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Gmail human non-recorded consultant via phone?

28 Apr 2017  #1

Anyone know if it's possible to actually speak with a human consultant for gmail? Not a recorded message or robot or some online gatesian gobble-dee-gook?

Again, when trying to open my gmail I am told (in writing onthe screen of course) that my address was chnaged 11 months ago. OK, so it was changed, what does that have to do with them making it inoperative now?

Do others have similar problems with gmail? It is much worse than Polish interia.

29 Apr 2017  #2

I'm sure there is no human to help. What's the error message? They probably want you to enter your old password or maybe date of birth. This is what users get for using a 'free service' - get it free but lose your freedom and privacy, or it all ;)

29 Apr 2017  #3

Tłum - old password
Yes, they ask for the old password, but when I type it in, they again ask for the old password, but when I type it in, they again ask for the old password... and the merry-go-round goes round and round and round without end.

29 Apr 2017  #4

Are you 100% sure that you're typing your password correctly? It's possible it might fail because you had one or more upper case letters or numerals, in your old password and forgotten about it. Do you get a message telling you the password is not correct?

29 Apr 2017  #5

Vincent - telling you the password is not correct?
No, all they do is repeat: enter password, when I do....and you know the rest.
However, I found in one of my naturally hard-copy notebooks several passwords from the past, and one of them actually worked. I consider it almost a miracle, because in general I regard e-gadgetarianism as one big pain in the *****! But many dzienks anyway for your kind attempt to assist. Cheers!

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