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Decent outlets to go shopping in Berlin.

24 Oct 2017  #1

To those of you who usually cross over for the weekend shopping - which places would you recommend in Berlin?
We are in a group,so we are looking for a large variety of products from household, clothing to appliances.
We would be happy with shops that are equivalent to Tesco or Asda where we can buy almost everything
under one roof. We are looking for decent products at decent prices.

Thank you!

24 Oct 2017  #2

There are plenty of shops around the "Alex" (Alexanderplatz), and last time I was over there, along Ku'damm, a lot of expensive foreign chains could be found.

24 Oct 2017  #3

where we can buy almost everything under one roof.

I have a feeling Kaufhof might be a bit too expensive, but maybe worth a look while you are there.


This link might also prove useful:


It has the names of super/hypermarket chains, electrical appliance shops etc

24 Oct 2017  #4

In Braunschweig, at least during the early '00's, there were clothing outlets or higher fashion retailers such as Flebbe, Peek & Cloppenburg, and Karstadt (??), if memory serves me right. Maybe they have branch retail outfits in Berlin.

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