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After Brexit, Northern Ireland may obtain a special status in the EU

5 Oct 2017  #1

Say that we don't live in interesting times.

Orban: Da rešimo sa Hrvatima... Srbi žele da uđu u "priču"
Orban: To solve with Croats... Serbs wants to enter the ``story``

After taking Serbia as example of country that secured best rights for its national minorities, Orban said >

Poljaci, Česi, Mađari i Slovaci sigurno će postići ozbiljan uspeh zajedno, a mogao bih da dodam i Slovence. Moramo prvo da rešimo određena pitanja sa Hrvatima. Jasno je da Srbi žele da se pridruže uspešnoj priči centralne Evrope.

translation: Poles, Czehs, Hungarians and Slovaks would accomplish serious success together, and I can add Slovenians. We have first to solve some open questions with Croats. Its clear that Serbs wants with us, with successful story of central Europe.

5 Oct 2017  #2

be sure to correctly read what is said here between lines.

There are two main things here what dispute Croatian joining in Intermarium.

First is standard open question with Croats. That is, Croatia is part of German zone of influence. Serious reason, for sure, for questioning Croatia.

Then second reason. You would note that Orban underlined how Serbs entering ``story`` while Croatia stays in question. First sentence was about Croats and then followed sentence about Serbs. Its because some powers (Germany and Austria) had interest in division of Serbs on Catholics and Orthodox and those powers managed to impose Croatization on many Serbs, who were either old Catholics and then Croatinized or they were either Orthodox and then forcible converted to Catholics and then Croatinized. So, in situation when Serbs entering ``story``, as Orban name that process, it is impossible for Central Europe to tolerate injustice done to Serbs. Actually, Orban using `Serbian entering the story` to solve problems with Croats. In fact, Orban rising `Serbian question` because Serbs entering the `story` and how would they be part of `story` if their vital national questions remain open, nation in which Catholics can`t be Serbs but they are turned into Croats if Catholics. Without solving `Serbian question`, Serbs can`t be part of Intermarium, what isn`t option for Orban.

So, what to solve with Croats?

A * to see who are Croats and who are ethnic Serbs truly, no matter Catholic or Orthodox, in what is now Croatia and who are real Croats. That is pre-text, to create maneuverable space for B. >

B * to move Croats out from German zone of influence or at least that part of Croatia that is in fact Serbian and not Croatian. That way healthy `Serbian` part of Croatia goes in Intermarium, while Croat part stays in German zone of influence. Its nothing but drawing border between Intermarium and Germany. About it speaks Orban here.

As confirmation of this scenario, also take moment when Orban chooses to goes with his comment. That is crucial in diplomacy. Moment when whole Europe speak of Spain and Catalonia. So, message is clear. If Spain can be dissolved, why not Croatia? Especially if Croatia isn`t loyal to Intermarium and Serbs are. Let us reward Serbs is another thing here what speaks Orban.

10 Oct 2017  #3

Having Catholic Serbian for PM, Brnabic, at exactly this moment, is unique message by Serbia. To those who wish to understand. Serbia choosing Sarmatism and suggests Pax Sarmaticum.

10 Oct 2017  #4

Enjoy talking to yourself Crow?

Its doesn't seem like many posters are interested in Serbia on a Polish forum, especially the non stop spamming of it!

11 Oct 2017  #5

Being able to talk to yourself is great virtue, my friend. You should try that. Its good for soul.

11 Oct 2017  #6

Its doesn't seem like many posters are interested in Serbia on a Polish forum,

You have already been to Chicago airport and have taken a photo of LOT's own terminal there?

No, that's not true what you have said. Many of us are interested in Serbia on a Polish forum. Well, at least on this forum!

11 Oct 2017  #7

Ziem. Many of us? Let's see. There's you and Crow. That's two. How many more?

11 Oct 2017  #8

What you want man? My friends here are tired of me. They love me but they are practically exhausted from all that virtual brain sex. And I don`t blame them. But, you would also fail to force them to speak against Serbs. In fact, if you push them too much, they could easily tell you that they prefer Serbia over Britain. What is Britain to Poles? Cow with big tits, for milking. Serbia? Serbia is emotional process. Poles knows that Britain manipulate them, using, killing. On the other side, without Serbs, Poles are incomplete. We are one civilization. Sure, one don`t live from love and we Serbs would prove to Poles that love, in this case, leads to prosperity. And what Britain can prove to Poles? That Britain won`t betray them in a first opportunity? Well, good luck, try to convince Poles

11 Oct 2017  #9

I though this was a Polish forum? What's with all of this Serbian stuff? Its not why I came here, have to agree with people that are interested in learning about Poland not Serbs.

12 Oct 2017  #10

this was a Polish forum? What's with all of this Serbian stuff? Its not why I came here

This is a Polish-Serbian forum. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. It is a free world and you have a choice. Also, you have a choice not to read the Serbian stuff.

12 Oct 2017  #11

This is a Polish-Serbian forum

Perhaps Admin would like to settle this argument.

12 Oct 2017  #12

Perhaps, but I shall remind you that you also have free will and may go somewhere else.

12 Oct 2017  #13

This is a Polish-Serbian forum.

As far as I am aware, this a forum in which people interested in Poland can discuss the country. There are Serbian forums, where you and Crow can post exclusively about that country. Admin?

12 Oct 2017  #14

This is a Polish-Serbian forum

Do you mean this is a Polish-Serbian thread within the forum?? Because the forum is most definitely not a Polish-Serbian forum, though Crow would like it to be :)) It's not even a Polish-Slavic forum. Of course other Slavic nations may come up now and again in conversation but that's not the same thing.

12 Oct 2017  #15

Out of box thinking is today necessary for Poles. To all Europeans, actually, but western Europeans are lost case so who sane would lose his time of them. Anyway, what I want to tell you, if we were to look philosophically and metaphysically, this forum can be seen as Serbian forum. Technically yes, Polish but, one can`t see clear border between Poles and Serbs. If Poles and Serbs fails to merge, they would stop to exist. Perfection of that merging is that only within merging we can preserve our local Polish and Serbian traits or even sub-local traits within one same country.

12 Oct 2017  #16

Of course other Slavic nations may come up now and again in conversation

And of course Crow does this. Most of his posts refer to Serbia-Poland questions or he just postulates them. Or his other posts refer to the need of a pan-Slavic unity where Poland occupies a central place. These are his views and Poland is strictly interwoven into. Does that disqualify Crow's opinions from a Polish forum? Of course not. And then you see some Anglo clowns who protest against it and try to drag Admin into their undemocratic cause because they do not like Crow's views and would like them to disappear from the PF.

where you and Crow can post exclusively about that country. Admin?

I suggest you re-phrase your sentence into:
... where you and Crow can post exclusively about that country. Comrade Stalin?

12 Oct 2017  #17

You sound very cross today Ziemowit. That's not like you.

Now I am very fond of Crow,he's a great character and very likeable, even though as I said before I disagree with about 100% of his politics - but.........

Serbia doesn't just crop up in conversation, he talks about nothing else, except of course the Intermarium and Pagan gods, his other favourite topics. Nothing wrong with that though, after all we maintain Pagan customs in Ireland such as Hallowe'en and we moved a planned motorway so as not to cut down a 'fairy tree'.

Crow reminds me of something I read, about an old English aristrocrat who had an anecdote about a shooting incident that he liked to recount and tried to work it into conversation whenever possible. If no opportunity arose he would exclaim 'Good God, was that a gun shot I heard?' The assembled party would assure him that there was no cause for alarm, they had heard nothing and he would respond 'Jolly good, jolly good, but speaking of guns..........' and then launch into his anecdote :D

12 Oct 2017  #18

Is general attorney onto you Ziemowit, you sound stressed.

12 Oct 2017  #19

Anglo clowns

Personal abuse, now? I won't stoop to your level. I'll just say that this remains Polish Forums, and not a vehicle for a Serbian looney to air his obsessions.

12 Oct 2017  #20

Personal abuse? C'mon, Roger, it was simply my duty to repulse an unmitigated attack on our friend Crow.

Ziemowit, you sound stressed

Shut up, Irony. You are a Norwegian clown who pretends to be Polish.

johnny reb
12 Oct 2017  #21

Ziemowit, you sound stressed.

Naw, he is just tired of the self elites here continuously judging other people to control other forum members so they can then also control the forums content.

Ziemo was just being as polite as he could.
I enjoy Crow too and consider him a friend.

incident that he liked to recount and tried to work it into conversation whenever possible.

Oh lord look who's talking. lol (kettle black)
The sheep's highway certainly is a beautiful place now isn't it.

I won't stoop to your level.

What was your change of heart all of a sudden ?
Shall we get back on topic now.

13 Oct 2017  #22

There is one Slavic people that remembered and which would remind all other Slavic peoples. That Slavic people is Serbian people, last bearer of venerable Sarmatian name.

It is enough sh** my sisters and brothers. We, known as Slavs and Sarmats, we have throne to take that awaits us. And we shall know no fear to take what belong to us.

18 Oct 2017  #23

Today`s news. Hungarian Orban demand urgent acceptance of Serbia in EU.

18 Oct 2017  #24

As long as Serbia doesn't recognize Kosovo, there will be no membership. The EU doesn't need another leech from the Balkans anyway; they've got other problems right now.

18 Oct 2017  #25

Who insist on Serbia`s recognition of Kosovo? Hungary don`t insist. Hungary don`t give a sh** for that. Hungary entered in strategic partnership with Serbia. Hungary has its priorities. That is, Visegrad and Serbia. EU dictate is ignored. So, if EU (western Europe) pressuring Serbia, EU may face with collapse from within.

19 Oct 2017  #26

Brussels could soon ask Belgrade to stay Brussels. Literally.

Interesting how world changes. To say returning to normalcy. See, when Belgrade was civilized Germanics used hands and fingers to eat, were considered as retarded mute horde. So, what was truth in past proving to be truth again. And if you ask me how I feel about it, I will tell you I am happy. Normalcy always amusing me.

19 Oct 2017  #27

Serbians, once military elite of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, finally recuperate their military might. Preparations for anniversary of liberation of Belgrade in WWII >>>

Vucic: No regional country can match Serbia's military power


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that citizens will on Friday see "a Serbian Army different than the one they've seen before."

Military parade in 2014, on heavy rain


Serbians - Sarmatian finest

Note same insignia of Serbian army and of Polish King Mieszko >>> its about old sign Sarmatian OCILO, fire-steels

20 Oct 2017  #28


Military Weapons Technology made in SERBIA


Military parade in 2014, on heavy rain

I was there in Beograd, great show of our millitary forces.


20 Oct 2017  #29

SRBdevis2000 also made a great video of the Polish armed forces.


12 Mar 2018  #30

Serbian factor affecting Czech and Slovak loyalty to EU. If loyalty to EU and NATO consider anti-Serbian policy, these countries deflect from officially declared EU policy. Slovakia and Czech Republic have absolutely different approach to Serbia then it is approach of western Europe (EU).

Example1: "Nothing has changed - Slovakia won't recognize Kosovo"

Example2: Czech President Zeman: Deputy PM of Kosovo is a War Criminal

Decent outlets to go shopping in Berlin. [4]Spain to deploy police to prevent Catalonia's Independence Vote [112]

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