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Why do certain neutral threads get closed so quickly?

19 Mar 2018  #1

I wonder why the thread "Detective agency in Wrocław" opened on the 11th of January 2018 and comprising not more than 11 posts has been suddenly closed today? - to prevent some members from getting suspended due to their baiting + it was in the Classifieds section (not indented for discussion).

The thread was politicaly neutral, neither Jews nor Muslims were mentioned in it. A slight anti-feminist reference was perhaps included in that feminists who were against "urinating in public" have been called Neo Nazi, but let's be frank about it - much more greater sins have been tolerated on the PolishForums.

I can see no genuine reason for closing that thread!

johnny reb
19 Mar 2018  #2

Let me elaborate on it Z.
So where is the notice file for my warning ?
I mean some incompetent Mod did give me a warning but for WHAT !
I can't find it.
Please point it out along with the post that got me that warning FOR EVERONE TO SEE PLEASE.
Is someone being a bit trigger happy here ?
Please, post the post that I got my warning for for everyone to see because it WAS NOT justified and I would like to see you even begin try to justify it.

And which one of you Mods gave it to me.......yes please do tell.

19 Mar 2018  #3

@JR since the thread was closed and your PM box is full can you please guide me to your contacts in Warsaw also if they can help me ? Thanks.

johnny reb
19 Mar 2018  #4

DO I dare with these trigger happy Mods giving out warnings because they are bored.
But will do.

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