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Polish drivers vs German drivers in Czech :)

22 Jul 2010  #1

yes, i have unleashed the demon again :)

below you have link to interesting article from czech. it is about who is the most dangerous foreign driver in czech rep. of course - in opinion of czech police and czech drivers, most dangerous are poles. chances to have an collision with poles are 10-times greater than with german. buuuuuut, there is one little but. altough germans are making less attempts to have an accident, they are far more efficient in fatalities :). so, the question is: who is the real evil king on czech's roads:

1. ineffective (as usual ;)) poles?
2. effective (as always, when talking about killing defenseless people) teutonic germans?

have a nice day :)

17 Jul 2012  #2

I tried to read it but it is hopeless. I understand a dozen of single words and a few sentences only;
Russia claims the North Pole [28]CNN week on Poland [6]

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