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Detective agency in Wroclaw

25 Feb 2018  #1

Has anyone used this detective agency to find a person in Wroclaw?
They offered me to find a person and his details for 500Pln like 150$.Is the price right?
Any info for another detective agencies will also be appreciated.Thx

25 Feb 2018  #2

One can only wonder how much of an obsession you must have with PF to be willing to spend money on trying to find someone there.

26 Feb 2018  #3

No one will do it for less. Make sure that this is for the whole job, and not just daily rate.

26 Feb 2018  #4

Thanks Terri,I gave them some tips like what I know about the person like his previous job,address,name,facebook,other social site accounts and the bank name they bank(or use to bank)in etc,so I think its relatively easier for them then me running around for that kind of money.They assured me results delivered in physical and email with proof and are also willing to testify in court(ofcourse for a price) for there findings.Also now they emailed me that the price is net not including VAT which I really dont care as I will get it back being a VAT payer in Poland.

Also I am looking for a agency in Warsaw.I really appreciate your advice as I cant so far find any so far on internet.

johnny reb
7 Mar 2018  #5

My Polish Pen Pals sent me this link to see if it may be of any help to you.


7 Mar 2018  #6

Thank you JR a very useful info, for 30pln per person I think I can afford for cpl of people.I will seriously look into it when next time I am there,but it did not specify if its for your personal use or for general use.

johnny reb
19 Mar 2018  #7

I have been waiting for your 'punishment' to get over.
I have some new leads for you that may help you get the information that you are looking for.
PM me.

19 Mar 2018  #8

Thank you very much for the info JR.I think it will help me a lot in my cause,really appreciate your input that might save me some moola.

johnny reb
19 Mar 2018  #9

I can't believe how Poland keeps criminals crimes so private.
Here in the small towns U.S.A. if you get a drunk driving or a domestic violence they put it in the local newspaper for everyone to see.

Then it goes on your record for anyone to look up on their home computer.
All employers and landlords do a background check before you are even considered.
In Poland it is like pulling teeth to confirm someone say for drunk driving.
All that is public record here, especially spousal abuse.

19 Mar 2018  #10

All employers and landlords do a background check before you are even considered.

Yes, it's great over there. Especially the way they publish mugshots of miscreants and those mugshots are online in perpetuity. This would save me a lot of hassle when recruiting staff.

johnny reb
19 Mar 2018  #11

jon they even have a website for sexual predators that have been convicted.
They must register their immediate address (for life) which is posted on the website so everyone can see who is living next to them for their child's safety.

The bad part is that the Neo Nazi feminist have pushed this so far that if you get caught urinating in public you could be put on the sexual registry for life.

The good part is it helps weed out perverts from having contact with young children like as in school teachers, camp councilors and such.
Yup your arrest record has your mug shot, proper name, age, address, crimes convicted of, last know address, immediate relatives................
Poland needs something like this to protect it's children.

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