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Kim meets Trump. How much is this going to cost the US?

Rich Mazur
12 Jun 2018  #1

That was more than weird. A guy who should be given Ceausescu-style trial and execution was seen standing by Trump as equal. Even CNN picked up on this and called both men not trustworthy. That lovefest was more than sickening.

With all the advantage in the military power and the ability to impose sanctions, we are talking to the little fat guy with a bad haircut like equals. How about an ultimatum?

Even if we succeed in removing their nukes, there will be cost involved in actual dollars and the concessions to China for their "support". Any doubt that it will be the US who is going to pay? Since we are flat broke, we will have to borrow money from China, the biggest state-thief even known and the only real enemy.

I am all for Trump but that spectacle did not impress me or this Trump's "I trust him". I hope that was a lie.

12 Jun 2018  #2

Moral of the story: Politics makes strange bedfellows... strange indeed.

Again, I don't think Pompeo wants or intends to go down as history's SECOND greatest fool after a certain British Foreign Secretary once declared those (in-)famous last words which came back to haunt him, "PEACE IN OUR TIME!"


johnny reb
12 Jun 2018  #3

there will be cost involved in actual dollars

Bet ya Trump doesn't give Kim pallets of $100 bills like obama did only to get snookered.

13 Jun 2018  #4

How nice and quiet it is now, the Lefties of PF and the MSM "its meltdown time again"

You always know when Trump is doing well, when they are all quiet, they're besides themselves right now, ready to grasp for any straw or any made up story.

Again, I don't think Pompeo wants or intends to go down as history'

Again, another thread in which you try to divert the attention away from Trump towards Pompeo.

Give it up snowflake! 2020!

Or would you rather have a nuclear war just out of hatred of one man?

13 Jun 2018  #5

both men not trustworthy.

A fair comment.

Politics makes strange bedfellows... strange indeed.

Especially since if anyone's calling the shots there, it's Xi Jinping.

13 Jun 2018  #6

Trump ain't the one who's going to single-handedly prevent any nuclear war, joker!
If anything, as most of the time, it's going to be a team effort, considering the team's up to the task.

13 Jun 2018  #7

Trump says North Korea isn't a nuclear threat anymore. Believe me! Ha ha ha. Comedy gold.

13 Jun 2018  #8

Believe me! Ha ha ha

Yeah you the expert

The US has saved some cash now not having to have joint pissing contests with south korea over north korea.

13 Jun 2018  #9

Yeah you the expert

So you trust Trump that North Korea isn't a nuclear threat anymore? LOL!

Not only is Trump deluded, he also slapped South Korea and his own military in the face by announcing to stop his "war games" with the South Korean military to save some bucks. Too bad he didn't tell them about his plans. Instead, he cuddled with Kim (not the fat ass this time, but the killer dictator). Quite some leadership.

13 Jun 2018  #10

So you trust Trump

Didn't like his rhetoric when he got into power , but he aint started any wars yet nor has he poked any cigars where he shouldn't, time will tell but with so many enemies even within his own party I don't think he will be given any chance to prove himself either way.

Meanwhile in Australia, whats the haps.

14 Jun 2018  #11

What Donald Trump has achieved in just 1.5 years with North Korea previous presidents have not been able to do over two whole terms.

14 Jun 2018  #12

Let's see if it lasts! Pompeo is no Kissinger and past generations of presidents with far wilier Secretaries of State have also tried and failed resoundingly.

The current post holder is NO William P. Rogers or Henry A. Kissinger.

johnny reb
14 Jun 2018  #13

When Trump met with Kim he took a renovation of one of N. Korea's beaches.
Trump told Kim that he had state of the art pictures from U.S. satellites of the beach where Kim had been launching his rockets from.

Trump then showed Kim what it could look like with drawings his architects drew up of high rise resorts with golf courses on them for tourist since the beach and area was so beautiful.

Kim was wowed with this and it made him very proud to think of the wonderful resources he had.
Unfortunately the Liberal Fake News Media immediately printed an article accusing that it was Trumps firms that were to build it with a Trump plaza right in the middle of it. lol

15 Jun 2018  #14

Always the liberals' fault, and the Dapper Teflon Don can do no wrong, eh?

16 Jun 2018  #15

Im sure if glorious Obommmoo did this deal you would be throwing roses at his feet!

Thats after he would have bribed Kim with billions in cash like he did to Iran

John Kerry can go to hell with him!

16 Jun 2018  #16

Trump has made more progress than monkey boy before him did in 8 years in a 1/4 of the time. I noticed how all the failed negotiators from previous attempt criticised him . They should shut up, they are failures.

16 Jun 2018  #17

You hit the nail on the head. All these critics are the same people that have previously tried and failed. Miserably, I may add.

16 Jun 2018  #18

Saw one on telly last night offering his worthless advice of failure. It was a pointless waste of oxygen.

16 Jun 2018  #19

Great (if unrelated) editiorial by Paul Krugman in yesterday's Times article: "GOP To The Uninsured Sick: DROP DEAD!", quote of the day, "Cruelty is for Republicans a pre-existing condition."


16 Jun 2018  #20


Rich Mazur
17 Jun 2018  #21

Death penalty will soon be eliminated in the US due to the cost of appeals.

Instead, prisoners will be forced to listen to Obama, Pelosi, and Maxine 24/7.

17 Jun 2018  #22

Good. It's not a detriment to crime anyway, that's been proven.

17 Jun 2018  #23

Death penalty will soon be eliminated in the US

Rauner wants to re-instate the death penalty in Illinois, but you should know that already being from Palatine.

17 Jun 2018  #24

I strictly oppose the death penalty on religious rather than monetary ground; only G-d creates life, only He can take a life. Man's role is to prolong life for as long as is humanly or medically feasible.

Rich Mazur
17 Jun 2018  #25

One of the basic abilities needed to function in a society is the ability to recognize sarcasm and when someone is yanking your chain.

I guess I was too subtle or a victim of marginal reading comprehension. Again and again...

johnny reb
18 Jun 2018  #26

And here I thought it was one of your multiple personality disorders all along. Again and Again....
Silly me.

18 Jun 2018  #27

And I actually thought both you guys were/are serious. Boy, guess I'm the most brain-damaged of us all

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