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Optimistic Slavic thread, for Slavs and for those who love Slavic way, for brother and friend, despi

23 Mar 2017  #1

Now, let`s make one nice and relaxing thread. Optimistic, too. For we are alive, aren`t we. We still have our Slavic civilization. We Slavs differ among us but we are still Slavs, great people. Thread of everything Slavic. Anything. Mix it. Full info on Slavs. Give it your best.

My contribution to this thread I would start with two music bands, one Polish and one Russian. Interestingly they share name of Arkona. Sacred to us all.

ARKONA - Ziemia


Umarły dla świata spoglądam bez żalu
Na wciąż tę samą niewidoczną twarz
Skrywany za lękiem przed utratą siebie
Zabijam w sobie własną nieobecność

Widmo nadziei powraca
By ujrzeć znów nieznane wspomnienia
W rozpaczliwym trwaniu emanacja smutku
Myśli tłumione do granic

English translation

Being dead for the world I stare without regret
At the same invisible face
Hidden behind fear afraid of loosing identity
I'm killing my own absence inside of me

A shadow of hope returns
To see unknown memories again
In hopeless existence an outburst of sadness
Without space for any thoughts

ARKONA - Yarilo

23 Mar 2017  #2

Ok, here's something lovely that I found at Christmas. The Ukrainian Carol of the Bells (which is very well known in English speaking countries where it's sung in English). Here it's performed by young Ukrainians in beautiful national costumes. Sadly and very ironically, its composer was murdered by a Russian agent to whom he offered overnight shelter at Christmas time.

23 Mar 2017  #3

Even more sadly and ironically, he was murdered by an Ukrainian, Afanasy Grishchenko.
23 Mar 2017  #4

Yes. Ugly things happening to Slavs, by Slavs. Sometimes Slavs themselves are to be blamed and sometimes we are just merely pawns in games of some foreigners. So, how to focus on the prosperity in these circumstances when one never knows what motivates events. Its question for itself. Maybe, just maybe, truth could be answer. Universal truth.
31 Mar 2017  #5

Crow who are you voting for in the Serbian presidential elections on Sunday?


Ave Beli !

Samo jako !

31 Mar 2017  #6

A rather excellent Yugoslav song. Polish people will recognise the melody...

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Off-Topic / Optimistic Slavic thread, for Slavs and for those who love Slavic way, for brother and friend, despitop