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Ryanair open base in Krakow, Poland

16 Dec 2012  #1

See that Ryanair have opened their second Polish base in Krakow with a total of 224 flights a week. While it might not the best airline in the world, i think it is fine. And now you can fly to Greece, Manchester, Gothenberg and Dortmund. And it is more jobs for Krakow.

16 Dec 2012  #2

Fair do's.

I wish they'd stop their stupid "On Time" announcement. I was pleased when my flight was delayed by two hours 'cos I didn't have to hear it.

18 Dec 2012  #3

What a crock that is. Their scheduled times are always a joke. If a flight normally takes 2 hours, they'll say the flight takes 5. That's how their scam of most 'on time' flights work.

That said, I absolutely love Ryan Air and Michael O'Leary.

31 Jul 2018  #4


Ryanair "considering" moving operations to Poland

If this happens then it would be good news for Poland

"If some market is being damaged, as the Irish market has been damaged in recent months by these activities, the Polish market is growing hugely strongly for us. The Ryanair Sun is very full, profitable. We need more aircraft in the Polish market - move aircraft to Poland."


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