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Easter Celebrations in Syria and Iraq - Photos

1 Apr 2018  #1

To the mods, this thread will have several pictures attached to mark today's occasion. Let them through?

What we see are Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter pictures from St. Elias Cathedral in Alleppo, St. Pauls' Monastery in Damascus, St. Francis Cathedral in Alleppo, an ISIS (CIA./ Israeli) hit church in Deir Ezzor, Syria, a Palm Sunday procession in Iraq and celebrations in the Syrian Coastal City of Tartous. There would be none of this if the West's ISIS abomination had gotten through.

pbs.twimg.com/media/DZpgsDPVQAAftJC.jpg St. Elias
pbs.twimg.com/media/DZj9ACJUMAA3LsT.jpg -Good Friday - St. Francis

pbs.twimg.com/media/DZfDTYaUQAAoqBJ.jpg - Palm Sunday - Iraq
pbs.twimg.com/media/DZFP9pAXUAA2xSF.jpg - Tartous

1 Apr 2018  #2

Your Russian bastard mates send you these pictures?

1 Apr 2018  #3

Not sure anyone hates Russia more than I do. With that being said, the West are not the good guys in Syria and have only served to nearly ruin a SECULAR country in the M.E. We can't be totally blinded by our patriotism where we think we are righteous in every single conflict. We certainly were not in Libya, and only served to turn that country in a modern day slave market and failed state. Realizing the errors of your ways is the only way to keep from repeating them, we have to be a bit more introspective and self-critical. Certainly adding $500mn in modern weapons to rebels never serves to make a situation better. In literally no situation does sending weapons to non-state actors with a lackluster command and control structure, almost no discipline among its troops, ever result in a positive outcome.

1 Apr 2018  #4

Peter, I'm not Russian and have no connection to anyone there. Never been there but would like to see a few places. The Hermitage for one. Be happy for the poor people in those countries who are experiencing joy in their lives crushed by war created by Zionists.

2 Apr 2018  #5

I'm not Russian

Walk and talk like a Kremlin Troll - you are a Kremlin Troll.

2 Apr 2018  #6

Wow. Peter, if you could sneak attack Russia with Nuclear weapons, destroy most of their infrastructure & kill millions of the people you hate so much, would this be suitable to you?

2 Apr 2018  #7

Poles hating Russia does not mean they hate Russians.
But you wouldn't know that because you are not Polish are you?

2 Apr 2018  #8

because you are not Polish are you

It appears you have made up your mind on this and I am not concerned with changing it. I am also not here to argue with you, or Peter.

You don't hate Russia. You hate the actions of the leadership and the power structure that influences that leadership. Yes? That is perhaps a few hundred people at most. I think perhaps a good portion of Russians dislike them as well, maybe half. Russia's systemic corruption is hated by the people there. So, you automatically have allies in Russia. The Russian people have as much influence over setting policy as you do in Poland.

The USA is the modern Worlds best example of immorality, destruction and avarice. 900+ Military bases the World over. Torture is common. Executive orders allowing the killing of American citizens without trial have been authorized during Obama's puppeture. Constant meddling and invasion in other peoples countries almost since the Country's inception. It has been used to cause the deaths of tens of millions of people and impoverishing 100's more. It is a moral paraplegic. It has no moral leg to stand on. And Poland wants to be associated with it??? Polands' protection costs the U.S. taxpayers an awful lot of money. There are 45 million people in the USA living in poverty. Crumbling infrastructures are everywhere. Look at Detroit. Chicago has over 500 murders a year! 16,000 vets living in a homeless camp in a Florida swamp, 60,000+ homeless in L.A. county alone. Research the number of people in prison in the USA.

And these lowlife elite filth want to spend money on more war??? Every single one of those vets should take up arms and storm the White House. Look at how they were treated for "serving their country". They're disposable!

Like in Russia, the power centres behind the scenes in America are the ones with influence, not the people themselves. They too have no seat at the policy table, yet are forced at gunpoint to fund everything via their taxes. Did you know the U.S. government is the Worlds' number one polluter? Yet, if you are caught by a cop littering a gum wrapper on the street, and the situation escalates, you could be shot and the cop gets a raise. Land of the free, home of the brave.

The power centres hate Russia because it stands in their way of domination. They can't stand that and are willing to risk destroying all life on earth to achieve their insane dream of dominion. The power centres want compliant pu$$ys like Poland, Germany, France, U.K., Canada, Australia etc, etc, etc are to go along with it.

The point is the little guy is getting squeezed everywhere you go. Russians and Poles should communicate directly with one another and state that we have no axe to grind. We see what is happening. NATO is pushing for a war with Russia. Russians don't want it, neither do you. Look at who is making all the money on weapons systems in this potential multi-country conflict. They are the enemy of all. So let's think a way out of this mess that elites have forced upon us.

4 Apr 2018  #9


Your Russian bastard mates send you these pictures?

These pictures are not Israeli weapons and were not supplied to ISIS/Daesh otherwise the Syrian Army never would have captured them for display.

Israel does not benefit from it's creation, ISIS.

Israel does not treat wounded ISIS soldiers in Israel and return them to attack Syria once more.

Things can appear complicated. If one knows where and how to look an obvious gameplan is clear.

5 Apr 2018  #10

These pictures are not Israeli weapons and were not supplied to ISIS/Daesh otherwise the Syrian Army never would have captured them for display.

Correct the ATM is Russian, presumably supplied by Russia to Daesh?


The small arms are American, as is well know the US supplied Iraqi army turned and ran abandoning their weapons and vehicles to Daesh.

Again, why had the Russians supplied weapons?

5 Apr 2018  #11

supplied by Russia to Daesh

A radical dream.

Perhaps this instead. breitbart.com/national-security/2016/12/16/isis-video-claims-show-abandoned-russian-base-weapons-palmyra/

Again, why had the Russians supplied weapons?

It was sarcasm Peter. Russia has been invited by Syria to wipe out ISIS. Syria has not invited the USA or Israel or Turkey into their country. Their presence is illegal. Russia would not supply an enemy it was sent to defeat at it's own expense. If Israel would have its' way, they would like to seen those weapons used on those people celebrating mass.

22 Apr 2018  #12

Those in power should take heed. The U.S. gets nothing, but the "only democracy in the middle east (TM)" fulfills it's plans.

Anyone recognize the missile type being loaded aboard the drone destined to destroy Yemeni civilians? I don't think it's of Russian origin.

4 May 2018  #13

Time for an update.

U.S. and Israeli weapons / medical supplies seized in Northern Homs, Syria. Your tax dollars hard at work, blowing up women & children and destroying an ancient civilization.

Al Qaeda / Nusra/ ISIS never attack Israel despite being well armed and trained, and in close proximity.

5 May 2018  #14

Thanks for the update.

What's the connection to Poland?

6 May 2018  #15

Thanks for the comment.

Do you really care?

6 May 2018  #16

Thanks for making it clear it has no connection to Poland at all.
If I didn't care, I wouldn't have asked the question.

johnny reb
6 May 2018  #17

Anyone recognize the missile type being loaded aboard the drone destined to destroy Yemeni civilians?

Looks like a AGM - 114 missile, known as Hellfire missile to me.
It's what is in the warhead of them that is "indiscriminate" and merciless to civilians.


6 May 2018  #18

What's the connection to Poland?

There are Poles who have volunteered and are currently there plus of course the group of volunteers called ''Gniew Eufratu'' however this thread is just mischief making and flame-fanning.

There are long-standing connections between the Polish military and Syria; back in the PRL days; there used to be training exercises organised there. A friend who is a retired Lt-Col speaks very fondly of his time on exercises in Syria.

6 May 2018  #19

Let me clarify: what's the connection to Poland in Slavictor's thread?

6 May 2018  #20

As far as I can see, none at all.

There are certainly long standing connections between Poland and Syria, however I suspect that somehow he isn't very interested in that :-(

6 May 2018  #21

Correct the ATM is Russian, presumably supplied by Russia to Daesh?

soviet made weapons are abundant in middle east arab countries.,,
jihadists in Syria got them from warehouses they captured in early stage, alot transferred from LYBIA,and there is alot of weapons supplied to them by EE countries including Poland.

SA also purchased old soviet weapons and munition..ask yourselves,what Saudis need soviet made weapons for?

6 May 2018  #22

Training exercises and police/security checkpoints mostly, since you ask. For other issues they use more modern equipment.

6 May 2018  #23

Training exercises mostly, since you ask.

most sent to JAISH - AL ISLAM. saudi backed group..some to ISIS and al nusra

6 May 2018  #24

If you say so...

6 May 2018  #25

even my dog knows that

6 May 2018  #26


Has your dog spent much time in that part of the world or does he just read about it online?

6 May 2018  #27

no..but hes clever...more clever than 97% of libtards who believe all those jihadist group got their weapon from some desert fairies,and US,Israel ans SA have nothing to do with it.

6 May 2018  #28

no..but hes clever

Evidently clever than his owner (not that this is any special achievement)...

sand fairies,and US,Israel ans SA h

Oh dear...

27 Sep 2018  #29

Perhaps the Syrians will be able to peacefully practice their religions in peace in the future without the maniacal interference & meddling from certain insane ziotrash with the recent installations of Russian S300 missile systems in Syria. Hopefully all the Syrians who were forced to flee will be relocated home which means that those who remain in Western countries claiming to be Syrians are not and therefore have no claim as refugees, and therefore may be readily deported back to Africa, Pakistan or wherever else they came from.

Author Gideon Levy is welcome at my dinner table;

"To Russia With Love"

"Only when Israel gets punished or is forced to pay a price does it do the right thing... The Israeli stupefaction at the Russian response and the paralysis that gripped it only showed how much Israel needed a responsible adult to rein it in."


3 Feb 2019  #30

Meddling in other Countrys' affairs, monetary systems and culture? Ha'aretz, tell us something we don't already know.

" Israel Just Admitted Arming anti-Assad Syrian Rebels. Big Mistake " (i.e. ISIS, their creation)


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