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How to Delete Facebook Permanently

5 Apr 2018  #1

For those wondering how to delete their Facebook permanently, CNBC offers a primer. The procedure may differ for Polish account holders. I've never had a FB account so can't say if this process works. I do know people are leaving in droves. FB stock may go to penny status.


The picture you see before you is not photoshopped but was created and installed by "Sabo" outside the Facebook office in NYC.


5 Apr 2018  #2

I've never had a FB account so can't say if this process works.

I never joined fartbook and couldn't care less about it one bit either. I always knew something like this would happen or it was just another fad that wouldn't last. Buying stock in that company seemed like a waste of money to me. It appears to be so now.

I just never felt the need to put my entire private life online. I always thought it was for kids anyway.

11 Apr 2018  #3

I wonder how many people will quit facebook after these Zukerberg hearings are finished? It all seems very intrusive to me. Im glad I never got involved:)

12 Apr 2018  #4

As Edward Snowden stated, Facebook is a surveillance company dressed up to look like a social media company.

This guy is astonished how much of an invasive octopus Facebook really is:


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