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Author Kirkpatrick Sale on Multiculturalism

20 Apr 2018  #1

This cat seems to hold interesting thoughts and is worth further reading.

Self sufficient, the human scale: inherently full of diversity, sustainable, complex. But also inherently homogeneous. This is the exact opposite of what globalism and multiculturalism actually brings us: strife, isolation, destruction, simplification.

A response to globalism and the industrial revolution: not larger cities ever expanding, but more smaller cities that duplicate themselves. The parent cultures of a nation can be more easily maintained this way.

Successful sustainable businesses are rooted in homogeneous communities. Capital and leadership are local and its benefits stay local. The Japanese know this, and value stability over profits, leading to long run economic prosperity and zero unemployment.

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20 Apr 2018  #2

Again, absolutely nothing to do with Poland.

20 Apr 2018  #3

That's why it's in off-topic xD

20 Apr 2018  #4

rooted in homogeneous communities

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