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FYROM removes Alexander the Great

25 Feb 2018  #1

Looks like pressure of Greece starts to work. Took them 28 years to realize Greece will never allow them to steal our heritage.

Greece boycotts FYROM since 28 years now. We dont allow FYROM to join EU. We hold them out of NATO any any other big international institution.

Greece made clear that we dont allow themt o call themself Macedonia, since they have zero connection to it. And we also dont allow them to use our historic persons like Alexander the Great. Few weeks ago 900.000 Greeks went on the streets to demonstrate again against FYROM.

Our government made clear we can have a compromise though and looks like FYROM now starts to remove Alexander the Great from evry public square


Alex 2

Alex 3

25 Feb 2018  #2

It's a Polish forum. What does it have to do with Poles and Poland?
Remember we have no history or science, we're Mongols with ugly women raped by numerous nations etc.
Unless you're suggesting Macedonia is a nice holiday destination.

25 Feb 2018  #3

Oh this was just yesterday in the news. And some polish user here started to argue with me because FYROM and said Poland is a supporter of them. So i thought thats interesting :)

25 Feb 2018  #4

Politics won over science. But, its not first time that Slavs (ie Sarmatians/Thracians) retreat in humiliation.

25 Feb 2018  #5

Well, I'm becoming a supporter of Macedonia, too. All thanks to one arrogant Greek.
Congratulations. It's pretty rare to see most regular users here, despite of their nationality - Polish, British, American, Serbian etc - agreeing about something. And you managed to unite such different people.

So how do you feel about ancient Greeks' partial Eastern European ancestry - all in the link you provided :D

Vesko Vukovic
25 Feb 2018  #6


Aleksandar Karanovic (Karanides in Greek) was a Serbian Emperor of the Karan dinasty. Forget about anything else that you were taught in school because that is fake history.


25 Feb 2018  #7

So how do you feel about ancient Greeks' partial Eastern European ancestry - all in the link you provided :D

Ultimately speaking of Greek genetics, that what is White in them is of Thracian/Sarmatian (ie Slavic) origin. Add on it Egyptian and Near East Semitic influences and you get genetics of modern Greeks. Absolutely same situation was/is with antique Roman, ie modern day Italian genetics.

Aleksandar Karanovic (Karanides in Greek) was a Serbian Emperor of the Karan dinasty.

Jews beginning to admit this. Netanyahu shows respect to Slavic antiquity. How abominable that Greeks prove themselves as so greed. They want all profit from tourism for themselves, even if it consider falsification of history and stealing Slavic history.

25 Feb 2018  #8

I can only laugh about this. Slavs came to that area almost 1000 years after Alexander. He was a Greek. This and nothing else. When he ruled this area, Slavs were in some asian steppes. Thats a matter of fact.

Slavs came around the year 600 after christ in the area and the Byzanthine Empire ignored them first.


It was Emperor Maurikios who then ended their presence and stopped them with a campaign


I can understad why some slavs want steal greek history. Its same reason why some american africans try to steal egyptian history.

They dont have a grandpast like we have and this hurts i guess so they try to make up stuff.

And FYROM learned the hard way. Since almost 30 years Greece blocks them from any development. They want be member of EU or maybe start membership process and get support. Greece blocks it.

They want become member of NATO because they fear Russian influence. Greece blocks it.



You want see the reaction of an arrogant greek to this?



Here it is :D


Oh and Crow. Sciece says we have same DNA as our ancestors had 3000 years before :)


Now, ancient DNA suggests that living Greeks are indeed the descendants of Mycenaeans, with only a small proportion of DNA from later migrations to Greece. And the Mycenaeans themselves were closely related to the earlier Minoans, the study reveals, another great civilization that flourished on the island of Crete from 2600 B.C.E. to 1400 B.C.E. (named for the mythical King Minos).

We simply are the best thing.

Oh and this isnt about tourism. This is about honor.

We dont want some beggars and gypsies stain our ancestry. Slavs came to that region late and have zero connection to us Hellenes.

25 Feb 2018  #9

Oh and Crow. Sciece says we have same DNA as our ancestors had 3000 years before :)

But I know that. See, Slavs (ie Sarmatians/Thracians) are much older population. On the fringes of their realm, in those regions, old Slavs mixed with Egyptians and other Semites and here comes the Greeks and Romans. Everything is in genetics.

But, don`t complaint. At least Slavic (ie Sarmatian/Thracian) genetics prevailed and you Greeks are considered to be Europoids. Imagine that you look entirely like Turks. You wouldn`t like it man

25 Feb 2018  #10

Posting one photo of yours didn't teach you much, did it? Didn't people mock you enough?
I'm slowly changing my mind, it's not arrogance, it's being totally s...illy. As if you liked being mocked. Seriously, expect people to make fun of your photo again.

So who's going to Skopje this summer?

25 Feb 2018  #11

I prefer Sopot than Skopje.
And buddy Marino which Police department took that mugshot?
I will look forthat pic on a milk carton from now on BTW.

25 Feb 2018  #12

Macedonia is screwed. Western Europeans supported expansion of Shquiptars (Albanians) there same as on Kosovo. I visited Skoplje. Its full of Shquiptars. Sad, really. And it was Capital of Serbian Empire.

Only chance for Macedonia and other Slavic lands here is that Serbians lose their nerves entirely and start dealing with moronic anti-Slavic western European `Greater` projects in the wide region.

25 Feb 2018  #13

I love our history. My city is not far from Olympia. Since i was a little kid i imagined how it was here back then. I try to learn as much as possible about our ancestors.

25 Feb 2018  #14

Man, even Greek word `polis` coming from Slavic `palisada`. Love your history and don`t be greed, learn to share it with others, where there is ground to it. Plus, don`t hate your Slavic origin. Its even sick to deny your own ancestry.

25 Feb 2018  #15

My ancestry is greek.

25 Feb 2018  #16

Sure. If you say so man. Just don`t you steal my history.

25 Feb 2018  #17

Why would i want steal something that has no value? Your ancestors came 600 after christ and got civilized from us.

26 Feb 2018  #18

You are mistaking. Slavs (ie Sarmatians/Thracians) are natives of Europe. Natives that at one point of history were shunned and even defeated by newly emerging cultures and ethoses that came to existence on the fringes of our world, as the result of exchange and trade with often aggressive strangers.

But era of our retreat ended and its again quite normal to speak of our long past. Spot this..

PM Netanyahu meets with Serbian PM Vučić in Jerusalem


PM Netanyahu:

It's an honor to welcome you to Israel, Prime Minister Vučić.
The friendship between the Jewish and Serbian peoples goes back to thousands of years, to the time of the Roman Republic.

also video > youtube.com/watch?v=PhxmLuXYNG4

See? You know what is time of Roman Republic? It goes back to 509 BC-27 BC. So, what you talking about 600 AD arrival of the Slavs? What you want, man? Did you come here on this forum to provoke or to play those nasty jokes with Poles and Slavs in general? You think that you know better then Jew Netanyahu, Israeli PM? Same way as Netanyahu spoke about Slavs in 500 BC, Netanyahu could speak about Slavs in 3000 BC. We Slavs had contacts with oldest Jewish ancestors. We aren`t just natives of Europe and not only of Europe. We are oldest ethos of Europe. And we would reclaim right to our amazing history that greatly contributed to global civilization.

Slavs (ie Sarmatians/Thracians) were there much longer then it is said in Anglo-Franco-Germanic (and late Roman and Greek) sources that were colored by their aggressive policy on Slavs. Man, 18 Roman Emperors of classical antiquity was born on Serbian soil (back then Roman province of Moesia). Great majority of them were not ethnic Romans/Latins. Those were ethnic Slavs (ie Sarmatians/Thracians). And how many Roman Emperors was born in Greece?

If Jews are ready to approach honestly to Slavs, to refuse to lie about our past, what is Greek interest to spread lie about Slavic history. I am deeply sorry to learn of this strange Greek stance. I only hope that you aren`t representative of opinion of average Greek populace but rather some individual with his own malformed opinion.

26 Feb 2018  #19

Ha ha ha ha you should mark your post as satire.

26 Feb 2018  #20

With time you shall come to yourself. But, car of heretic is burned today in Greece. My respect. So, I decided to forgive you. Take one Metaxa on me. I mean, you pay for it but, consider how that I paid. And enjoy.

26 Feb 2018  #21

Slavs come from Asia and were first mentioned from us 600 after christ. You have as much connection to alexander the great as george bush has to pocahontas.

26 Feb 2018  #22

I don`t blame you man. You are indoctrinated.

Old Trojans, Spartans, Macedonians and some others, they all were Slavs (ie Thracians/Sarmatians). I told you, Greeks too are themselves result of mixing of Slavs with Semitic peoples. You should love your Slavic roots.

johnny reb
27 Feb 2018  #23

I have to agree with you Crow.
Greece asserts an ethnic purity that cannot be substantiated by historical analysis.
The Greeks today are a mixture of Slavs, Turks, Greeks, Bulgars, Albanians, Vlachs, Jews and Gypsies.
Any other explanation is nothing more than a myth being instilled in todays Greeks.

27 Feb 2018  #24

The Greeks today are a mixture of Slavs, Turks, Greeks, Bulgars, Albanians, Vlachs, Jews and Gypsies.

I concur.

ancient DNA suggests that living Greeks are indeed the descendants of Mycenaeans, with only a small proportion of DNA from later migrations to Greece.

Any attempt of yours to claim continuity in modern/ancient Greek genetics, would be countered by fact that Slavs also have genetic continuity. Then, we would inevitable come to conclusion that percentage of Slavic (ie Sarmatian/ie Thracian/ie Iliryan/ie etc) genetics in ancient/modern day Greeks means nothing but obvious proof that Greeks as ethos formed in deep past as the mixture of base Slavic genetics with gradual Semitic add on. In the meantime, Hellenism appeared as cultural movement.

That`s exactly what I told you already. Archeological, linguistic and genetic findings mutually support each others on this.
Turmoil in Slavic world

Macedonians organized huge protest against Greek and western European schemes that forcing them to change their ethnic name > 10.000 people on protest > Burning of Greek flags > Macedonians were shouting: ``Stop Greek racism!``



1 Mar 2018  #25

Science doesnt lie.

Our DNA is pure down back to 3000 before christ. I posted the link and can again



Slavs were some savages in the Taiga who came there around 600 after christ.

You should be silent or we finish what emperor Maurikios started and get rid of FYROM.

On a sidenote, we cant be a mixture with Turks. People in Turkey are Greeks by DNA. They are just muslim greeks who speak turkish. Ethnic turks look like chinese. We Greeks are aegean / anatolian people, Mycenaeans. Or as the egyptians called us, sea people.

Evrything what you say is typical for primitives. Your ethnicity is bad, without roots. So you try to steal from others. Just like american ***** people, who now claim egyptians were black. We laugh about such garbage.

1 Mar 2018  #26

Our DNA is pure down back to 3000 before christ.

What does it mean that DNA is "pure"? Does that mean that Greeks are inbreds? But that's not healthy... (lol)

Slavs were some savages in the Taiga who came there around 600 after christ.

Every nation/ethnicity/race were "savages" at the beginning of their history, including the Greeks, so I'm not sure what's your point.
Also, there are no "bad" ethnicities and every ethnicity has roots. All kinds of cultures and ethnicities were "stealing" from each other at one point or another, including the ancient Romans pretty blatantly copying from the ancient Greeks (are Italians primitive savages with no roots too? :D).

As for Egyptians, I'm sure there were some black Egyptians, especially considering that there was a whole dynasty of black pharaohs (the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt) that ruled after the Nubian invasion of Ancient Egypt.

And anyway, we all apparently come from black "primitive savages" from Africa, so get over yourself lol

1 Mar 2018  #27

Does that mean that Greeks are inbreds? But that's not healthy... (lol)

No, he just telling us how he believes that are Greeks purer Turks then Turks themselves.

2 Mar 2018  #28

The 25th dynasty ruled egypt for not even 90 years and it was an era of collapse.

The black population in egypt was below 4%.

Anatolia was conquered by turkish tribes just a few hubdred years ago. Ethnic turks look east asian. In anatolian region over 95% have no turkish dna.

But how can you know? You are just a slav

2 Mar 2018  #29

You are that indoctrinate that you don`t believe? Fine. Sent letter to the Israely PM Netanyahu and tell him that what you believe me. I am sure his sources will convince you in Slavic antiquity.

2 Mar 2018  #30

You have antiquity for sure. In the Asian steppes. In the Hellenic world we learned about Slavs in 600 after Christ.

Beside that...your history is rather...pathetic.

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