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4 Dec 2005  #1

The very first message.
6 Jul 2006  #2

thanks kubas they are all nice (do you have their e-mail)

13 Aug 2006  #3

6 Sep 2006  #4

I like your name.
6 Sep 2006  #5

thanks, you really made me laugh cos the association for me is very much on the taste buds......as you probably know it means "cheesecake" ......mmm, delicious.
13 Dec 2006  #6

Hey Miranda ! Good to see you ! I read you're about to leave for Poland. I wish I was going with you. :) Btw, you're simply great, you know that? You have an answer for everything and such a good angle when you respond to some of the posts. You've become my idol ! :) :) You go girl !
13 Dec 2006  #7

Syrena, you make me blush.
And you are my idol too - you are so balanced, while I am hot headed!!!!!
I think I made some enemies here too:). I was a bit upset yesterday:( at some people's responses.
I managed to arrange my travel to Poland in no time. Thanks to the canadian government and travel agency I am able to go, even though 2 days ago I was not evenentartaining that idea. I love Canada!!!!
13 Dec 2006  #8

Well, you had every right to be upset ! That response in your thread was unforgivably nasty. What an insensitive jerk ! I think it's great that your travel plans came through so well. Must be a sign :)

I love Canada!!!!

Thank you Miranda. I love Canada too.

you are so balanced, while I am hot headed!!!!!

Gee, would you believe I'm a Libra? Wonder if that has anything to do with it. And, I'm not sure but, could you be an Aries?
13 Dec 2006  #9

could you be an Aries?

Gemini actually - 2 people:) I call it split personality. I could be cool and rational and yet really emotional and too quick with reactions:)
What about you?
13 Dec 2006  #10

I'm not a pheasant plucker, i'm a pheasant plucker's mate, i'm only plucking pheasants, because the pheasant plucker's late. (try it, fast as you can!)

hahahahahah, good one :)
14 Dec 2006  #11

It's fun to say though :)
14 Dec 2006  #12

never said it's not :)
14 Dec 2006  #13

you are very good F. Are you sure you are not Polish?
12 Jan 2007  #14

What's opinion about polish girls in UK (or in the other countries).Is it true that polish girls seems to be cheap and easy?

I agree with Wayc00lio
12 Jan 2007  #15

Touche David.............
12 Jan 2007  #16

most of them easy guy...
12 Jan 2007  #17

Quote David_18: "I heard the same about the girls from UK."

12 Jan 2007  #18

I heard that lsaganow is easy. :)
12 Jan 2007  #19

and yes in lots of societies there will be a proportion of every sex who are free and easy with their sexuality etc..

I'd like to be free and easy. But the wife would kill me. :)
12 Jan 2007  #20

Result...then...:)...Wroclaw you stay out of this....lol

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