statement.

Concluding Paragraph-answers the Thesis Question.Which is the last part of the essay.

Paragraph-Is 3 sentences.
7 Oct 2016  #2

Thanks for the lesson!

Who is/are your intended audiences, pray? Grammatically derelict English native speakers here, or Poles who wish to improve their English?
7 Oct 2016  #3

Statement-Is something stated.
8 Oct 2016  #4

???? Really, archiwum?LOL

Think you're having us on a bit, yes?
8 Oct 2016  #5

what about Literature Review?
9 Oct 2016  #6

In, General. Here is an example admissions essay I found:

The diversity of life is what brings beauty to this world. The life I have lead, in that same vein, has been full of diverse culture, learning, language, new countries and people, and always opportunity within the changes.

I was born in Gambia, West Africa, and bring with me a rich and ancient heritage, with a deep respect for agriculture, tradition and religious diversity. Traditionally, however, education is not a major priority in Gambia, as it is an agricultural country relying more on an understanding of the land and the sea than on technology and advancement.

Women, in particular, are not encouraged to seek education. They are encouraged, however, to raise a family at a young age and to seek success in the matters of the home. This is not what my parents wanted for their children, however, and to break this cycle, they moved us to Sweden at a young age.

Facing life in a new country, with new cultures, food, languages, education system, and ways was difficult, but it was a challenge we accepted in order to better our futures. Learning to embrace a new culture and accept its ways is not an easy task – many who enter new cultures still cling to their traditional ways of doing things and do not learn to adapt and truly integrate into their new society. My parents, however, encouraged us to truly embrace our new lives and learn new ways, which we did. This, in turn, has made me a very open minded and eager person to learn new things, and I embrace this mindset in all things.

Thus, knowing what was in store for me, when I immigrated to the US, I began this integration into a new culture once again. I believe my personal diversity and extensive travel experience brings to campus a unique and open point of view, and I am very willing to share my experiences with other students who also want to become great research writers. This has also lead me to my current course of study, and I am eager to begin my continued education and to share my abilities with others on the campus.


Reference: Example writing and admission papers posted by freelance writers and students - https://essayscam.org/forum/fe/
6 Dec 2016  #7

The 3 Topic Statements with supporting paragraphs comes in 3 parts.In, General.
Correction: 3 separate parts.Topic.
Your topic has 3 different situations on the same thing.

A sentence also is something stated. You capitalize the first letter of the word in a sentence, and end with a period.
When you pause for a word you use a apostrophe (,).

Example: Up there is a birds nest.

-This Is Something Stated-
24 Dec 2016  #8

a apostrophe (,)

That's a comma.

birds nest

Now that's where you need your apostrophe -bird's nest. Wesołych Świąt!
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