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PF bets thread

8 Nov 2017  #1

I'll throw up 3650 zloty on this one if you're actually game.

Bet accepted. Unless you'd like to double that amount. Who is going to hold the stakes? I'd suggest 'Atch.

8 Nov 2017  #2


8 Nov 2017  #3


I'd prefer somebody who doesn't have a what Dirk refers to here: polanda.com/off-topic/debate-american-politics-81442/50/#msg1610055

Although perhaps it would make sense to have somebody who works in a recognised profession and can inspect any documents he/she might need to see. Given you claim to visit the town your girlfriend is from, it would make sense to have somebody from there perhaps Roger would be a good choice?

Alternatively I could suggest a few qualified legal advisers who could hold the funds and draw up an appropriate agreement. That might be the best way of you preserving your anonymity. The legal adviser can have agreements signed by each of us and verify the relevant documents.

9 Nov 2017  #4

I'll PM you Harry

johnny reb
10 Apr 2018  #5

5 squid says Pam is back as a Moderator.

10 Apr 2018  #6

Who is "Pam"?

Classy Sassy
10 Apr 2018  #7

Hey! Hey,my name is Pam also.J/K

johnny reb
18 May 2018  #8

Now taking bets on who will get divorced first..........Harry or Donald ?

20 May 2018  #9

Harry for sure.

Just give it time before Megan gets bored and begins going out on the town and starts acting like the wild American that she is.

Diana couldn't handle the overbearing queen either, or Charles.

Look what happened to Prince Charles, he's been reduced almost to the level of The Royal Swan Counter. lol

johnny reb
22 May 2018  #10

Now taking bets on who's Harrys father really is.

25 May 2018  #11

if you actually look at his face, you will see quite clearly that Chuck is his dad. He has the Windsor narrowness of nose bridge and close-together eyes. Do not be fooled by the red hair, there is red hair on his mother's side. IN fact compare and contrast Harry with a young Duke of Edinburgh and you will see there is no doubt.

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