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Megatronic s tronic audi a6 c7 in Poland

30 May 2019  #1

I look for a megatronic s tronic audi a6 c7

1 Jun 2019  #2

oops, if you look for an S-tronic megatronic AUDI, you risk decades of search. Replace megatronic with mechatronic and you will surely fare much better with it.

Dirk diggler
6 Jun 2019  #3

Audi a6 is garbage. I use to own an allroad which is basically a sport wagon version of the a6 with a different suspension and even though it was fun to drive and a good looking car in and out it always had problems with the electronics and the air suspension. Get a BMW 5 or Mercedes e class instead. Same class of car, far less headache. I recommend the Mercedes e class especially I've owned and will likely buy it again for my next purchase.

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