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16 Oct 2012  #1

Hi everyone

It's a men hating society and most of us we know this very well.
Everyday in every movie on television, the average is that about 20 men
are killed and maximum 1 woman.

How many of you have favourite movie "Kill Bill"? It is ok and even fun to kill
and cut to death hundreds of men. But a movie who would show death of women,
would be instantly labeled as horrible and forbidden.

Let's dig deeper into realities of today's western world
and the vast inequality between men and women:

MEN are injured, killed about 8 TIMES more often than women

For the exact same crime committed, women on average get prison sentences
2.5 times SHORTER.

Average length of life of a man: 62 years
Average length of life of a woman: 74 years
If you are born a man, you live automatically on average 12 years less than a woman.

In wars, men are sent to die, and brainwashed to consider it a honour to die so.
If feminists want equality, first thing they should make it obligatory for women
to be sent to wars too.

You can come up with more examples easily.

Enjoy this evening
17 Oct 2012  #2

Average length of life of a man: 62 yearsAverage length of life of a woman: 74 years

Dont know what third world sh!t hole you come from fella...coz,yeah,no one believes you are actually a woman called kasia....fail topic.
17 Oct 2012  #3

Probably kondzior, not "kasia".
19 Oct 2012  #4

It's a point of view. Why to go after anyone whose views differ?
26 Oct 2012  #5

Why to go after anyone whose views differ?

Because its complete bullsh!t you numptie,thats why.....
27 Oct 2012  #6

lol zimmy in the flesh trying to pose as a chick so he can push out his agenda

Good try, but your too too predictable.
It's a point of view. Why to go after anyone whose views differ?

dont believe this Lodz, its not even a female, not even registered.
27 Oct 2012  #7

Awwww..I thought something interesting was gonna be here. Like a real article or fact.

OP forgot:

*stats on percentage of women killed by men as oppsed opposite
*stats that men that marry live longer
*women in the military that have been deployed
*the degrading and humiliating events that happened to the "bride" in that silly movie; leading to the killing spree of assassins (not just random men)
and the killed /injured men..*are killed more often by other? Men
or fact of work stats that women are more likely to use provided safety equipment: seatbelts, back braces, rebreathers than "i don't need that wus stuff' men.
also are a much higher precentage of being drunk when accidents happen

Don't know what movies you are watching.
Since the vapid spunky heroine comes only in package of one..and is needed to be awarded as prize at the end to leading man...(unless her death is fuel for a rampaging fury of Vengeful JUSTICE... 9_9 ) what tons of women should die in movie?Cashiers?Secretaries? no one thinks of women as thugs, ninjas, mafios, gangbangers, special forces. So they are not playing parts they can get killed. How many female redshirts You remember?
How many fem Avengers? ONE.
How many fem expendables (oh I gotta get pt2!!!) ZERO but there was a brave girl needing saving.
Highlanders? Transformers? GI JOE (has the most but not for live action)
Noooo.....WE get to die stupid asking "T-t-tony is that You ?" as the killer we KNEW was stalking us gets alerted to our position.

I would say a comment ,but it simply isn't ladylike! But go rub it!
27 Oct 2012  #8

Rysavy,I don't mind feminists,I just don't like man bashers.That statistic about crime is definitely true.
27 Oct 2012  #9

I don't mind feminists,I just don't like man bashers
0_o *blinks* huh?

But what does that have to do with this post, which is not a female by how they word it all and not presenting any real data to connect post to Title? It was all carefully selected statistics but not the real numbers.
I made no comment on the inequality of sentencing , but that is rapidly changing depending on state.
(you also have to have stats on percentages of men to women committing crime..how many are repeat offenders)

Who is bashing men HERE? I am only woman that even has made comment yet.
I'm no where near a femi-nazi LOL ..I am much opposite. I personally think for my needs, upbringing, desires and pleasures; the women's movement was one of worst thing to ever happen to family. And I don't feel "liberated" by the movement at all. I like being a woman and having a man to compliment my differences. I like my male kin and friends.

Am I required to dig up the research articles on JSTOR or something? OP said "lets dig deeper" well, "he/she" had not dug deep enough. Cant have it both ways. Meh ..with some sleep I'll but the stats actual or links to them...most recent ones.
The inequality STILL goes both ways.
Sentence women longer when they get paid EXACT same wage for same job.
Army is only job that has less diparity-but moving up in rank is still slower for women. Even tough old birds with no strings at home to pull them. Let men do 50% of housework and family chores ACROSS THE GENDER BOARD. Even today, we women so lucky to work are still expected to all the jobs dear old housewife mom did. Still can come home from 12 hours shift to have to handle kids, laundry, "where is its" and dishes (not hat feminazis care. Their answer is just not marry him or let him move in.. go solo cept for booty call..and not have children. Oh and double standards are stil there. Guy sleeps with 3 its practive-10 its prowess. Woman does it..its stupidity or she is a trollop. And so many more.

And to be sincere, a man posting as a woman is awful (and other way) Let him speak for his gender AS his gender. OR he will get called out on it *shrugs* What I am calling out is the very disparity in this post about disparity. Inequality kinda washes out to even if you have the cons side by side.
What? Some animals more equal than others?
27 Oct 2012  #10

Rysavy I agree,I meant the punishment for women is certainly much more lenient when it comes to men.As for the rest of those stats I don't know about them.The comment about man bashers was just a general statement,I sometimes jump from thought to thought when chatting,sorry if I confused you and I didn't mean to suggest that you were.I just saw the word feminist and this guy obviously has a problem with them.
27 Oct 2012  #11

How many female redshirts You remember?

Uhuru,but she never got killed,just kicked metophorical ass with her killer legs ;)
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