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What medication would you take if you had HIV-Aids? Curious?

8 May 2015  #1

I heard of AZT and the cocktail. Is there anything else?

I have a daughter that is infected is why I ask.

9 May 2015  #2

AZT is history now, I'm pretty sure it isn't even available. The phrase 'the cocktail' refers to combination therapy (basically a cocktail of several meds given together - the exact combination is determined by a mix of expertise and trial and error) which can reduce the viral load to zero - basically as if the person wasn't infected by it at all

In your country, treatment is very advanced, and there are new ideas and therapies all the time. If someone's T Cell count has fallen even to single figures (fatal just a few years ago) they can fully recover from all the symptoms that causes. Someone infected with HIV now has the chance of leading a completely normal life.

By the way, a full cure really is just around the corner.

9 May 2015  #3


Thanks for the information. In the state were I live, you are asked to pick a provider who is on the health card.

The provider manages you for that they charge a fee to the HCA. But it's the HCA that pays for the meds, and other.

If you are low income then the state will pay for meds.

Any pharmacy will fill a prescription as long as you have a prescription from your doctor and your insurance which is your health card.

As long as your insurance goes through with the pharmacy.USA.

9 May 2015  #4

Providers and HCAs are outside my experience (we have a different system in Poland and also where I come from). I have private health insurance but have never used it. I do know that the specific mess used in combination therapy (the cocktail) for HIV do vary in cost however you shouldn't worry about this - they are all of them good and even the 'fixed combination', once a cheap alternative (used in Poland) is now excellent.

Recently I was spending part of every day at the hospital with someone very close to me (actually my ex of 5 years) who has that. He ignored it for a long time, became very sick, really down to single figures in T Cells, had Kaposi and PCP but now after treatment on the fixed combination, he looks and feels fine, is back at work and his viral load is so low it's as if he isn't infected at all.

Obviously you're worried about your daughter, but please feel reassured that treatment is better than it was even a couple of years ago (and a million times better since the days of AZT, a largely useless medicine) and that it's getting better all the time.

22 May 2015  #5

If a medical assistant or other health proffessional infected someone with a dirty needle
then they could be charged for that. File a police report at the precinct. This is what I found out.

23 May 2015  #6

One should pray in case of HIV-Aids. Pray and that`s it. Not a single coin to doctors.

Sh*** happens.

26 May 2015  #7

-Rules For A Safe Life-

1. Relationship is being there for someone, and them with you. Same or close ages.

2. Being involved with someone has to be more than a year for marriage.

3. Physically with someone, when it's one person only is safe usually, but not with more than one person.

4. Drugs kill-They are addictive: Addictions cost money they have no boundaries. Or sell yourself for money or drugs.

5. Status-Does not matter, only your relationship with your family, the ones you get blond with.

6. Hygiene also matters.

There is a place on 9th Ave between downtown and Capital Hill called urgency care. In Seattle.

You will need your healthcard.

As long as you are low income and have a provider with the HCA, then the state will pay for your meds.

The state will pay for your meds as long as your low income.

Young Dogs might not want to get a shot with a needle.Take insulin tablets instead.

I heard it is the Brahmin!

21 Jul 2015  #8

Here is the latest that I have heard of that is available for H.I.V.

Bristol-Myers' HIV-1 Drug Evotaz Gets European Approval...

johnny reb
3 Sep 2015  #9

To whom it may concern:

Truvada, a drug used to prevent H.I.V. transmission.
A health insurer says none of its San Francisco clients who have received such drugs in the past two years have been infected with H.I.V.
Demonstrating that taking a daily pill to prevent H.I.V. infection works in the real world, San Francisco's largest private health insurer announced Wednesday that not one of its 657 clients receiving the drug had become infected over a period of more than two years.

6 Oct 2015  #10

Young Dogs better get on medication. So Evotaz or Truvada!

In the state of Washington the Health Care Authority or WA Apple Health ask you to pick a provider to

manage you for them. The state will pay for your meds as long as your low income. A state attorney or case manager

will help enroll you.

References: Drugs.com

; Urgency Care-clinics. Urgency care is the name of the clinics.

: Urgency Care-clinics in Seattle. Urgency Care is the name of the clinic.

Or go to your local DSHS office to enroll.

24 Feb 2016  #11

Other Clinics: North Public Health is another clinic which is on North Meridian, Seattle. They will fill out the paperwork if you cannot.

It's all depends on if they will take your insurance. But sometimes they will fill you a one time prescription after taking

a blood draw to see if you have HIV-AIDS. You might have to wait on the test.

If you test positive it means you have HIV-AIDS. Test negative means you don't.

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