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Some situations with Arabic people Ive got into recently here in Warsaw, Poland

29 Nov 2017  #1

Ok, so here is the thing. Lately Ive made some money online and started splurging it by going to clubs and trying to get laid. Which I know is stupid but it actually gave me some experience in terms of what to train for in the future and I do it also to practice my social skills that I lack. I know most of the time I wont get any put just to grow in terms of social skills and self defense skills it can be worth it. So money spend ok I guess. Anyway...

About a week ago I went to this place called Cubano and inside these Arabic people who were literally guarding a table and acting like they own it. At first all I did was put a drink down and they started saying no no, dont put it there or some crap to me like its their table. I did not want it dumped or have them move it so picked it up wondering how to react to such trash. I also noticed they were middle easterners. Later I walked by when my beer was almost drank as I came back from the bathroom and just put it on their table on purpose and walked by not touching it later and noticed they even had this guard or one of them who was standing in front of that table like some hired goon lol.

That was situation one. However, about three days after that or two days ago Ive had another. I was in a near the side street of nowy swiat the one you go downstairs at the end of the street and there is this open lounge type place on the opposite side from entrance and it goes into the main side-street that runs to TJ Max and central. Anyway, I was sitting down and drinking a beer and was actually dressed for a change as I went to a social event from Facebook earlier, and this weird looking Arabic or short but darkish guy came up behind me when I was sitting looking opposite from where he came and started lightly shoving me saying I have to move out of his way or something. I told him look at all the space to the left and moved my shoulders slightly to show him go ahead and walk by (he had plenty of space so I dont even know why I did that probably to try to diffuse him) and he just kept trying to get me to get up or leave or something. I dont know probably just start **** with me. Anyway, after like 5 seconds I just had it. I got up and shoved him back to create space and get him away from touching me. I was pissed so signaled for him to get up and come egt some and he looked scared and didnt get up (probably was surprised by my power shoving him to a seating position on the other end). As I did this a bouncer grabbed my neck from behind and for a second I tried getting out and I actually have had training in both bjj and judo as well as some wrestling.

However,, I still was not able to escape and just put my hands up saying fine and he escorted me but some other bouncer came by so I stopped trying to get out quickly anyway as there was two of them. But I know for a second I tried to get out and failed. What pisses me off is I wasnt able to get out or out-power him or even leverage him by scooting my body around to where he wasnt behind me.

But basically it was weird because I have got out of standing chokes easily before and even tried using them in a freestyle wrestling class on a younger guy or teenage kid training at the time and couldnt get one to work due to how much movement there seems to be on the feet. yet this knucklehead bouncer was able to get me so well. It makes no sense how he was able to hold it since what I did was turn my body to try getting him on side or in front of me while trying to put his hand down. But I did it from the same side hand as his choke came from unlike in this video above. I wonder if that was the difference. I also do not think he used a rear naked choke but an artery or forearm choke. I also think me being a bit drunk maybe has something to do with it and not training for a while. I dont know but I know that grip was fuking hard and for a second I pulled down but he re-positioned it back with like pure gorilla strength.

Anyone know the types of choke they use and some techniques you use to get out of them?

Basically my previous tactic would be to use same side hand as his choking arm to pull down on the wedge and turn hoping to grab his side with my other arm. It did not work on that bouncer though.

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